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How to Take Fiber Supplements with Other Medications

Fiber provides many health benefits, including lowering the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Fiber is found in grains, fruits, and vegetables, and is essential in maintaining health of the digestive tract. Depending on dietary habits, it can be difficult to obtain the recommended 25 grams of fibe

Why Can't You Take Iron Pills With Coffee?

Iron pills are a necessity for people who struggle with iron deficiency anemia. Iron is an important part of the proteins that carry oxygen through the blood to various parts of the body. It also helps regulate cell growth.

Withdrawal Effects of Paxil

Paxil (paroxetine) is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) prescribed for depression and anxiety disorders. It is available in standard or controlled-release form, typically as a pill. Although it is not considered addictive, some people have unpleasant reactions upon stopping use of Paxi

Gefitinib: A Consideration of Cost

Higher quality of life scores from recent trials suggest that gefitinib may be a treatment option with greater utility for patients with non-small-cell lung cancer.

Side Effects of Caverject

Caverject is used to aid in diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction. Alprostadil is the generic name for Caverject. A similar brand Edex and Caverject are both used by injection; Muse, which is also similar to Caverject, is used as a suppository that is inserted into the penis.

Treatment of Pediatric Hypertension

We conducted a MEDLINE search from January 1966-March 1999 to obtain information on clinical trials of treatment of pediatric hypertension

Mefenamic Acid Side Effects

Menefamic acid is a prescription medication used to alleviate pain. Despite its effectiveness, menefamic acid poses a risk for side effects in some patients.

Scalp Folliculitis Treatment

Scalp folliculitis is an inflammation of the scalp that causes acne of the scalp. Scalp folliculits is easily treated and prevented by using a combination of vitamin supplements along with the correct brushing, conditioning and shampooing techniques.

What Is Tamoxifen Treatment?

Tamoxifen controls specific types of breast cancer that are stimulated by estrogen. Tamoxifen binds to the estrogen receptors on the cancer cells and interferes with tumor growth.

Information About Tylenol

Tylenol is the brand name for a number of pain relievers and cold medications with the primary ingredient of acetaminophen. Medicines with Tylenol are sold over-the-counter in a wide variety of general purpose stores and pharmacies, and do not require a doctor's prescription. According to the govern

Mood Stabilizers for Bipolar Disorder

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 2.6 percent of American adults suffer from bipolar disorder each year. Mood stabilizers are a type of medication commonly prescribed for treating bipolar disorder.

Medicinal Uses for Clivia Miniata

Clivia miniata, a lily native to South Africa, is commonly known as the Kaffir lily, orange lily or Bush lily. It has beautiful flowers, but the plant is poisonous and is used for various medicinal purposes.

How to Trim Dormant Lavender

Lavender is both a garden ornamental and an herb. A member of the mint family, it is grown for its aromatic spikes of purple flowers. While there are different types of lavender, the hardier types go dormant over the winter and – if properly pruned -- return, lush and full, in the spring. The

Clonazepam Side Effects

Clonazepam is a prescription medication used to prevent seizures or treat panic disorders. Despite its effectiveness, clonazepam poses the risk of side effects in some patients.

Taurine & Learning

Taurine is a chemical compound that is naturally found in the body. Not only does taurine affect learning by improving both memory acquisition and memory retention, but taurine has been shown in a study to fight the effects of aging in older rats. This discovery may open more research opportunities

Are Magnesium Supplements Safe to Take Over Time?

Magnesium is an essential nutrient that is important for maintaining health and many consumers take supplements of magnesium to address dietary deficiencies. There are also many conditions that impact the body's ability to retain magnesium that require supplementation. Taking magnesium over time can