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How to Operate a Battery Hand Drill

Battery-operated drills can be used for drilling into wood, ceramics, plastics, fiberglass and laminates. They can be used for drilling into hard and soft metals, and can also be used with driving accessories like screwdriver bits. You can also use a battery drill to mix paints. The battery composit

What Are Bearings in Math?

Specifying a direction is required in many situations, particularly in the nautical world. One of the ways to specify a direction is to state its bearing. More to the point, bearings are a way of expressing angles. Trigonometry is the branch of mathematics that deals with angles. In trigonometry, th

Use of Fossil Fuels

Coal, oil and natural gas are called fossil fuels. Burning fossil fuels produces energy, so we heavily rely on them to fill our energy needs in transportation, and for electricity in our homes and businesses.

Homemade Hot Wire Polystyrene Foam Cutter

The best way to achieve smooth cut surfaces on polystyrene foam is to cut it with a hot wire. A hot wire cutter melts the polystyrene, providing a perfect finished edge. You can make an efficient hot wire cutter with just a few basic materials. You can also customize your hot wire cutter for the wid

Homemade Gun Cases

Guns require safe storage, particularly in households with minor children. Cases can be made from wood and Styrofoam. Or metal tool cases with lockable latches, such as those for nailers and drills, can be revamped into gun cases. It is best to cut custom foam inserts to fit your case, to hold the g

Homemade Dowel Centers

Dowel centers are indispensable tools that master craftsmen use when building fine furniture. A dowel center pinpoints an otherwise invisible location for a dowel. A dowel center pinpoints the location on a separate piece of wood by masquerading as a dowel itself. Dowel centers are often used on fin

Recycling Projects for CDs & Jewel Cases

CDs and cases are recycled by crafters.5 cds image by Stephen Kirkby from Fotolia.comCollections of CDs and jewel cases can really pile up, whether it's from music or computer use or both. Crafty people can meet a challenge of helping to reduce buildup at landfills by recycling CDs and...

How Do They Make Corn Mazes?

A corn maze is a classic fairground or country-style attraction. It requires problem solving, adventurousness and a willingness to confront the fear of getting lost. Before people can line up at the start and make their way through twists and turns surrounded by walls of corn plants, a great deal of

The Dangers of Analogies

When confronting new challenges, people often make comparisons to challenges of the past, seeking to glean from them remedies for present woes and courage eclipsing the anxieties of the moment. But this tendency of the mind, especially if fueled by wishful thinking and unfiltered by critical examina

How to Make Fancy Paper Airplanes

Paper airplanes are classic and inexpensive toys that are exciting to create and fly. Light-weight paper is intricately folded to make an aerodynamic design. Fancy paper airplanes have the ability to fly up to 20 feet into the air when thrown. Paper airplanes must be folded carefully for precise fly

DIY Dowel

If you use dowels for craft or hobby projects, you know how difficult it can be to locate a wooden dowel in the particular dimensions that you may need. One alternative is to create your own customized dowels using cardboard, which can be altered to be strong enough to replace wooden dowels. This ca

How to: Solubility Graphs

Even the most soluble substances have a limit to how much will dissolve in water. Chemical properties of the ions and molecules that determine how they interact with water are dependent on temperature and therefore that limit is temperature dependent as well. It is the dependence of that limit on te

What Does DC Mean on a Verizon MICUSBVPC Battery Charger?

The Verizon MICUSBVPC is a battery charger designed to charge your cellular phone from your car's power outlet. The "DC" indication on the charger refers to direct current, which is the type of electricity your car's battery provides as well as the type your cellular phone needs. This char

DIY: Sharpening Hand Planes

Before the advent of electric saws and rotary cutters, the hand plane was the single most important tool for a woodworker or builder. The versatile tool allows for smooth cutting and shaving of wood, and many modern workers still keep the instrument around for precision jobs or smaller projects. The

How to Dry PVA

PVA glue is probably the common white glue available. It stands for polyvinyl acetates, and is nontoxic, has no unpleasant fumes and is easy to use. It is safe for children to use as long as they don't ingest it. A person can use PVA glue for a variety of projects including arts and crafts and woodw

How Is Sea Glass Made?

Sea glass is glass that has been tumbled, acquiring a rugged, frosted finish. It often is used in crafts and jewelry, or it also simply can be displayed. Learning more about how sea glass is made can help you appreciate the hobby.

How Does a Hub Gear Work?

A hub gear is a type of gear enclosed inside the hub of a bicycle's rear wheel. Hub gears use planetary gearing to provide a number of gear combinations in a small space.

How to Embroider Leather by Hand

You can add a hand-embroidered image, pattern or monogram onto leather fabric to embellish your own items or as a gift for a family member or friend. Add a monogram to the front of a leather jacket or a decal to the back pockets of a pair of leather pants, or customize a leather purse with a small e

How to Estimate Molecular Weight

The molecular weight of a compound is the sum of the average atomic weights of the elements that exist in that compound. The average atomic weight is the average of all of the isotopes of that element. Chemical compounds have certain numbers of elements that are bonded together creating a molecule