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How to Identify Tiffany's Favrile Glass

The phrase "Tiffany glass" instantly brings to mind the Art Nouveau-style decorative pieces, such as lamp shades and vases, produced by Louis Comfort Tiffany around the turn of the 20th century. Any object made using Tiffany's Favrile -- or "handmade" -- glass remains one of the most highly sought-a

How to Make Animal Sculpures Out of Clay

Clay is a common modeling material made of mineral particles and water used in sculpture and pottery projects. Making animal sculptures out of clay is a creative way to teach kids about animals and test their artistic capacities, or it could be a relaxing activity for yourself. Start with projects t

How to Cut & Fit Watch Crystals

When a watch crystal has deep scratches and breaks or cracks, it needs to be replaced. If the crystal is plastic, a new crystal needs to be inserted into the watch. You might be able to find an exact replacement piece for your watch's make and model. This isn't always possible, however. There are ti

HP 5328A Specifications

The 5328A measures electrical frequencies.Substance/Valueline/Getty ImagesHewlett Packard released the HP 5328A universal counter in 1975 to give scientists a small and inexpensive way to measure electrical frequencies. The machine is now known as the Agilent/HP 5328A, since all the...

Waterborne Pollutants

There are many causes and ways pollutants can get into a water system.pollution 1 image by Nathalie P from Fotolia.comAccording to NASA, 70 percent of the Earth's surface is water, yet only 2.5 percent of it is actually safe for humans and animals to drink. With so little of the global...

How to Make a Stained-Glass Suncatcher

Creating beautiful stained-glass projects is a time-honored craft that combines the proper tools and materials with simple instructions for custom-designed windows, objects and suncatchers. Stained glass adds elegance and interest to any room with translucent colors in bold, vibrant and subtle shade

How to Determine Polarity in Chemistry

In chemistry, the concept of polarity refers to how some chemical bonds result in unequal sharing of electrons. This means shared electrons will be closer to one atom in a bond than another, which creates areas of positive and negative charge. You can use the difference in electronegativity of two a

How to Carve a Wizard's Face in a Cane

Carving an elderly, bearded wizard's face into a wooden cane adds a touch of whimsy to it. The features can be made to blend aesthetically with the shape and contours of the wood. A realistic wizard's face is complex enough to challenge an experienced wood carver, but with the right process and a go

How to Convert a Shapefile to State Plane

If you are using area mapping or global positioning system (GPS) applications that utilize different coordinate mapping techniques, you will have to convert file types to increase compatibility. If you have a shapefile in the UTM file format, but need to convert it to for use with a State Plane Coor

Basic Rules for Ham Radio Wire Antennas

Before you can begin transmitting and receiving on your ham radio, you will need to install an antenna. Wire antennas are inexpensive, easy to build and relatively unobtrusive, and are therefore many ham radio enthusiasts' first entry into antenna-building. Before you start constructing your antenna

How to Make a Simple Catapult for a School Project

You can use one set of ancient tools to construct an ancient weapon. With a few chopsticks and other household items, you can create a small wooden catapult fast and easily. Your homemade catapult will provide you with hours of fun launching soft items such as paper wads or marshmallows.

Endangered Animals of Tanzania

According to, Tanzania has around 430 animal species living in the country. And nearly 200 of those animal species are listed as "endangered" or "critically endangered" on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species. Factors we can contro

How Cars Affect Our Ecosystem

The great ecosystem we call Planet Earth is actually a network of many, smaller ecosystems. Some exist on land, others beneath the waves of the ocean. Some are high in the mountains, others amidst desert sands or glacial ice. A majority of the world's scientists believe cars negatively impact all th

How to Remove Polyurethane Adhesive

Polyurethane glue, widely used in home improvement and craft projects, sets quickly and is strong and waterproof. While these are useful qualities, they mean that getting the glue in the wrong place can prove difficult to fix. You may be able to use a scraper to clean spilled glue from some flat sur

How to Make a Hollow Book Safe

If you need a one-of-a-kind gift for a mystery novel lover or are looking for the perfect hiding place for your treasures, you can make a hollow book safe. While the safe looks like an ordinary book, it actually has a hollowed-out space in its pages that can conceal jewelry, important papers or any

How Do I Play a Downloaded Map in "Counter-Strike 1.6"?

"Counter-Strike" is a popular first-person shooter for the PC that is very friendly to user-created maps. The game allows servers to host custom maps that do not come pre-installed in the game. Players can download these custom maps from various websites or you can enter a server, download the map,

Installation Instructions for a Colt .45 Auto Magazine Release

The Colt Model 1911 was designed by John Moses Browning and adopted for U.S. military service in the year 1911. It fires the large and powerful .45 ACP cartridge. The gun is in its 100th year of production and is more popular than ever. Many 1911 enthusiasts are experienced and knowledgeable regardi

How Does Temperature Affect the Strength of an Electromagnet?

The magnetic field of an electromagnet is produced by the flow of electric current through a coiled wire. The higher the temperature, the greater the resistance in the wire, which means less current and a weaker magnetic field.

How to Remove Epoxy Glue With Heat

Epoxy glue is an adhesive mixture that is made to permanently bind things together. Epoxy always comes with two tubes attached together, and you must squeeze them both and mix them together with a wooden stick before using. Once it has cured it is very difficult to get it off any surface, or skin. T