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How to Make a Demolition Derby Map in "Halo"

"Halo Reach" supports a vibrant Forge mode where players can place weapons, vehicles and scenery wherever they want to create amazing maps, including demolition derby arenas. In some of the larger maps, players can set up incredibly destructive stadiums where Spartans will do battle from the cockpi

How to Make a Swirl for a Keychain

Keychains keep all of your keys in one place, and can be found in a variety of shapes and styles. However, store-bought keychains can seem generic. If you want a more personal keychain, make a custom keychain using a few materials you can purchase at any arts and crafts supply store. This allows yo

What Do House Cats & Mountain Lions Have in Common?

In terms of taxonomy, mountain lions and house cats are of the same kingdom, phylum, class, order and family, though they are of different genus and species. Still the mountain lion--known by other names, such as puma, cougar or panther--and the house cat share similarities in appearance, reproducti

How to Make a Radio Wave in Doodle God 2

In "Doodle God 2," players continue to create elements in the "Doodle God" game world by expanding on the base groups elements and reactions from "Doodle God." "Doodle God 2" allows you to make more than 300 elements as well as play mini-games and go on quests to create Doodle God's world. Among the

Ways to Use Sea Glass

Sea glass shards can be used in a variety of craft projects.sea glass image by Patrick Moyer from Fotolia.comSea glass can be used in a variety of craft projects, including ornaments, tiled trays and planters. These colorful pieces of glass are found along the shores of oceans, lakes and...

How to Calculate the Catalytic Efficiency

Enzymes are essential molecules -- they catalyze the reactions that make life happen. Nature features a remarkable variety of enzymes that catalyze a wide variety of reactions. In comparing these enzymes, it can sometimes be helpful to consider them in terms of their catalytic efficiency, also calle

Major Effects of Global Warming

Many effects of global warming are predicted to occur as the temperature of the Earth continues to rise. Many physical processes within our world are interconnected, so even a small shift in something as seemingly simple as our temperature can have long-term ramifications on many different levels.

Epoxy Resin Manufacturing Process

CompositionStructurally, epoxy resin consists of two main parts: long polymer chains of bisphenol A and epichlorohydrin molecules, and polyamine molecules that links these polymer chains into a net-like sheet From a manufacturing standpoint, the two tubes of liquid in a retail epoxy...

Canadian Winter Trees and Bushes

Canada is known as the land of ice and snow, and that stereotype is actually true in many places. However, areas of comparatively milder weather exist along both coasts, as you cross from the United States into Canada. Avid botanists who visit these places will be quick to notice that the vegetation

How to Make a Deer Leg Gun Rack

The hooves and ankles of a deer can make an excellent showpiece for a hunter whose deer does not have a trophy rack. The bottom of a deer's legs have very little muscle tissue, and can be easily preserved. A deer-leg gun rack is an attractive use for parts of the deer that would otherwise go to wast

How to Make a Trundle Wheel

Trundle wheels measure long distances, especially in outdoor spaces like sports fields, yards, property for building structures and parking lots. You can also use them to measure very large rooms. Trundle wheels are usually exactly 36 inches or 1 yard in circumference, meaning one revolution of the

Dollar Bill Facts

Many of is use dollar bills quite often without ever thinking about them. The U.S. Treasury claims there are billions of dollar bills in circulation. Though we often fail to notice with so much paper money changing hands, these bills have some interesting characteristics.

How to Make a Creative Water Cycle Model

Students spend an average of eight hours in school each school day trying to learn a variety of subjects through traditional paper-and-pencil pedagogy. A concept such as the water cycle, however, can be taught in a more concrete way by using a simple, creative water cycle model to demonstrate evapor

How to Model & Make a Fiberglass Mold

Fiberglass can be applied to almost any surface, and the surface can be reproduced using the dried and hardened fiberglass wrapping as a mold. Fiberglass molds can be cast to make reproductions in clay, plaster or almost any other modeling material. While fiberglass molds are not typically used for

How to Enjoy a Sunny Day

Everyone loves a sunny day. There are days even in the winter that are sunny but the best time to enjoy a sunny day is when the weather is warm. Fresh air is good for the human body and just walking around in the sunshine can improve not only your health but also your general outlook on life. The yo

The History of Hand-Blown Stained Glass

The history of stained glass is a long and mysterious one. Prior to the invention of technologies that allowed glass to be machine-made, all glass was either molded or hand-blown.

How to Repair a Chanel Watch Band

A Chanel watch is a classic accessory that is always in style. Most Chanel watches are well made, but you may get a small tear in the watch band due to excessive wear. Because a Chanel watch can be expensive, you don't want to use an abrasive product, such as glue, to repair the band. Instead, use a

Types of Japanese Wood Furniture

Japanese furniture celebrates functional elegance. Wood has traditionally been crafted into simple forms inspired by and used for practical purposes. From traditional chests that turned into staircases to contemporary chests that wave in a sinuous curve, fine furniture is crafted to be beautiful and

Fungus on Succulents

Succulents are fleshy plants that can withstand long periods of drought because they store water in their leaves, which are protected from evaporation by a thick, waxy cuticle. They use the stored water very sparingly and have extensive fibrous root systems that have tremendous sucking capability. S

What Are the Metals on the Periodic Table?

Metals are distinguished by their properties and their locations on the periodic table of the elements. Metals are ready contributors of electrons, which can be directed as current flow.