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How to Identify Antiques That Are Worth Money

Unless they are blessed with an encyclopedic knowledge of the subject, most people who go antiquing will come across items that are strange or unfamiliar. Some of these items might be valuable, others not. So how to tell the difference? There are several factors that can increase the value of an ant

How to Collect History Flasks

Antique bottles are popular collectors' items and can be found in all shapes, sizes and colors. If you want to collect history flasks, consider a few important factors, and keep an eye open for a unique prize.

Craft Projects With Glass Blocks and Lights

In a trend that seems to be sweeping the nation, people just seem to love craft projects based on glass blocks. Just in case you aren't familiar with this fun and decorative craft, here are a few ideas to get you started.

The Magic Character Of Embroidery

"Home cannot do without embroidery. It rewards, forgives, and cures..." they used to say in ancient times. Let's look at the ancient towels and garments: where the pattern is located, what colour the mistress used, what she depicted.

Fantasy Swords - What's Your Fantasy?

An interest in fantasy swords is on the rise due to an increase in fantasy related movies. Dungeons & Dragons, once considered a fringe hobby is now mainstream thanks to the Internet.

Dolls Like To Work At Home Too?This And More!

A library is one area in which a couple accessories, such as a decorative globe or a stack of acclaimed books, can really help your dollhouse shine.Your library or office instantly brings a little more refinement to your dollhouse.

JingleNog Glass Ornaments

It takes a lot of confidence in your product to start a new business at time when many companies are cutting backor even closing their doors.Melissa Bryne had just that confidence in her designs and new glass ornament line, JingleNog, debuting in January 2009.

Why Antique Desks Are A Sound Investment

Sometimes an office is missing that one thing - and that's often antique desks. If you spend a lot of time in your office, which most people invariably do, it's important that you get it looking just how you want it. After all you should be happy in the place where you spend the bulk of yo

Custom Postcards - DIY

Custom postcard creation in the modern age couldn't be easier: upload a picture from your laptop or iPhone, type in the message and destination address, pay for the card, and a real custom postcard arrives in someone's letter box. Not so long ago, postcards were pre-printed. You purchased

What's Buggin You?

Are the bugs bugging you? Here are some fun bugs and insects you can make that will just sit there are behave!

Be Prepared Before Purchasing Nitro Rc Cars

Nitro RC cars are types of remote control cars which are used to excite car racers and to create so much fun for them. Car racing is very important tip many people and these are the people who go after these remote controlled cars.

Best Thanksgiving Project Ideas Using Your Printer

Thanksgiving is more than just a Native American tradition. It's a time to show your appreciation to God for the many blessings you have received all throughout the year. Moreover, it's a perfect time to gather all your loved ones for a simple and intimate dinner.

Rubber Stamps - The Difference Between Wood-Mounted And Un-Mounted

Rubber stamps come in two forms - mounted and unmounted - and unmounted rubber stamps, either consists of just the die, or the die already adhered to the cushion. In this article, we're going to look at each type of rubber stamp and how it's used.

Performing After Run Maintenance

You will want to start with a visual inspection checking for cracks, bent parts, tires and any loose hoses or wiring. If you find any damage it is best to fix it before running it again.

How to Identify a Russian Samovar

Samovars are powerful symbols of the endurance of the Jewish family throughout centuries of Eastern European history. As tides of Jewish immigrants arrived in the United States in the 19th and 20th centuries, these often ornate vessels arrived with them. There are unlimited accents and personalizati

Plastic Canvas Coaster

Find out how to make table coasters using plastic canvas and coffee can lids, submitted by Lynda.