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Formula for How Much Concrete to Order for Coverage in an Area

We find many uses for concrete nowadays. From the foundations that buildings sit upon to the sidewalks we use, concrete is used wherever a solid, stable surface is needed. When ordering concrete from a transit-mix company, you will be asked how much you need. How do you know if you will have enough

How to Cover a Speaker Cabinet With Black Vinyl

Your tastes in music are as individual as you are. Thus, there's no reason why your speakers should look the same as everybody else's. Covering your speaker cabinets in black vinyl not only distinguishes them from all the other speakers on store shelves, but the vinyl makes your speaker look tough a

DIY Carpet Tile

Carpet is difficult for most homeowners to install. An installation requires a lot of tools and hard work. Installing carpet tile is less intimidating. Carpet tile is a good do-it-yourself project because tiles usually come with their own adhesive. This means you can simply peel away the paper from

How to: Ceramic Bathroom Tiles

Ceramic tiles remain the classic material for covering bathroom walls or floors, because of their durability, versatility and ease of installation. Unlike stone tiles, you can cut ceramic with a standard score-and-snap tile cutter, eliminating the need for a wetsaw. If you buy tiles that have self-s

The Best Way to Remove Popcorn on Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings are designed to suppress noise, as well as add texture and hide imperfections on ceilings. While prominent during the 1970s and 1980s, popcorn ceilings are becoming obsolete. Popcorn ceilings eventually become filthy and discolored, requiring cleaning and repainting. Their bumpy tex

Shuttering Techniques

Shuttering is a form that holds a concrete pour in place when no existing curbs, walls or edgings are available. Shuttering usually is a temporary structure, but some versions of shuttering--also known as formwork--are permanent in nature. As the reports, shuttering must be of suffi

How to Calculate Weight Per Foot

Calculating the weight of a package per the total cubic feet is one of the ways used to figure out shipping and freight costs. The calculation determines a package's density, allowing a shipper to better describe a product on required documents, which helps to calculate the fees associated with ship

Ways to Install Green Roof Systems

Green roofs are becoming more prominent in North American urban environments. They're helping make cities more livable by planting rooftops for a variety of benefits to the environment. Green roofs are valued as an environmentally sustainable measure. They minimize storm water runoff, provide insula

Pace Pps15a Soldering Tips

Soldering binds metal to metal.soldering image by Bube from Fotolia.comU.S.-based Pace Incorporated manufactures a variety of soldering irons and replacement parts for the soldering irons. Among the several models they make is the ST 20 A, which uses the PPS 15 power source. The ST 20A...

How to Stain Over Acid Stain

When you stain a floor, you're actually causing a chemical reaction that changes the composition and color of the material. When you first stain a floor, you will have to scrub the floor with a mixture of baking soda and water to stop the chemical reaction from spreading once you have your desired r

How to Fix Bubbled Vinyl

Newly installed vinyl should lie smooth and flat on the subflooring. Occasionally, bubbled areas appear soon after installation. The bubbles represent trapped air, which can be caused by a range of problems, including insufficient adhesive or poor rolling technique after the vinyl was put down. Trap

How to Run a Cable Through a Window Screen

It may be necessary to run a cable through a window screen to allow for electricity, phone service or Internet service outdoors. You might also want to run a speaker wire through a window screen. The precise method for running a cable through a window screen will depend upon the type of window scree

How to Cover the Edge of Countertops

Tiling a countertop is a generally just a small-scale version of tiling a floor, except for the issue of the front edge of the counter. The standard surface tiles aren't made to be exposed at the sides, so you have to cover them at the edge of the counter in a way that will look finished. Border til

How Do I Install a Cement Expansion Joint?

An expansion joint allows cement, more commonly called concrete, to remain intact and free of damage from slight ground movement due to the freeze-thaw pattern when a concrete slab abuts another permanent structure such as a foundation or another concrete slab. Without expansion joints large areas o

How to Make a Photo Volt Panel Cell

Photovoltaic panel cells are light-emitting diodes. When light hits them, they transmit current in only one direction in order to make electricity from sunlight. Making the actual cells that comprise photovoltaic panels is extremely cost prohibitive. It requires toxic materials not available outside

Steps in Roof Tarping for Property Preservation

Tarping your roof can become necessary to help preserve your property in the case of an emergency, such as a hurricane. When a hurricane, or even just strong winds, rain and hail, are about to strike, you may have very little time to tarp your roof. If the rain has already begun, do not attempt to t

How to Calculate Ramp Gradient

Mobility is important regardless of your situation. People in wheelchairs have just as many rights as people who aren't. By building ramps, it is possible to give access to areas where people on wheels normally couldn't go. It is important to make your ramps the correct gradient; otherwise, the slop

DIY Wooden Flooring

Wood flooring can be rustic, as in aged knotty pine planks, or it can be elegant, as in the rich color of stained hardwood. Regardless of your design and style, wood floor installation is a project most people can do themselves these days. Newer products fit together quickly and easily, but traditio

How to Insulate a Porch Floor to Make a Sunroom

When you convert a porch into a sunroom, you'll get the most usage from the new room if you've taken steps to insulate properly, and a good place to start is the floor. If it is above grade, winter drafts will make the room too cold to use, no matter how well the walls and ceiling are insulated. The

How to Hang Rigid Foam Board on a Ceiling

Rigid foam insulation is rated in "R" values just like all other forms of insulation. However, it is manufactured in large sheets similar to sheet rock, thus making it much quicker to install. In addition to installing the insulation boards on walls, you can install it on an interior ceiling or on t