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Do-It-Yourself Refinishing

Worn hardwood floors can add age to a house and also take away from its decor. This is why refinishing is popular among many homeowners. Floor refinishing adds class to any room by creating a smooth, shiny surface. Though you can hire a professional to refinish your floors, this can be a costly expe

How to Build a Wood Foundation

The foundation of a house is the base the walls and structure are built upon. Houses with crawl spaces usually have foundations made of wood that is build on a concrete masonry unit (CMU) block wall that elevates the bottom of the foundation. The minimum space between the ground and the bottom of th

Can You Use Pine Subfloors As Primary Flooring?

Yes, you can use pine subfloors as primary flooring. In many older houses, the pine subfloor was the only floor and it held up well. Uncovered pine subflooring appeals to recycling enthusiasts as well as fans of distressed wood. Drawbacks include a thinner, less-insulated floor and a less-durable su

How to Create a Bog Garden

Bringing a water feature into the garden opens a realm of planting possibilites. Marshy bog gardens work well with water features helping to create a natural setting, but allowing you to grow a wider variety of plants and flowers. Bog gardens are areas of permanently wet soil that are suitable for g

How to Install Solar Cells

Solar cells are usually installed on rooftops. To ensure maximum effectiveness of solar cells, it is essential that you install them in a location where they get direct sun exposure all year. In addition to that, take care of any obstructions (like trees and other buildings) that may prevent sunligh

Acoustic Sound Board vs. Roll Insulation

Numerous methods of sound insulation exist. Sound insulation serves various purposes, from improving the acoustical qualities of places like concert halls and recording studios to dampening noise in interior settings like apartment buildings, courtrooms and schools. Acoustic boards and acoustic roll

Grape Wood Uses

Grape wood is the product of the grape plant which produces the grapes and eventually wine available in stores worlwide. The vines intertwine and twist around one another forming a naturally elegant look and feel. Grape wood can range anywhere from a couple of centimeters to several inches in diamet

How to Calculate Kilowatt Hours to Watts

Each appliance that you have running in your home adds to your electric bill. Electric bills are calculated in kilowatt hours, which is the total amount of wattage used throughout your home during all of the hours in a payment period, usually a month. If you want to determine how many watts your hom

Polished Concrete Floor Installation

Polished concrete floors are some of the most beautiful floors available to the construction market today. They can be colored with various colors, and finished off with a deep glass shine. If you are planning on polishing your own concrete floors, then you should know about the materials and techni

How to Display Circular Mirrors

Display a collection of circular mirrors in different ways throughout your home to create drama and interest and to serve as conversation starters. As you plan groupings for your collection, remember that you will need to hang each mirror securely. Even the smallest decorative mirrors can be quite h

How to Create a Mosaic Shelf

If you’re a pottery collector who just lost a beloved piece to an accident or you’re simply trying to decide what to do with mismatched old dishes or ceramics, then consider refurbishing the pieces into a beautiful mosaic shelf.

How to Make a Wooden Bowl With Hand Tools

Hand-carved bowls aren't just a way to use up scrap wood. These artful items can add a touch of rustic or eco-chic charm to your home. You can store odds and ends in them to keep clutter under control or use them as the base to a holiday gift basket. Wooden bowls also help you stay green through red

Maintenance & Repair of a Metal Building

With the high cost of construction, metal buildings offer a good option for a variety of needs, including tool sheds, barns, storage facilities and for many types of businesses. Metal buildings go up quickly and are bcustomized easily for specialized needs. Metal buildings are durable and you can re

What Type of Tile Is Good for Kitchen Floors?

While many think of tile floors only as the vinyl type often found in kitchens and bathrooms, many flooring materials are available in tiles. It's important to know the facts before picking out a tile floor for your kitchen. You want tile that can handle moisture, heat and heavy traffic while still

What Are the Signs of Aquarium Coral Dying?

Certain signs appear when coral begins to die.coral image by Jose Hernaiz from Fotolia.comSaltwater aquariums boast some of the most colorful arrays of fish and coral, making them the highest end types of aquariums and the most difficult and expensive to maintain. Sometimes the coral in...

How to Fix a Patio Door Lock

Patio door locks may freeze or not work from time to time. Element exposure as well as a buildup of dirt and debris can cause locks to malfunction. Overuse may misalign the lock and it will not catch or bolt correctly. In some instances, the lock won't catch because of dirt buildup on the tracks of

How to Flash a Bottom Plate to a Wall

Sills are one of the main building blocks when framing a wall. They run horizontally along the bottom of the wall and attach to the studs that run vertically to frame out a house or room addition. These plates are made of 2-by-4 lumber and come into contact with the ground. This can cause rot over t

How to Install Drywall to a Wall With Screws

Drywall is the gypsum boards that affix to wall studs to form the walls of modern homes. The boards are mounted to the studs, then the seams between the boards are "taped" with joint compound, a kind of plaster. Although drywall can be nailed to the studs, the preferred method is to screw them there

How to Repair Plastic Laminate Flooring

Though often designed to look like other flooring types, such as hardwood, plastic laminate flooring is a composite material treated with protective coating. Plastic laminate flooring generally comes in planks that install to a floor's surface in rows. Since plastic laminate flooring has a nonporous

Step-by-Step Guide to Achieve a Level 5 Drywall Finish

A level 5 drywall finish requires that a final coat of joint compound be applied to the entire surface. The average drywall finishing consists of filling nail heads and divots with joint compound and taping and smoothing a couple of coats of compound over all the seams. With a level 5 finish, before