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How to Cut Blinds to Length

If you are installing a new set of blinds to your window, or your old blinds are simply too long, there are a few quick steps you can follow to trim their length. You may notice that most new sets of blinds are far too long for the windows the cover. The average window blind is 7 feet long, which is

Modern Murphy Beds

Most people consider a Murphy bed, or wall bed as it is also known, because of a lack of space, or because they don't want to devote an entire room for guests who may visit only a few nights a year. Did you know that the average American household has overnight visitors 11 days per year? That&a

Benefits Of Sheer Curtains Within The Home

Curtains are there to provide privacy within the home as well as to help accentuate your decorative style. You need to find a balance between the practical requirements of a room and matching the room's ...

How to Antique Paint Tin With Two Colors

When you "antique" something, you age it artificially. Things like wood and tin often look old because the passage of time has left a patina of grime on the surface. Tin ceiling panels present an outstanding example of this concept. Ceilings get dirty over time, and discolored--especially tin ceilin

Infusing Decadence Of Rome Interiors With Thai Decor

When we think of Rome, we imagine the great civilizations, magnificent streets and impeccable stories. We think of the marvelous renaissance time. We imagine the luxury of intellectual, artistic and scientific freedom.

How to Clean Stiffel Lamps

Stiffel lamps are attractive, antique-style lighting options that add a classic elegance to any room. The lamps bases are made of metals such as brass or stainless steel, and topped with light-colored lamp shades, typically shaped with a colonial design theme. These lamps are popular in many homes,

Introduction to Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs can add elegance and class to your rooms. With so much variety in color and design, it remains a great choice.

Gameroom Decorating Ideas

There are many possibilities for a gameroom.Table for game in ping-pong image by terex from Fotolia.comA gameroom, which is also called a recreation room, is an area where your family and friends relax and socialize. Decorating the gameroom and personalizing it to your tastes is an...

Nursery Shelving Ideas

Shelves are great for displaying baby's the nursery image by Eric Issel??e from Fotolia.comWhen getting the nursery ready for your baby, you will come to realize how important storage space is. A closet is very beneficial but can fill up quickly, depending on the size. Also,...

Granite Counter Top Support Brackets With Style and Design Are Available Online

Finding Angle Brackets or Supports for heavy surfaces, such as granite or stone surfaces that are out of the ordinary are offered on the internet. There are resources that have high quality and craftsmanship that you will not find in local hardware stores. Many sizes of Iron Corbels and even custom

Instructions on Assembling a Handmade Kids Table & Chairs

Tables and chairs are as much a part of a child's imaginary world as playhouses and large cardboard boxes. They are the launching pad for learning and discovery, the place where a child creates story worlds with pencils and crayons.Children outgrow their furniture quickly, so it is a goo

Furniture AndInterior Designing

The living rooms set your living room such a luxury place. Amazing durable fabric absorbsbeasty and elegance of solid wood frames with stunning carved details.This living set from Aico furniture is only for people with ...

Home Uses for Kerosene

Kerosene is a type of paraffin fuel that is manufactured by distilling petroleum. Though one of the most common uses of kerosene is to fuel jets, many home uses for kerosene exist. Commercially manufactured kerosene products, such as heaters and lamps, are safe ways to utilize kerosene in the home.

What Do I Buy First?

Once you have delved deeply into what you like and who you are and how you want to live, the first purchase should be art. It doesn't have to be a new purchase. You could use a favorite piece that you already own to build around. Art is the soul of your home.

Garage Door In Business

Garage door is one of the most important parts in business purpose in the hardware area. Today garage is become important part of house and commercial uses. Garage door is like a big door through ...

How to Make a Padded King Size Headboard

When you go to a furniture store to buy a headboard, the store usually carries one or two different types of headboards that are very similar to each other but in different colors. Many people are wanting a more personalized look for their bedroom. Buying a headboard is often expensive, but making y