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Cutting your bills and saving the planet

The production of greenhouse gases is one of the greatest contributors to the phenomenon of global warming, which threatens to destroy our planet. These gases, and most notably carbon dioxide, have enveloped our Earth in ...

Basic Color Wheel Information

One of the most important things about colors is how they relate to one another. Colors can compliment and enhance one another, or they can detract and clash with one another. This effect is governed ...

Furniture Online - Alternatives In One Place

For many there are a number of different options available in furniture. There may be some traveling around to see them all if you plan to look in every store around your area. That can ...

Decorating and Furnishing a Home Cinema Room

If you have done the hard bit of constructing a home cinema room in your home now is the time to decorate! This article contains a few guidelines on things which will increase your enjoyment of the room.

Buying Bedding for Your Home

Buying bedding for your home is a purchase that youll likely be making at least once or twice a year.For the colder months you may want to buy duvet covers that are warmer and cozier than bed covers that you have during the summer...

How to Fix Tears in the Couch

A tear in a couch not only creates an unsightly focal point in the piece of furniture, but it can lead to even more damage because the tear will grow larger with use. If your couch does have a tear, you can repair it with a few materials, which will conceal the damage and lengthen your couch's life.

Texture Ideas for a Fireplace Wall

Fireplaces have an expensive and elegant look when added to a living room, bedroom or any other room in your home. Added textured walls and elements to the fireplace give it a more dramatic look. Whether you're updating an existing fireplace in your home or adding a new one, you can use textured ele

How Resistant is a Natural Stone Countertop?

Natural stone countertop used in kitchens!Surprising, yet it is true that natural stone is used as countertop materials in kitchens.They may not be the first choice though of many people due to their costs but they are popular indeed.Natural stone countertops are sleek looking and have a touch of fi

Roman Window Shades - For a Midas Touch

Roman window shades are today the 'in thing' in window shades. With the growing interest in home decor, window shades have not been left far behind. No home decor is complete without window shades, making them an indispensable part of any home. There are a wide range of styles and designs

How to Cut Junipers

A juniper variety exists for nearly any landscaping need. Low-growing junipers provide a dense ground cover or low hedge, while other types resemble evergreen trees when properly pruned and shaped. The foliage color and texture also provides variety. Colors range from silvery-green to deep emerald a

Types of Burlap Decorating Fabric

Burlap fabric is made of loosely woven natural fibers. While this fabric lends itself well to rustic decor, it can also work well with a more traditional approach, particularly when used as a wall covering. Decorating with burlap offers a durable and economic alternative to more expensive home-decor

How to Clean Varnished Woodwork

Varnished woodwork adds style and substance to a room, whether it's in the form of large cabinetry or a slim banister. But, it also collects dust and dirt and starts to get grimy if you ignore it. You can keep it clean by regularly dusting and/or vacuuming and occasionally rubbing on a homemade solu

How to Mend a Burn Hole on a Polo Shirt

Finding a cigarette burn in a polo shirt can be disheartening because it ruins the polished look of a polo shirt. Luckily, you don't have to throw it out or give it away. Use fusible tape to mend away any issues and have a like-new shirt again for a fraction of the cost.

How to Remove Depilatory Wax From a Dining Room Table Top

Unwanted hair is removed with the use of depilatory wax. This oil-based substance adheres to other surfaces, just as it does to the skin. Depilatory wax accidentally deposited on the surface of your dining room table has the potential to damage the wood because of its heat and greasy residue. Simila

Tips for Stripping Paint From Concrete

Chipping paint on concrete creates an eyesore.peeling paint image by R MACKAY from Fotolia.comPaint often has a hard time adhering to concrete for very long. It must be removed properly once it begins to chip and peel. It's harder to remove paint from concrete than most other surfaces,...

How to Hire a Painter

Think of a superior painting job as a long-term investment in your home, which is likely your biggest asset. Updating your home's walls is a big job, and while you could finish it yourself, this is one home makeover project important enough to hire a professional for.