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Backyard Umbrellas and Canopies

When you want fun in the sun in your backyard, you can use backyard umbrellas or canopies. This is a great idea to protect you from the sun's rays. If you have guests over for an event or get-together, you also want to make sure your guests have a place to sit in the shade and not get sunburned

Don't Want to Spend a Lot? Consider a Lean-To Greenhouse

As the name suggests, lean-to greenhouses are designed so that they lean towards another building, generally your home or garage. They can be an economical option for the do-it-yourself gardener who wishes to branch out into greenhouse gardening, because they actually require less construction as th

How to Get Rid of Your Surround Sound Wires

Surround sound wires are fed through the walls to reach the speakers throughout the room. Replacement speakers connect to the same wires as the old speakers. There are times when individuals wish to remove the wires, especially when surround sound is no longer desired for the living space. The most

How to Make a Tree Swing

A tree swing is a lovely addition to any large yard, providing additional enjoyment from a sturdy tree. You can buy a swing and install it yourself without a great deal of difficulty, but it is almost as easy to make your own swing using simple tools and easy-to-find components.

Timeless Pieces Your Outdoor Living Space Needs

It does not matter if you have a deck, patio, pool, bar, waterfront property or a small balcony, you should make the most of this space. You don't have to spend a tremendous amount of money on plush outdoor furniture if you add timeless pieces like outdoor canvas art and water fountains! These

How to Plant Seed in the 288 Flats

A 288 flat is a plug-type nursery propagation planter containing 288 small potlike cells. These cells allow each seed to be planted separately while taking up little greenhouse space. The 288 flats are particularly beneficial for plants difficult to propagate in standard flats, such as leafy greens

How to Remove a Concrete Patio

Taking out a concrete patio is a pretty straightforward task that is done pretty much the way you might guess: by breaking up the patio with a jackhammer and hauling away the debris. Electric jackhammers can be rented at many home improvement or hardware stores, and aren't as hard to use as they loo

DIY Landscaping - Getting Started

Landscaping can be a great way to add value to your home. Get started on do-it-yourself landscaping with this article, and you'll have your front or back yard looking amazing in no time.

How to Lay Grass Seed Evenly

Thanks to modern seeders with large wheels and comfortable push handles, seeding a lawn is an easy thing to do. But what's not so easy is ensuring that the seeds lay down in an even layer; while those fancy seeders are easy to use, they're known to miss the occasional spot. The following tips will h

How to Landscape Public Housing

Funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, public housing is designed to provide affordable, safe and clean residences to lower-income families. Local housing agencies oversee the operation of such housing units. One such operation is the landscaping of the premises. Agencies sh

How to Lay Natural Stone on a Concrete Patio

Slate and flagstone are great examples of natural stones that work well on patios. The stones have a small amount of texture that prevents slipping. The stones age well because water and sun exposure simply deepen their color variation. Natural stone tiles add character and warmth to a patio. The ea

Lawn Garden Edging Materials

Deterring weeds is one of a gardener's greatest challenges. This job is easier with help from a garden edge. Traditional edging uses an edging tool to angle a neat trench between a garden bed and a grassy area. There are also physical barriers available that are both functional and attractive in the

Growing Fruit Trees at Home

Achieving a good harvest takes work, but following a few guidelines will make growing fruit trees very rewarding. Follow these tips for best results.

Different Patio Pavers

Though many patios are constructed from gray concrete slab, using patio pavers is a more colorful and interesting option. Available in many styles, colors and sizes, a suitable paver for most personal tastes and landscapes styles is out there. Home improvement stores offer several paver styles, many

Minimum Clay Sidewalk Paver Specifications

A basic concrete sidewalk provides a sturdy walkway, but with little aesthetic personality. Some communities use clay pavers as a sidewalk surface, creating different patterns with various paver color choices. Clay pavers are flattened, rectangular stones resembling bricks after sidewalk installatio

Working With Concrete

Using concrete in DIY projects can be strenuous work, but the principles involved are not complex. It is important to ensure that the correct percentages of cement, sand and stone are mixed with the right ...

Use a Yard Vacuum For Spring Clean Up

Use a yard vacuum to make spring yard clean up easy and fast. Yard vacuum systems come in several different forms. These specialized lawn maintenance tools will allow you to complete several days of yard raking in a matter of a few hours.

Some Tips In Sprucing Up An Aviary In Your Backyard

Aviaries are larger than the usual bird cages and they can sometimes look hideous or make the landscape look hideous. But you can always jazz it up to make it more appealing, so it can blend well with the landscape.

What You Can Get From Commercial Zero Turn Mowers

If you have a big lawn and you want to groom it fast and easy, then you will find good use from commercial zero turn mowers. There are different types of riding lawn mowers and ...

What to Consider Before Installing a Backyard Playground

There are many advantages to having your own personal playground right in your backyard.It provides a way for the children to get out of the house, have some fun and get exercise without having to go far.