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Will a Damaged Flywheel on a Lawn Mower Affect How Fast the Blades Turn?

The flywheel revolves around the crankshaft, helping the ignition system fire and the cylinder stay cool. If the flywheel sustains damage, it will affect the blade speed of the mower and its overall running capabilities. The flywheel is a critically important part to the mower's operation, so it mus

The Best Way to Keep Paper Currency From Becoming Moldy

Mold is a live fungus that gets its food by dissolving food materials with secreted digestive enzymes. Mold is naturally attracted to dark, moist places, such as basements, bathrooms and heavily wooded areas. Mold causes damage and deterioration, and it is also bad for your health. The best way to p

Simple Guide to Outdoor Fireplace Plans

An outdoor fireplace makes a very elegant and attractive to all good, and many people are now realizing the benefits of having one. Not only does it look good and feel good, but it will add value to your property and be a major topic of discussion when you have friends around.

How You Can Use Metal Benches For Your Outdoor Needs

Did you know that you could use metal benches for your outdoor needs? Well, this is very possible since there are various designs of benches made of metal, and they are specially made to endure rusting, and add an aesthetic element. The benches can be used anywhere since they can withstand even the

How to Identify Seeds From Various Plants

Whether you are an interested hobbyist, a curious gardener or a burgeoning botanist, finding a unique seed can spark a quest for knowledge. Seeds fuel the horticultural world around us, bringing with them flowers, fruit, towering trees and tiny, delicate fields of clover. Seeds give us the plants th

How to Install a Double Wall Stove Pipe

A double wall stovepipe reduces the amount of clearance from combustible items by six inches, which saves six inches of floor space in stovepipes that are at the back of a stove and exit out of a wall. When a stove can be installed closer to a wall, that amount of space in front of the stove can be

How to Stop Ants From Stealing Grass Seed

According to the University of California, ants not only damage lawns but they also care for other pests that hurt plants and grass. Because grass seed makes a tasty treat for ants, gardeners often see them stealing food or getting into grass seed bags. In addition, spreading grass seed that contain

How to Cut Concrete Fence Posts

Concrete fence posts have been in use for decades, but their popularity has made a wider range of styles, sizes and surface patterns available. One advantage of using concrete fence posts is not having to ever replace a warped or rotted wood fence post again. Whether set in a concrete footing, as wi

Travertine Pavers In A Wet Climate

If you live in a wet climate like here in the Northwest you know how important it is to have a stable and secure walkway to enjoy your yard or garden. There is nothing worse than walking outside and ending up with wet and muddy shoes.

Bricks and Masonry - The Modern Building Methods of Today

Bricks, slabs, blocks, all mean the same, however as with all the most useful things in our lives, all are taken for granted in modern day building. Even though they are seen as modern day building methods, they were first used over 5,000 years ago.

What Is a Fairy Ring Found in Grass?

Protecting lawn grass from disease and fungal infection is just as important as protecting flowers and other plants from these ailments. At best, fungal infections can be an eyesore on your lawn; at worst they can threaten the health of your lawn grass as well as the safety of you, your family and y

A Pleasing Spot Outside Your Home

It is a nice idea to make use of the space at your backyard to enjoy the sun and the fresh air. A home will look more lively and attractive if there is an outdoor facility. A patio deck is very suitable for that purpose. Furthermore, it gives an accessible place where you can entertain visitors, fri

How to Overseed Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass is a warm season grass native to Africa. If you have a lawn full of Bermuda, you may have noticed the grass turning yellow and going dormant in winter. Homeowners and lawn care experts with seasonal yellow Bermuda grass can develop lawns with year-round green by overseeding their lawns

How to Build a Garden Fence

Wondering how to build a garden fence? Don't worry, we shall show you how to - the simplest way. First up, let's discuss what you'll need. You'll require fence materials, measuring tape, shovel, other tools, and concrete. What kind of fencing material will you use? Try to get som

DIY Easy Composting

Do-it-yourself composting is as simple as making a pile of organic waste in your yard and allowing it to do the work. If placed in the proper conditions, a compost pile will decompose with little work on your part. When parts of the compost have completely decomposed, you can use this material to fe

How to Build Wall Bookshelves

Full-length bookshelves create a focal wall in your living space. A bookshelf can showcase the colorful spines of your book collection, as well as vases, photos and knickknacks. A floor-to-ceiling bookshelf provides an opportunity to gather and organize your reading material. You can build a bookshe

How to Install a Lawnmower Drive Belt

Self-propelled lawnmowers have a belt linked to two pulleys that rotates the wheels, letting users simply guide the mower, not push it. But after a few years, the belt will need replacing, about a 30-minute job. Be sure that you have the correct belt for your lawnmower because an incorrect belt will

Apt Garden Fencing

Garden fencing is a term encountered when considering the outward beauty aspects of a house. Most people make their gardens exquisite but forget all about fencing. To prevent encroachers, both from man and animals, garden fencing becomes a necessity.