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How to Install Fascia

The fascia on a home is the board that is nailed across the edge of the roof behind the gutters. If you notice that your fascia has sustained damage then you will need to replace the fascia. Fascia installation can be challenging to the beginner as they are unsure of how to place the fascia correctl

Help Protect Your Family From Mold

Mold can be a serious problem depending on if anyone in your home is sensitive or allergic to it. Mold grows both indoors and outdoors, because of this it is almost impossible to have an environment that is mold free. The reason for this is that mold grows and the spores are released into the air wh

How to Install a Cistern

A cistern, commonly called a rain barrel, usually holds water for irrigation purposes during the dry season. Typically, a series of gutters divert rainwater from a building's roof to a downspout. The downspout delivers the water to the cistern, where it's stored until it's needed. Some cisterns use

Moving To A New School District? How To Help Your Kids Adjust

So you’ve finally signed the paperwork to buy the home of your dreams. How exciting! The only catch is that your dream house happens to lie outside of your children's school district, meaning that their lives may be turned upside down as they say goodbye to their friends and transfer scho

7 Tips on how to make painting FUN!.

I don't know about you but when I think about the painting jobs that I have to do my head goes into a spin.I don't find painting appealing,it isn't my favorite household chore. But through ...

How to Repair a Brick Facade

A structure made of brick is one of the sturdiest, but it can wear over time. Cracks in the brick facade can lead to water damage, insulation problems and other difficulties. You need to repair the facade by replacing the cracked brick and mortar. It's very important that you know the wall completel

How to Patch a Chimney

Though durable, the mortar between the bricks in a chimney is prone to cracking and crumbling due to the expansion and contraction of water during winter months. Crumbling mortar is a sure sign of a weakening chimney and must be replaced to avoid further damage. By removing the weak mortar first, yo

Importance of water damage Lincoln

When disaster strikes either in the form or fire or water people are lost and are unable to plan their next step of action. During those situations remember that the first thing to do is ...

A Guide To Buying Concrete Bollards

Among outdoor site furniture items, there is a lot of significance of concrete bollards. You will find bollards in a variety of materials including steel, cast iron and also in concrete.

How to Replace a Toilet Flange on a Sewer Pipe

Toilet flanges are generally made of hard black ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic, and are usually directly connected to a 90 degree "elbow" joint. This, in turn, is connected to the sewer line. They are all glued together, so to change the flange you also have to change the elbow joint.

Clean Your Home The Lazy Way

Everyone knows how hard it is to manage a tidy and clean home, the efforts you have to put into it and spend all the time arranging and scrubbing. You also know that no matter ...

My Garage Door Only Partially Opens

Garage doors protect your car from the elements, but nothing protects them. Over time, your garage door will wear and need maintenance. Without regular maintenance, the door may jam and not open properly. This may be due to loose components or a large amount of dirt in the door track. Most garage do

Strategies To Avoid Mice In Your House

One should never underestimate just how smart and determined mice are when it comes to gaining entry to your home. There are a number of strategies you can use to ensure there are no mice in your house.

Fence Depot

Planning which aluminum fence sections you"re going to cut down will be a very important part of your installation.It"s always easier to execute just about anything if you plan ahead instead of doing it "on the fly".After you"ve made the proper cuts to the fencing and you ha

How to Clean Shower doors

A spic and span bathroom is what everybody wants. Every effort has to be made to make it as attractive as the rest of the house as possible, right from placing pretty accessories to placing ...

Working It Out With The Best St Louis Electricians

Electricians cater to anything pertaining to electricity supply to buildings. As long as one hires the best and knows what they are doing, one will definitely get the best outcome.

Asbestos Removal For Your Health

Asbestos is known as a type of mineral fiber within rocks and soil. Due to its resilient fiber strength and heat resistance, many building construction materials use asbestos as both insulation and a fire retardant. ...