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How does a Salt Water Chlorinator Work?

Fewer ChemicalsChlorine is used to kill bacteria, algae and viruses in a pool. A saltwater chlorinator system is a way to treat a pool using one third of the chemicals used in traditionally treated pools. It just requires a small amount of salt to be added one to three times a year. A...

'Field of Dreams' House & Property for Sale

If You List It, They Will Come. The iconic, much-loved and much-visited cornfield and baseball diamond used in the 1989 film Field of Dreams is for sale. Near Dyersville, Iowa, the 193-acre property is a private sale listed at $5.4 million. And while it doesn't boast a swimming pool, it does ha

In Ground Swimming Pool - 1000 Dollars

Pool installation experts would have you believe that you need them for their specialty.What if you slowed down and thought about it for a second?What would be so hard about doing it yourself?It all depends on what you want to do and how bad you want to do it.

The Best Way to Install an Overlap Pool Liner

Installing a pool liner is a simple yet difficult process. Even though there are few steps and materials necessary to complete the job, it requires a lot of work. One of the most important parts of installing a pool liner is to understand the best way to install the liner. If the liner is not instal

Swimming Pool Lights for a Romantic Night Swimming

Summer is here again and it seems like it is your first time to again experience the pleasure of swimming and you want to continue it until at night. Well, night swimming is fun and will probably give you special kind of feeling.

Diving Boards - Factors to Consider When Buying

Swimming pools are a great way to enjoy yourself while cooling off at the same time. While many swimming pools in themselves are considered to be fun, you can make pool time that much more enjoyable by installing diving boards. Often times when there are diving boards involved, the swimming pool is


A definition of the aquarium term Botia.

How to Calculate Gallons of Water in an Oval Pool

To determine how much water you need to fill your oval pool, you have to calculate the volume of the pool in gallons. You'll also need to know the volume of your pool to determine how much chlorine and other chemicals to add to it. For example, when adjusting the pH of the pool, you need to determin

How to Make Outdoor Stone Fountains

A single or pair of outdoor stone fountains can be assembled near a grounded outdoor electrical outlet. The motorized fountains will add a water element to a patio or deck and enhance a seating area with the sound of gently falling water. All supplies for these outdoor stone fountains can be found a

Hot Tubs and Spas - Is This Right For You?

Is the installation of hot tub or spas right for you? This is one of the questions that you have to answer before you decide to buy one for your home. Hot tubs and spas are therapeutic.

Hot Tub Low Flow Problems

Hot tub low flow problems are most often associated with the filter, jets, water level or pump. All these parts can affect the amount of water flowing in and out of the hot tub. Sometimes, a quick fix -- such as cleaning or adjusting the problematic part -- is all that's required to increase the wat

How to Put Photos on Terra Cotta Pots

Terra cotta flower pots are readily available and inexpensive, but fairly boring in appearance. Jazz them up by adding photos to their surface. Use photos of people or your favorite artwork. You can also cut the photos from the fronts of seed packets and affix these to the pot, which is especially a

Hayward Pool Heater Troubleshooting

Both Hayward's aboveground and inground pool heaters use gas for fuel. Heaters are different from heat pumps, which use a different technology. Problems with the heaters can be related to excessive fuel use and a lack of efficiency. These kinds of issues and problems can be corrected by following so

How to Check for a Pool Leak With Food Coloring

Pools, both in-ground and above-ground, will occasionally leak near a gasket, from a hole in the vinyl lining or from a crack in the plaster or concrete. A leak will cause gradual but consistent water loss. The source of the leak, however, can be very difficult to find. In many cases a crack in a co

How to Harden Mild Steel With Salt Water

Hardening mild steel with salt water is an old-time method not used so often anymore in the welding community, although using salt water is a great way to keep everything easy, and it's readily available to anyone. The greatest benefit to this method is that it's completely non-toxic.

How to Get Crystal Clear Pool Water

Few things are less inviting during hot summer months than cloudy pool water when you want to take a dip. It's hard to have confidence that the pool is safe to swim in when you cannot see into it clearly. Algae growth, unbalanced pH levels and not enough chlorine can cause cloudy water in a pool. A

How to Make a Pond Out of Fiberglass Resin

Fiberglass ponds are popular because they're very durable and will last a long time. This composite material is fairly easy to work with and can be applied in layers so that it is saturated with catalyzed resin. The more layers of material used, the stronger and thicker the finished fiberglass will

Long-Term Effects of Salt Water Pools

The salt water pool is becoming increasingly more popular as a green alternative to the traditional chlorine based pool system. Salt water pools now total 1.3 million in the US alone, according to Pool & Spa News, as well as account for nearly three-quarters of all new pools installed yearly.