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Swimming Pool Lighting Tips

Use lighting to make your backyard water feature truly spectacular.piscine de nuit image by rachid amrous-spleen from Fotolia.comA swimming pool is often the focal point for the entire backyard. Making use of pool lights in and around the pool area reduces limitations on entertaining...

The Top 12 Hot Tub Films

A hot tub on screen suggests some kind of action will occur, romantic or otherwise. Our list of best hot tub scenes covers a broad range of years..

Crystal Clear Hygiene - How to Keep Your Pool in Tip Top Condition

It is the first day of Summer and it's a hot day. The kids are complaining because of the heat and your neighbours are banging on the door to be let in for a swim in your highly-sought after backyard swimming pool. There's one problem though--you know that your pool resembles a cesspool of

How to Make a Hot Tub

Many homeowners dream of having a hot tub to relax in on the back deck or in the yard; however, purchasing a new hot tub is quite expensive and can be cost-inhibitive. The alternative is to go without or make one yourself. If you are even just a little bit intuitive, you have the skills and know-how

How to Change the Laterals in Hayward Sand Filters

Hayward sand filters are a type of sand filter used in both in-ground and above ground pools. A sand filter holds a large quantity of sand that the pool water passes through. Impurities are filtered out of the water as it passes through the sand and is returned through the filter's laterals. Filter

What Are Swimming Pool Vacuums?

A high-performance pool vacuum is a specialized piece of equipment designed to clean the swimming pool water. Everyday dirt and debris like grass clippings, leaves, mold and algae organisms can easily get into the pool making it look quite dirty and unkempt.

Algae in the Kitchen

When you think of algae and seaweed, cooking probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. Nonetheless, algae contributes to many of the meals you eat in more ways than one. Sometimes algae is served as a food in and of itself; more often, algae or extracts from algae are incorporated into othe

Keeping Community Swimming Pools More Comfortable

Have you ever wondered why public and community swimming pools seem to have an overabundance of chlorine? What most people don't realize, is these harmful chemicals can cause health problems for swimmers. This article discusses alternative and eco-friendly methods of keeping swimming pool water

How to Repair a Sand N Sun Easy Set Pool

The Sand n Sun Easy Set pool, more recently called the Intex Easy Set pool, consists of an inflatable top ring, liner, and a filter pump, available as a separate accessory. Since Intex recommends adding a filter pump to your pool, repairing your pool will likely involve repairing both the liner and

Discover the Many Benefits When You Buy Factory Direct Spas

Many people long to take a break from their daily stresses and worries after a long, hard day at work, and just come home to their own personal spa. Enjoy the relaxing elements and health benefits of a hydrotherapy spa right in the comfort of your own home or backyard. Relax with your significant ot

The Right Manual Pool Supplies

Pool supplies are necessary in order to keep a well-functioning swimming pool. Most pool owners decide to bring in all pool supplies possible for the maintenance of the tip-top condition of their pool. Thus, they always try to have the best pool supplies in the market. However, these best pool suppl

How to Make Your Own Non Toxic Algae Cleaner

Pond algae can make a beautiful pond look unattractive. You can use harsh chemicals to kill the algae but you risk killing other plants in the ecosystem and possibly killing off the aquatics in the water. Using natural methods of cleaning algae may be slower, but they protect the environment around

Examples of Contemporary Landscaping

Contemporary landscaping has evolved since the mid-1950s to complement clean architectural lines. Traditional landscaping focuses on interesting flower beds and collections of shrubs, trees and flowers to dress up the property. With contemporary landscaping, plants and other materials are carefully

How to Plan for a Hot Tub in the Backyard

Backyard hot tubs provide a good way to relax after a long day at work or a hard workout. They can be used year-round and are often gathering places for outdoor parties. If you're thinking about installing a hot tub in your backyard there are some considerations to plan for before you actually perfo

How To Open Your In Ground Swimming Pool

If you're looking for a step by step guide to opening your in ground swimming pool, look no further! Here is a step by step instructional guide to opening that pool. Note, not all pools are the same and consulting a professional is always a great idea (basically, we are not taking any responsib

How to Find & Repair a Leak in a Pond Liner

The key to stopping a pond liner leak once and doing the job right is finding all the leaks in your liner. Often, pond owners assume that a leaking pond is only leaking in one place. This tends not to be the case. Whatever punctured the liner, be it something falling into the pond or protrusions fro

How Does a Pool Filter and Pump System Work?

What is a Filter and Pump SystemYour pool, whether it is above ground or in-ground, can bring you years of enjoyment. It will take some work to keep it operating at peak performance though and knowing how the system works will helps the owner to understand how to take care of it. The...

Pool Filter Problems

If you are having problems with your pool filter passing dirt and don't know where to start, this article is meant to help you diagnose the problem correctly. The filter referred to is a de filter but can be applied to sand and cartridge. Many people don't know where to begin when trying