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How to Germinate Pepper Seeds in a Greenhouse

Pepper seeds can prove difficult to germinate if you plant them at the same time as the rest of your warm-weather vegetables. The pepper plant is heat-loving, and cold weather or overwatering will cause the seeds to rot or not germinate. A greenhouse will maintain the heat and humidity level necessa

How Do I Grow Pistachio Nuts?

Pistachio trees have been feeding mankind for quite awhile, perhaps as long as 9,000 years, according to the University of California at Davis. The trees grow to 30 feet tall with wide-spreading branches that grow gracefully downward. You will need two trees, one male and one female. If you don't ha

How to Grow Blueberry Hedges

Blueberries grow on medium-sized hardy bushes. These bushes bear fruit only in summer but maintain their dark green foliage year-round and so can serve double functions as landscaping and fruiting plants. Blueberries need highly acidic soil, full sun and moisture for growing, but require only time t

How to Grow Satsuma Tangerines in a Pot

Satsuma mandarins (Citrus reticulata) are the easiest to grow and most cold tolerant citrus for the home garden, according to agriculturists with Mississippi State University. The evergreen satsuma tree blooms in March and April, and the fruit is ready to harvest in October. Satsuma tangerines are l

How to Arrange Silk Flowers in a Tall Vase

A fresh flower arrangement is a beautiful way to add natural elegance and beauty to a room. Unfortunately, as beautiful as fresh flowers are, they never seem to last long enough. Instead of watching fresh flowers fade in an arrangement, use silk flowers instead. Some silk flowers look so realistic t

Foundation Preparation for Sheds

A good shed starts with a good foundation. A weak foundation will cause walls to tilt, slope, crack or even fall over. A shed foundation must support the weight of the structure and spread it evenly over the ground on which it rests. It must protect the wood of the shed from moisture coming up from

What Is Burrowing & Eating My Marigolds?

Marigolds are a species of flower, very popular in home gardens for their heartiness and long seasons. Related to the sunflower, Marigolds are typically not subject to pests and insect damage, as they emit a pungent scent that is unattractive to creatures looking to eat or take up home in their flow

Whiteflies on the Day Lilies

Whiteflies are a nuisance rather than a threat to day lilies; they prefer vegetables, citrus trees and ornamental plants like gladiolas and roses. Occasionally, though, they will bother day lilies planted near affected varieties.

My English Ivy Won't Cling to a Wall After Training

English ivy is a great addition to any garden. As long as it is properly cared for, the ivy can provide a beautiful, lush ground cover, cover unsightly fences, and decorate building walls. Training ivy to climb a wall is easy if you know how.

Different Ways to Eradicate Invasive Plants & Trees

Invasive plants and trees are able to spread outside their natural territory and crowd out native plants, according to the United States National Arboretum. Common invasive plants include tree-of-heaven, English ivy and purple loosetrife. Eradicating invasive plants and trees will restore the natura

How to Spray Pecan Trees in Tennessee

Pecan trees (Carya illinoensis) are native to West Tennessee and do well in many parts of the state. Pecan trees need rich, deep soil and lots of water for maximum yield. They also have specific cultural needs that require spraying the tree with nutrients and insecticides. Use caution when working w

How to Build a Hanging Plant Stand

Flowering and leafy plants are commonly sold in special hanging flowerpots intended specifically for display from a hanging position. Hanging plant pots are often hung from porch and deck rails, and even along the tops of fence posts. Metal hanging plant stands can be purchased in stores, but can be

Can We Grow Lucky Bamboo in a Pot?

Lucky bamboo is not really a bamboo plant at all, but rather a Dracaena, a tropical plant originating in Asia and Africa. Lucky bamboo grows well as a hydroponic plant in an indoor environment.

How to Plant Sego Palm Seeds

You can't rush a good thing, and this certainly applies to the sago palm, a tropical plant that was around when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Sago palm seeds take months to germinate and years to grow into a tree of any size, but when provided with bright light and good drainage they will grow into a

How to Grow Tomatoes in Horse Manure

Fast-growing tomato vines are one of the most productive vegetables you can grow in a home garden, producing bounties that feed your family nearly year-round. However, the tomato plants need a lot of energy to produce these large, juicy fruits, and so they require heavy fertilizing and good drainage

How to Identify Types of California Bumblebees

The Western bumble bee, once common, has all but disappeared from the wild in California, but because they are excellent pollinators, Western bumble bees are still raised commercially for use in greenhouses. The Western bumble bee or yellow-banded bumble bee can be identified by different color vari

Dark-Winged Fungus Gnats

Dark-winged fungus gnats are resilient pests literally found all over the world, and although they reside throughout the entire United States, they prefer the Northern and Western states. In fact, Erin W. Hodgson and Brooke A. Lambert report in a 2008 Utah State University Extension fact sheet that

A Natural Way of Killing Grass Weeds

Weeds come in may garden varieties including stinging nettles, dandelions and broad-leafed weeds. Weeds can be a real nuisance, sprouting roots systems that stretch to several square feet. They disturb the growth of more desirable lawn plants by competing with them for nutrients, moisture and sunlig

Sheath Blight Tips

Sheath blight is among the major fungal diseases of rice in all the rice-growing regions around the world, causing light to heavy crop damages annually. Though the disease had not been so prevalent earlier, the introduction of new susceptible varieties, reduced crop rotation practices, greater use o

How to Dig Out a Dead Tree

Leaving dead trees around your landscaping can be an eyesore and create a hazard from falling branches, as well as take up valuable space that could be transformed into lawn or a fresh garden bed. To get rid of a dead tree and dig out its roots is a laborious task that can take hours, but after a da