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The Pests of the Green Pea Plant

Green peas produce edible seeds in pods. The peas are used either fresh or dried for for storage and later consumption. While peas thrive in most gardens, they are prone to some insect pests that can damage or kill the plants. Being aware of the pests and the signs of infestation allows...

How to Kill Honeybees With Sulfur

Sulfur is one of the oldest pesticides used today. It is often combined with other chemicals to get different types of results. Sulfur is mainly used for disease control, and it comes in various forms -- powder, paste or liquid. Most pesticidal sulfurs are used to remove mites and other small organi

Natural Pesticide for Red Spider Mites

Red spider mites feed on plants, causing yellow speckles to appear on damaged parts of the plant. If enough mites are involved in the infestation, they can kill the plant.

How to Cut a Rhododendron Bush

Gardeners cut rhododendron bushes to maintain their shape, remove unhealthy areas and rejuvenate the plants. Rhododendrons that have become leggy or overgrown must be severely cut back. This requires gardeners to have a strong stomach for removing most of the branches and cutting the plant down to 6

Why Do Leaves Grow on a Tree?

Trees and other plants get their food through a process called photosynthesis. During this process, cells found in tree leaves chemically transform carbon dioxide, water and sunlight into sugar, or food. Additionally, tree leaves play a role in human survival by enhancing the environment by expellin

Cold Climate Plants & Shrubs

Shrubs and other plants used for landscaping in some of the coldest climates in North America must display hardiness to the winter weather in order to survive. In addition to cold-hardy shrubs, trees, perennials, grasses and needled evergreens fit this description.

Periwinkle As a Ground Cover

Common periwinkle, also known as Vinca minor and creeping myrtle, is an evergreen ground cover native to Europe and Asia. It is suited to both sunny and shady areas throughout most of the United States and lower Canada. It is a finely textured vine that is hardy in USDA Zones 4 through 10. South of

Topiary Trimming Guide

Topiary is the practice or art of trimming shrubs, trees or other plants into decorative shapes. These shapes can range in simplicity from cubes and domes, to life-size people and animals. According to, the origin of topiary can be traced back to the 5th century, when ancient Roman

Benefits of the Cactus Plant

At first glance, the prickly cactus plant may appear unapproachable and inhospitable. Yet, wait until the flowering season and many cactus varieties will charm you with their vibrant and intriguing blossoms. Even if you profess to dislike the thorny plant, one or more cactus type is capable of winni

West Virginia Native Plants & Flowers

West Virginia is filled with a wide array of native plants in the landscape. Planting native plants within your garden gives the plants a better chance to survive outdoor growth. According to the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, 2,344 vascular plant species grow wildly within...

How to Grow Black Walnut Trees From Seeds

Deciduous black walnut trees are highly valued for their nutritious nuts and high-quality timber. Easily grown from seed, this slowly maturing tree can take up to 10 years to begin producing nuts and 35 to 40 years to get ready to harvest for timber. Its height and dense foliage will provide ample s

How to Weed Grass

Weeds are classified into two categories: grassy weeds or broadleaf weeds. If you want a healthy, lush-looking lawn, then you need to get rid of the weeds in your lawn and it is important to try and rid the grass of weeds before they go to seed. Getting rid of weeds is not an overnight process; it i

How to Store Dahlia Flowers in Winter

Dahlias bulbs produce plants with beautiful and colorful flowers. Because the flowers are perennials, so the flowers grow back year after year. In colder climates, a gardener must winterize the bulbs or they will perish in the cold ground. Bring potted dahlias inside for the winter. Dahlias planted

Green Bell Peppers That Grow in the Shape of Jalapenos

When gardeners talk about green bell peppers, they are referring to a specific species of the genus capsicum that produces a block-shaped, mild and sweet fruit. All peppers are members of the nightshade family, with fruit that comes in a variety of shapes, starting out green and turning colors when

How to Plant & Grow Blackberry Bushes

Blackberries (Rubus spp.) offer a sweet, edible berry treat, used in jams, jellies, juices or baked in pies. The plant produces a perennial root system with biennial canes. The canes of the blackberry plant begins to produce blackberries at 2 years of age. Numerous cultivars and varieties offers the

Varieties of Foxwhelp Apple Cider Trees

Famous for their sharp flavor, Foxwhelp apples are used to create apple cider with a full-bodied and aromatic flavor. These apples bloom during the middle of the season and ripen during October. They can be stored into the holiday season and turned into a delicious cider. This variety of apple origi

Dreaming About Planting Tomatoes

Tomatoes are among the best-loved crops for home cultivation. They flourish in pots and garden plots throughout the United States in the warmer months of the year. In the dead of winter, gardeners may find themselves dreaming about the year's coming tomato planting season and the smell of warm, red

Growth Stages of the Onion

Onions are grown in many countries all over the world. According to the University of Arizona, there are more than 600 types of onion, including white, yellow, red and green. They are related to the lily and can be used as spices, vegetables, medicinal or ornamental plants. Onions grow in stages and

How to Grow a Potato Without a Seed

Potatoes store the energy they need to grow in their large, nutrient-dense tubers. Thanks to this stored energy, you don't need to plant a seed to grow a potato plant. Potato plants are easily propagated by their tubers. However, the horticulturists at the University of Minnesota Extension advise ag

How to Turn in Illegal Bobcat Kills

Bobcat species live throughout the United States and into much of Mexico. Hunters are legally allowed to kill bobcats, provided that the hunting does not harm the overall bobcat population. Regulations for bobcat hunting vary by jurisdiction. While most states with substantial bobcat populations all