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How to Maximize Blueberry Production

Blueberries are grown in a variety of states including Michigan, Colorado, Iowa, Wisconsin, New York, North Carolina and Oregon. Growing healthy and abundant blueberries takes just the right soil, nutrients and natural environment. As long as blueberries are provided a long growing season with ample

How to Care for Cedar Logs

Cedar logs provide a beautiful finish for both homes and furniture pieces. However, they need some maintenance and care to stay looking their very best. Take a few precautions and provide the appropriate care to ensure that your cedar logs stay looking new and retain their charm.

Growing Commercial Bamboo in South Carolina

Bamboo is an exotic, bushy plant native to Asia. This plant became popular in the United States in the '70s, when the country started importing giant pandas and their chosen food (bamboo shoots). It has since grown to be popular in yards and pots alike, and is often kept in small pots as a house pla

How Do Plants React to Light?

Photosynthesis is the process by which plants convert carbon dioxide and water into food, specifically sugars, using energy from the sun. Photosynthesis occurs not only in plants, but also in algae and many types of bacteria. In plants, photosynthesis occurs in the leaves, using the energy from the

Hemlock Pests

The hemlock is a species of tree found in several parts of North America that plays an important ecological niche in the environment, providing food and shelter for a wide variety of birds and mammals. It also has numerous economic uses and is important to the paper trade. However, it is also subj

How to Prune a Ficus Elastica

Ficus elastica, also known as the rubber plant, is a common household plant that is easy to grow and fairly easy to maintain. The main maintenance concern is that the plants tend to grow straight and tall and do not branch out enough. To get a fuller look, pruning the Ficus elastica is essential. Wi

How to Make Different Kinds of Homemade Bird Feeders

Providing an extra bite to eat for your birds gives them a food source all year round, and it keeps your garden or backyard filled with life and colorful feathered friends. If you're looking for a craft that's kid-friendly and requires little or no building, or you're looking for a feeder with a bit

The Best Time to Transplant a Privet

Privet (Ligustrum) is often used for hedges, although it works well as a specimen shrub in a mixed border. Evergreen varieties, such as glossy privet, are common in areas with mild climates, while deciduous varieties are hardier. Plant privets in full sun and well-draining soil. These plants transpl

The Types of Apple Leaves

Most apple leaves are oval-shaped with a pointed tip and a green color.Dropped apple image by Ivana Lovic from Fotolia.comApples tress are located all over the world and produce a variety of different apples. Despite the variety in apples, apple leaves are all noticeably similar. Apple...

Where to Find Peat Moss in St. Cloud, Florida

Three main bogs including the Everglades, Boggy Creek and Kissimmee Swamp are good places to dive for peat moss. Peat moss grows in deep water, not on the surface. Eleven landscaping retailers sell peat moss in St. Cloud, Florida.

What Is the Fungus on Cactus?

Cactus is classified as a succulent, which is a type of plant that has special features to help it survive in a harsh desert environment. Despite their adaptations, cacti often suffer from fungal infections.

DIY: Thermostat Seedling

The at-home gardener cherishes one thing above many others and that is an early start to the growing season. If the seedling is too cold, growth is hindered, but if it is too hot, the seedling can die. A constant temperature of 78 is ideal. Purchasing a heat mat can help the gardener get an early st

Substitutes for Maple Syrup Sugar

Maple sugar is made by boiling all of the water out of the sap from the maple tree.Jupiterimages/ ImagesMaple sugar is the solid crystal that remains after all of the water is boiled out of maple syrup. In essence, it is simply sugar with maple flavoring. It is sold in...

How to Grow Wisteria Vine

Wisteria is a long, twining vine that is used in the home landscape on trellises and fences. It is hardy, vigorous, climbs high and lasts for a long time. The large flower clusters appear in the spring. The individual flowers are similar to peas and can be purple, pink, white or bluish in color. The

Flowering Tropical Water Plants

Calla lilies grow well in water, in traditional gardens as well as in pots in your home.Pink Cala Lily w/Backlit Leaves image by St Clair Photography from Fotolia.comCreating an interesting garden is important if you want your garden to stand out from the rest. One way to create a unique...

Chemical Control of Fruit Trees

Growing a fruit tree can be rewarding. The tree itself, becomes a feature in the landscape. But it also provides an abundance of sweet treats such as apples, pears, peaches or lemons that taste much better than those found at the grocery store. Maintaining a fruit tree can be daunting with the dan

How to Harvest Orchids

Hardy orchids that are grown as house plants are prized for their healthy six- to eight-week blooming period. Spikes can be harvested regularly for long-lasting cut flowers. In mild climates, orchids prefer patios with lathe roofs. Given good care, they will repeat their blooms every winter, brighte

Why Do Maples Turn Red in the Fall?

The beautiful colors of the changing leaves are most people's favorite part of autumn. Tourists flock to areas like the eastern United States, where a high concentration of deciduous trees and an ideal climate make the fall foliage particularly spectacular.

Hickory Lumber Identification

The term "hickory" can refer to any tree in the Carya genus, including shagbark hickory, shellbark hickory, mockernut hickory and several species of pecan. These trees all produce a stiff, hard, dense, shock-resistant wood and are used to produce drumsticks, wheel spokes, tool handles, flooring and

Plumeria and Leaf Curl

Plumeria flowers not only light up a landscape with their colorful blooms and vibrant smells they are also an important flower for bouquets and flowering gifts. Plumeria trees also produce one of the primary flowers used in making Hawaiian lei necklaces. So if you notice the normally beautiful flow