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Elect Aunt Kathy

A funny protest sign from the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear in Washington.

American School Teacher Names Teddy Bear Moses

When an American teacher at a school in Manhattan named a teddy bear Moses, one of her young students told his parents about the matter. They immediately called the principal who headed the school, who quickly called a number of teachers and parents to discuss the situation.A course of action was de

Chef Ralph

Going from a short hall into the kitchen of the Compound, which sits over a cellar from the era when this antiquated building belonged to an apple orchard and not so recently has been converted into a fine dining restaurant, with a chuckle, I'm greeted by the king of the arena Chef Ralph. Throu

Occupy The Vote!

They say that if you're in your twenties and you're not a liberal, you have no heart - and that if you're in your forties and you're not a conservative, you have no brain. This is true, of course... so the key to attaining our Utopian national bliss is to make a few simple change

Craig on Gays

An editorial cartoon about Sen. Larry Craig and his position on gays.

Watch Best Videos Online

Who doesn't remember the time when using internet was all about reading content? I still remember times when you had to spend hours scrolling up and down to grab all the information. Such a procedure ...

Finally, An Accurate Description of The Daily Show

A DVR screw-up offers this description of The Daily Show: 'This uplifting and intriguing drama depicts the life of a group of intellectuals, who risk their lives by protecting the national security and military secrets.'

Feel the Excitement

A funny picture featuring John McCain supporters falling asleep.

How to Speak in South African Slang

The South African slang in this article has got to be one of the weirdest concoctions of language going. What with kief flatdogs I checked my Bru! Come learn the lingo!

Fading Palin

A political cartoon about the end of Sarah Palin's fame.

PBS Fires Cinderella - Calls Display Of Bare Foot Scandalous

As if it wasnt enough that PBS, the bastion of culture at the broadcast level, fired the host of the toddlertainment, The Good Night Show. Reason given: The sweet thing, by the name of Melanie Martinez, who is beloved by moms and kids alike, appeared in her ancient history as an actress in two video

100 Years of War

John McCain hugs Bush and vows to stay in Iraq 100 years.

Syrian Jaws

A political cartoon about the perils of war with Syria.

Reunite With Your Ex Through Love Spell

Love is something that is felt unknowingly. If you are very much in love with each other and suddenly that fire in your relationship burns out, then what should you do to keep that fire ...