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Lessons From Jazzfest:Five Strategies For Effective Advocacy

The New Orleans JazzFest and effective advocacy have more in common than you might think. This article offers insights into navigating any music festival or advocacy campaign. Topics include strategizing, building coalitions and developing themes.

How to Write a Letter to Get Your Point Heard

If you have an issue you are passionate about, or you have something you want to sell, writing a letter is one way to get the information to others. The reality is the same tools that work in an argument over logic and politics work in advertising, or in trying to get a family member to see somethin

Political Awareness 101 - The Class Almost Half Of America Flunked

How many Americans know what is really going on in the Middle East? Perhaps Americans are working and playing too hard to get the true picture. What is brewing there comes with no promise to remain over there. Global conflicts don't remain over there anymore in our shrinking world.

Congress Health Care Reform - Another Endless Debate?

Now with the flurry of excitement of the health care bill being passed has settled where does the Congress health care reform issues stand now? It would seem that part of the major debate is that the public is not in favor of the proposed health bills.

Is Bush Evil Or Just A Miserable Failure As A Leader?

So, here's a question for Republicans - is Bush an honest and sincere President who just happens to have no leadership or communications skills or an evil human being who deliberately tries to confuse the American public about war?

State of Alaska Standard Specifications for Highway Construction

Highway construction is one of the most significant responsibilities of each state. In Alaska, contractors who are hired to build highways must follow a number of specifications in bidding for and doing this work. While a contract is signed between the State of Alaska and the contractor,...

Challenges of Urban Settlement

Urban settlements face challenges due to population growth.urban image by UBE from Fotolia.comAccording to the John Hopkins Institute, 1 million people move into urban areas every week. Developing countries struggle to provide adequate living standards to this rapid population growth...

The Government Is Snooping Into The Personal Information Of Private Citizens

Recently, it has been coming out that our government has been snooping into the personal data and information of private citizens. This isn't just a recent incident that has been uncovered either. This type of behavior by our government has been going on for a very long time. The difference now

Difference Between a Statement & a Sentence

Statements and sentences are often interrelated and critical elements of communication. However, they are also quite distinct in application and usage. Statements are generally more formal declarations that are delivered verbally or in written form. Though sentences can be given verbally, a sentence

Definition of Presidential Succession

Since the founding of the United States, there has been a system in place in case the President dies, resigns or is otherwise removed from office. And while that system has changed a few times, the idea behind it has not.

Economic Sleight of Hand

America, called to create a new world order by the leaders of many other countries is now leading the effort. The average American has no idea what this would mean to his or her current life style. The average American is lost in a consortium of illegitimate political debate while the rug is pulled

About Economic Recessions

An economic recession is a period of negative growth in a nation's economy. Scholars and economists haven't come up with an exact definition that everybody can agree on, mostly because of the great number of variables involved. A prolonged recession is called an economic depression. Global recession

Senate Bill S.510 - DC Declares War on Grandma

Senate Bill S.510 could make it illegal to grow, share, trade, or sell home-grown food. Dr. Shiv Chopra said of the bill, "If accepted S.510 would preclude the public's right to grow, own, trade, transport, share, feed and eat each and every food that nature makes. It will become the most

What Is Privatization of Prison?

The privatization of prison is the process of federal, state and local governments handing over the construction and running of a prison system to a privately controlled, for-profit company.

Duties and Responsibilities of Senators

The U.S. Capitol Buildingcapitol image by Andrew Breeden from Fotolia.comMost people in the United States know senators represent them in the federal government, but some don't know exactly what senators do. They have many important responsibilities, and understanding what senators do...

ACLU Misrepresents Gene Patenting

The ACLU "just won a landmark ruling in the BRCA gene patents case. Overturning 20 years of precedent, the federal district court boldly declared that a person's genetic information is a product of nature and may not be patented." As a proud supporter of the ACLU, I offer this argumen

How to Learn Lip Reading

Lip reading is a technique that people use to understand speech through looking at the face, lips and tongue and not having to hear what a person is saying. It is used by many people who are losing their hearing, but can also be mastered by nondeaf people.

How The GOP Can Attract The Gen Y Vote

Generation Y, ages 13 to 33, is the diverse base of voters and future voters needed to craft an agile vessel for navigating America's quickly-changing future. The GOP party would be wise to catch their attention with authenticity.

Thank You, Mr President

This article is about the presidents and my vote. How I changed over the years from my very first vote to my most recent vote.