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Why Health Insurance Portability

Health insurance just saw a major change happening. medical insurance portability was introduced. Portability of health insurance allows a person to migrate to a different insurance provider without losing on the benefits. But why is ...

Look for Ways to Find Affordable Health Insurance Quotes

With unemployment still really high and many people worried about losing jobs, it makes it hard to find affordable healthcare. If your income is low enough, you can sometimes get help from the state. Many ...

Do You Need Dental Insurance?

Most of us realize the importance of having health insurance to help us pay for any medical care costs, but treatment from dentists is often not included benefits. Yet, having the good dental treatment is ...

Senior Home Care Benefits - What Are They?

Having grandparents and senior citizens at home are considered great for family bonding and child development. Because of their age and life experiences, senior citizens are the patrons of wisdom and maturity in the home. ...

Medical Insurance For The Power Woman

It is no longer uncommon for Indian women to come home after a 12 hour work day only to find herself drowned in a pile of household chores. A growing number of Indian women today ...

Costs of Security Breaches continue to look up

Here's a revelation. Stuff on a middle manager's laptop more important than stuff on a CEO's laptop. Here's news of yet another health care company that made it to the headlines with a stolen laptop. ...

Louisiana Medicaid Requirements

Medicaid coverage is available to low-income Louisiana residents who meet eligibility requirements.Medical care image by JASON WINTER from Fotolia.comMedicaid is a federal program designed to provide medical benefits to people with low incomes. While the rules for Medicaid programs are...

How to Apply for a California Birth Certificate

When a child is born in California, the hospital employees at which the birth took place will collect, prepare and submit the necessary statistical data of the newborn to the Department of Public Health. Once the information is received, The Department of Health will complete the registration proces

How to Get A Wish From the Make-A-Wish Foundation

The Make-A-Wish Foundation was created in 1980 and gave its first wish to a little boy who wanted to be a police officer. The Make-A-Wish Foundation provides a terminally ill or severely disabled child with a wish. The wish gives the child a moment or extreme joy and a memory to treasure. In many

Health Insurance Plans for Kids

Federal, state and local governments offer health care insurance plans for kids.Doctor image by Monika 3 Steps Ahead from Fotolia.comFamilies with kids can find children's health care insurance provided by nonprofit organizations and federal, state and local governments. Plans offer a...

How Do I Find My Group Health Number for the Pinnacle West Insurance Company?

Whether you are visiting your doctor for a checkup or heading to the hospital for emergency care, one of the items that staff will request is the group health number from your insurance policy. Clinic or hospital staff will use your group health number to bill your insurance company for services. If

How to Add a Newborn to Premera

Premera is part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance family, providing healthcare coverage to individuals and families in Washington and Alaska. If you are insured with Premera and have a baby, you need to add the baby to your policy after her birth. Adding your newborn to your Premera po

How to Apply for a Medicaid Transportation Provider in Florida

Medicaid is a federally and state-funded, state-operated health insurance program for low-income pregnant women, children, elderly and disabled individuals. Medicaid may pay for medical transportation to and from medical appointments, as long as the transportation provider is approved to collect Med

How to Trace an Unpaid Insurance Claim

When tracing your insurance claims, you will need to have your member ID number and the dates of services of the claims you are tracing. Claims information is typically found on the health insurers' confidential website, on your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statements or by calling your insurer or

Provider Checklist Before Treating a Medicare Advantage Patient

The Medicare Advantage program is a drug plan associated with Medicare.check your heart image by Peter Baxter from Fotolia.comMedicare is a government-funded program that helps to provide medical and hospital insurance benefits for persons over age 65 or those with disabilities. Medicare...

Medicare Preventive Benefits

Medicare is a United States health insurance program created mainly for those aged 65 years or older. Original Medicare comes in two parts, named A and B. Between them, A and B offer benefits for hospice care, home health and both inpatient and outpatient hospital services. Original Medicare, especi

Limitations on Preexisting Conditions in the Mortgage Statutes of Texas

In Texas, several factors are considered preexisting conditions when dealing with mortgages. Some of the preexisting conditions are related to real estate. Other preexisting conditions are health-related. Some preexisting conditions also apply to the actual sale of the property, especially in the ca

Guidelines for Medicare Savings Programs

Medicare savings programs provide eligible beneficiaries with savings on their Medicare premiums.elderly woman image by Anna Chelnokova from Fotolia.comMedicare savings programs offer low-income beneficiaries of Medicare and Medicaid programs the opportunity to save money on medical...