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How to Cure Your Involuntary Eye Twitch

Like me, you've probably experienced an involuntary eye twitch in either the upper or lower eyelids one time or another. Most twitches in the eye are simply a side effect of not getting enough sleep.

Eye Contacts FAQ

According to, about 34 million Americans, or more than 10 percent of the U.S. population wear contact lenses. When making the switch to eye contacts from glasses, eye patients may have questions about contact lenses, their use and care.

Merits of Modernistic Glasses

The history of eye wear can be dated to almost a thousand years ago, but no great changes are taken place in their styles during this period of time. However, when it comes to recent centuries, especially in the 21st century, they can be designed in more styles. Some of the two major forms include c

The Final Assessments - See You On The Other Side!

The final assessment is about making sure you are fit to practice. Yes, you are expected to be knowledgeable, but the deepest theories about the hardest subjects should have been covered in the quarterly assessments. It is not physically possible in the short amount of time for each exam to cover th

Helpful Ways to Protect Your Eyes from Damage

We all know that preventing something is easier than curing it but is it always that easy? When it comes to protecting your vision, it is! Here are some helpful ways to keep your eyes from getting dam

Spectacular Vision With Stylish Spectacles

Eyeglasses help us improve vision and reduce eyesight problems. There are types of lenses and glasses which serve the same purpose and are prescribed by opticians. There are stores to buy spectacles; however, buying them online is the most convenient and time saving option. Also, the brands and vari

Fat loss Tips That Will Help You Reach Your Goals

You do not desire to lose any sort of time when you are prepared to deal with weight reduction. You have to understand exactly how to go about shedding weight in a means that is secure and healthy and

The Danger of Soft Contact Lenses

It's true, that many people enjoy the convenience of soft contact lenses, but physicians warn that long term wear and poor hygiene may lead to a number of eye diseases and illnesses. The warning is especially important for people who use extended wear lenses.

Looking After Your Eye Health

The importance of looking after one's eye health cannot be overemphasized. Individuals with poor eye health are excluded from applying for juicy jobs; they are unable to engage in rewarding a

Got a Sty In Your Eye?

Have you ever experienced any sort of optical infection? Anything unusual happening with your eyes can bring a lot of stress - especially a sty! However, there are ways to catch it, treat it, and possibly help prevent it!

There Is Always An Optician Online

In the misty, alcohol fog of the City Girl's return home from a night out, there are few things she can be thankful for. 1. The secret ballet flats she hid in her handbag to replace the killer heels that make her irresistible on the dance floor (or so she is told by her friends). 2. The all-nig

Eye Health Center

Find information on eye and vision conditions and the latest in vision-related news and procedures.

The Use Of Disposable Contact Lenses Astigmatism

Astigmatism is a type of reflective error where light rays focus at different point in the eye. This creates a blurry image affecting both the distance and near acuity. This is caused be the shape of the cornea being more football shaped versus round in a spherical eye or by the eye lens inside the

Over the Counter Reading Glasses

The reading glasses come into demand when your focusing ability starts hampering. Many a times the problem begins at the age of forty. But in today's computer world it has been seen growing even during the tender years of our life.

The Best Way to Put in Contacts

Inserting contact lenses becomes easier with time, but there are always little irritations that can affect you on any given day. Sometimes you accidentally put your lenses in backwards, or they fold over in your eye. Then there are those times when you don't realize that an eyelash has become stuck

Buying Prescription Sunglasses Online

It seems like everyone wears glasses. They are by no means a new concept. However for those who do wear them they know how inconvenient they can be.

Color Fresh Contact Lenses

The internet has allowed a perfect forum for finding cheap colored contacts over-the-counter. This is a particularly assuring chance for those who know how to exert precaution online, and can differentiate a superior web site and a good deal, from those that only seem to be volunteering something ex