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More Blood for Franco

General Hospital Photos - Franco Returns to General Hospital on September 20 to ruin Jason's and Sam's wedding!

'Raising Asia' Raises Concerns About Asia

Is 'Raising Asia' too much of a good thing? The magnetic Abby’s Ultimate Dance Contest star gets her own show, revealing just how controlling her parents are and raising questions about childhood stardom.

Big Time Rush - "Windows Down"

"Windows Down" is the first single and title song from the third studio album by Big Time Rush. They move to a more adult pop sound here, and Mike Posner co-wrote the song.

Parents Of The Bride Speech

For any parent, it would be a great joy to see their daughter finally join another person in marriage and embark on a brand new journey as a wife and soon, as a mother. In the same way, any parent wou

The Causes of Terrorism

The causes of terrorism have been sought by policy makers, militaries, scholars, pundits and victims, and sometimes explained by those who commit terrorist acts.


Ke$ha - 2010 Grammy Awards Red Carpet