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How to Get a Grant for a PhD

Going back to school or continuing in school to earn your PhD increases your job opportunities and your salary. However to make it to that dream job and salary you have to find a way to pay for your tuition and books. Grants are a great option for this funding because you do not have to pay back the

Can a Dependent Apply for Food Stamps?

The federal food stamp program is available to families with very low income. The income of all household members over the age of 18 is tested against gross and net income guidelines set forth by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Heads of households and legal dependents can complete and return

Define Variable Interest Rate

When a borrower seeks to obtain money from a bank or lending institution, he must pay that lending institution interest on the money that he wishes to borrow. The amount of money that he will pay is called interest. The higher the interest rate, the more money the borrower must pay the lending insti

How Do Banks Determine Interest Rates?

Banks function by borrowing money from some sources and lending it to others. Their profit comes from the interest they charge on loans, which is necessarily higher than the interest they pay to those from whom they borrow.

How Do Internet Banks Work?

Opening an AccountFor the most part, internet bank accounts are paperless. ING allows you to open an account online in about five minutes. Some banks will have you fax them some signed forms to verify your identity. HSBC will also ask you to provide details of a government-issued...

Tennessee Child Support Help

The State of Tennessee has specific laws that govern child support cases and how courts award child support payments. These child support laws determine who is responsible for paying as well as how much those payments must be. Always seek the advice of a qualified Tennessee family law attorney if y

How to Apply for a Chase ATM Card

In order to obtain a Chase ATM card, you will need to open a Chase checking account. Chase offers four types of personal checking accounts, including Chase Total Checking, Chase Premier Plus Checking, Chase Premier Platinum Checking and Student Checking. Each personal checking account has different

Can You Put an Unemployment Overpayment Under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

When you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you should report all outstanding debts and corresponding creditors. However, a Chapter 7 discharge does not discharge any and all debts, only qualified debts. As a payment to a government entity, an unemployment overpayment cannot be discharged under Chapter

Scholarships for Dependents of Disabled Veterans

Several organizations offer scholarship assistance to the dependents of former military personnel who have been wounded and are disabled because of wartime service. Organization sometimes limit eligibility to biological children, and sometimes offer scholarships to grandchildren or stepchildren. Som

How to Find IRS Mailing Addresses

The Internal Revenue Service has specialized office divisions nationwide, and the mailing address you need depends on what form you are sending, who prepares your return and whether a payment is included. For individual federal income tax returns, the state you live in determines where to forward th

How to Log In to Your Chase Internet Banking Account

You need a few key pieces of information to set up your Chase bank account for online access, including your account number, Social Security number and deposit information. But once that account is set up, you can log in any time to check your balance, review recently cleared checks and even balance

How to Finance a Home Tanning Bed

If you want to purchase a tanning bed for your personal use at home, and need financing, you will need to follow some guidelines to obtain the required funds. Many tanning bed dealers, both in local markets and online, offer financing. Their terms and conditions vary, so it's good to shop around and

Can a Bank Cash a Check Before the Date on It?

A checking account holder may find it necessary to write a post-dated check for one reason or another. The account holder expects that, because the date on the check is written days in advance, that the payee won't cash it until that date. Bank customers can take recourse against a bank and payee if

Advice on Financial Difficulties

Debt can be a trap, but there ways you can escape financial difficulties.Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty ImagesWith mortgage expenses, auto loans, credit card bills and monthly living expenses, debt can accumulate in a hurry and, without the appropriate level of savings, an unexpected job...

Does Mortgage Preapproval Affect My Credit Score?

Mortgage pre-approval is the process of submitting basic information to the bank and waiting for that particular lender to examine the information and create a letter that shows it is willing to loan up to a specific amount of money to the borrower. This is not the application itself, which is far m

Taxes, Roth & IRA Growth

Roth IRAs are retirement savings accounts that follow all the guidelines set forth by the IRS for traditional IRAs, with certain exceptions. The Roth IRA is best known for tax-free growth compared to the tax-deferred growth of the traditional IRA. Understanding the tax differences is imperative in c

Current Industry Trends In The UK Economy

As 2012 came to a close, the last few months of the year saw the UK's economy shrink. It is likely that this contraction was the result of artificial growth during July, August and September, ...

How to Calculate Your Credit Report

The methods that the various credit reporting agencies use to determine credit score is a trade secret. The formulas used change constantly in response to changing market conditions, but they all use the same basic guidelines. Credit score is affected by the presence of any delinquencies or defaults