How to Bathe a Hen

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Photo gallery dedicated to the real birds of Twitter. Add your bird's photo to the gallery by tweeting it to @AboutPetBirds!


Photo gallery of all 50 state birds, including when and why each bird was officially adopted, what states share the same birds and information about seeing your state's bird.

How to Feed Ringneck Doves

The ringneck or Barbary dove is a hardy bird generally found in sandy tan on white colors. This popular pet bird lives for 12 to 25 years if it receives proper care. In addition to appropriate housing and favorable living conditions, providing ringneck doves with a healthy diet is important in maint

Learn the Stages of Baby Bird Growth

Learn the growth cycle of baby birds, including how altricial and precocial birds are different. Includes tips for helping baby birds grow up safely!

Lesser Scaup

Detailed bird profile of the lesser scaup: appearance, foods, habitat, behavior and reproduction.

How to Raise Chickens in the Backyard

You will have a sure source of entertainment if you decide to raise chickens in your backyard. You will need to do some preparations and a little research before your new guests arrive. Once you have a few things set up, you are ready to watch your chickens grow.

Signs Of Illness In Your Finch

Millions of homes in the world today have opened their doors welcoming finches in as part of their families. This article takes a look at possible signs of illness in your birds as well as a few tips on what to look for in a vet for your finches.

Northern Shoveler

Detailed bird profile of the northern shoveler: appearance, foods, habitat, behavior and reproduction. Includes tips for seeing northern shovelers in the field.

How to Get Two Cockatiels to Fall in Love With Each Other

About 6 million households in the United States have a pet bird. Next to parrots, cockatiels are the most popular type of pet bird. Cockatiels are smart, social birds that will flock naturally. Pairing these birds is not difficult. Males and females socialize well together, and males often become ch

Breeding Parrots - It's Not As Simple As You Think

The article describes some of the difficulties in breeding parrots. It also presents the idea that it is good to know about parrot breeding before adopting a bird, as it will provide insight into how the chick was raised.

How to Change a Cockatiel's Diet

Just because cockatiels love and readily eat seed does not mean that they know what is best for them. An all-seed diet for a cockatiel will eventually lead to severe and even life-threatening health problems. To feed your bird a healthy diet, he should be given a balance of pellets, fresh fruits and

How to Make a Hanging Bird Toy

Although there are a variety of toys on the market for birds, hanging toys are by far the most common and popular. Most hanging toys consist of a series of wooden shapes that attach to the top of the cage with a quick-link. Many people choose to make their own bird toys both to save money and to ens

How to Keep Raccoons From Eating My Bird Seed

Bird feeders are nice additions to any yard, but birds rarely are the only animals that use the feeders. The great outdoors is full of hungry creatures as evidenced by the number of devices and tricks bird watchers use to keep raccoons and other critters out of their bird feeders. You can mitigate t

What Eats Frogs in the Rainforest?

Most poison dart frogs only have to worry about snakes eating them.Poisonous frog, Ronario Frog Pond, Costa Rica image by Oren Sarid from Fotolia.comThe rainforest is home to a wide variety of frog species. Some of these frogs are poisonous and brightly colored to ward off predators, but...

How to Make Humming Bird Feeders

Hummingbirds are fun to watch as they flutter about and stand still only long to drink from feeders. Most feeders, if purchased in the store, can be costly. However a family project of making your own hummingbird feeder is simple and fun. Hummingbird feeders can be made with everyday household mate

How to Keep Button Quail Outdoors

Button quail, also known as Chinese painted quail, are a nice addition to any garden aviary. The males are a beautiful red and grey blue, while the females are mottled brown and blend into their surroundings. Their chirps and whistles only add to the tranquility of a backyard garden. There are some

Why Do We Need Bird Houses?

Mounting bird houses around the yard can provide hours of enjoyment for bird watchers and aviary enthusiasts. Bird houses also offer benefits for the feathered creatures themselves.

California Condor

Detailed bird profile of the California condor: appearance, foods, habitat, behavior and reproduction. Includes conservation information for these endangered raptors.