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How to Clean Out My English Bulldog's Wrinkles

The wrinkles on a bulldog's nose run deep and are the most difficult area on the dog to clean. The nose can become discolored and develop tear stains. Brush your bulldog about three times per week to limit the number of times you need to clean it. Many bulldogs still need their wrinkles cleaned appr

Labrador Puppy Dog Toilet Training

Learn the common errors in house training your new puppy. Discover at what age you should expect to see the back of toilet training and most importantly, how best to achieve quick and easy results for both you and your puppy.

Common Puppy Training Mistakes

Whenever we find out that someone owns a puppy or a dog we almost blindly assume that the puppy owned by the person must be full of life, obedient and would wag his tail behind us wherever you go. But the moment we plan to bring a puppy dog home and the puppy comes in our lives all of the beautiful

Different Breeds For Dogs

Keeping a pet is not enough, but proper care should be taken of that pet. Sometimes the bad health of a pet can also affect human health. The main reason for health issues in dogs is inappropriate feeding. The dogs should be fed properly because some food will cause serious health issues to dogs.

Popularity of Pet Sitting Services

Pet sitting services are becoming popular with every passing day. People are unable to balance work and their personal life and hence this service has come as a boon for all pet owners.

What Is Dog Dander?

Dog dander is made up of the small flakes of dead skin that dogs shed on a continual basis. Dog dander can typically be found in all kinds of environments.

Essential Summer Safety Tips For Proper Care of Your Dog

While summer is great for dogs, hot weather can be hazardous and even fatal. Contrary to popular belief, dogs do not handle heat as well as humans do. The single most effective preventative measure for preventing heat stroke is simple situational awareness of your pet's environment.

Dog Waste Removal Tools

Picking up after your dog is common courtesy.Blumenbeet image by Pepie from Fotolia.comPicking up dog waste may not be loads of fun, but you do have an array of tools to help you complete the task. A number of scooper types are on the market, most with bins made of plastic or metal...

Online Dog Training and Puppy Training

As a dog owner, you are naturally concerned about making your dog behave appropriately. This can be done only through training. You can either get the dog trained by a professional dog trainer or you can learn to train the dog by yourself. How do you learn the practical aspects of training your dog

Potty Training For Dogs

Dogs will be dogs. And as domesticated animals, they will still retain their wild ancestry without hesitation. They poop whenever, wherever. Unfortunately, we hate poop, but we love dogs. So allow yourself to learn some simple things about how to potty train your dog. This is key in enjoying the com

The Characteristics of a Bichon Frise Poodle Mix

The combination of a Bichon Frise and a Poodle produces a dog known as the Bich-Poo, Bichpoo, Poochon or Bichon Poodle. The Bich-Poo is not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) because it is a hybrid dog. The dog can have purebred parents, or its parents can be hybrid Bich-Poos. By mixing t

How to Make Dog Treats

Homemade dog treats are a great idea for any dog owner or considerate gift giver. There are endless combinations and recipes you can create to please your dogs palate and heath needs. This easy recipe is a great place to begin.

How Are Guard Dogs Trained?

A guard dog, also commonly known as a watchdog, is utilized to guard something (usually someone's home or a business) against things like unwanted intruders such as criminals or wild animals. Learn how these dogs are trained to keep you or your property safe.

How to Shingle a Flat Dog House Roof

A flat doghouse roof that is not shingled properly will leak, allowing water to settle in the doghouse. Most doghouses have blankets in them or a doggie bed. Wet bedding eventually molds, making the doghouse unusable for the dog. The mold could cause respiratory and skin problems for the dog if it s

How to Rear Newborn Bulldog Puppies

Typically, a bulldog will have anywhere from one to twelve puppies at a time, although the average number is between four and seven. After the mother gives birth, she will do most of the work involved in rearing the newborn puppies, but this does not mean that she does not need additional assistance

How to Crochet Little Dog Patterns

Small coats and coverings can help keep little dogs warm in cold weather. Crocheted garments are popular items for pampered darlings. Sizing patterns can be a bit tricky for would-be crafters who want to crochet fashionable apparel for four-legged models. Few things are as frustrating as finding tha

A Guide to Raising Boxer Puppies

Raising boxer puppies isn't as hard as you may think. First you must have already made up your mind that the boxer dog breed is the prefect companion for your family and so you might be looking for different sources where you can purchase a cute boxer puppy. However before you buy your boxer pu

Skin Irritation Caused by Cardboard Mites

Skin irritation caused by cardboard mites can be painful and bothersome for the animals and their human companions. It is important to understand more about the skin irritation so that you can know where it comes from, what it means and how to treat it. The faster you are able to get rid of the irr