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Treatment for Arthritis in Dogs

Arthritis in dogs is common as they get older. The joints, especially in the legs and back, become inflamed and painful. The dog may limp or have stiffness. Sometimes, it is hard for the dog to get up from a sleeping position. Treatments are available that can help relieve the pain and inflammation

Dog Beds Are Ideal for Your Pet Dog

What our pet dogs use has a huge impact on their behaviour and their health. But as a dog, they we may have a hard time knowing what they really want. So it's our responsibility to look for the things to give them. There are a lot of good quality dog things that you can find in the market. The

A Look at the Common Canine Urine Problems and The Best Ways to Treat Them

Canine urine problems are probably due to some type of urinary tract problem such as infection.The key to treatment is the PH of the urine, nature's way of cleansing the urinary system.After using conventional methods such as antibiotics to treat any bacterial infection, homeopathic remedies an

How to Take a Sticker or Foxtail Out of Your Dog's Foot

Stickers and foxtails are all common enemies to dogs, with some causing illness, infection and even death. Foxtails are grassy weeds that grow rampantly on the west coast of the United States in winter and spring and appear dried out and plentiful in summer. Foxtails have microscopic spiky barbs tha

Is Your Dog Food on the Top 10 Best Dog Food List?

Just because a brand of dog food is well-known does that make it the best dog food to feed your pet? Brand names are often well advertised but that does not mean they are what is right for your dog.

The Growing Pet Obesity Problem

Obesity does not only affect humans. In North America, our pets are putting on the pounds and more and more animals are developing weight-related medical conditions that were virtually nonexistent 20 years ago.

Benefits of Dog Bones

Chewing on bones helps dogs of just about any age.Generally, these bones are starch, nylon or rawhide based not animal bones.Chew bones made specifically for dogs can do a lot for the dental and mental health of your pet.Let's take a look at some of the benefits of bones, as well as how to buy

Healthier Living in Today's World

This article discusses natural diets available for today's pets. Some dog and cat diets today are processed grains and vegetables. There is nothing natural about a corn based, dry pet food for a carnivorous animal.

Dog Food Secrets Review & Feedback

Do you really think that by giving your dog the most expensive and supposedly the "best" commercial food in the world, your pet will become healthier? This was what I used to do as well, thinking that the food I was feeding my dog with would make him live longer and healthier. Luckily, I m

Using Dog Training Collars to Train Your Dog

If the expense of sending your dog to Dog Obedience School is preventing you from training him, here's another option.You can train your dog yourself, as long as you obtain the right dog training tools.It doesn't have to cost you a fortune to make sure you have a well-behaved and mannerly

Facts About Newborn Puppies

Newborn puppies are among the cutest things imaginable. They are also among the most fragile of lives relying on the capabilities of their mother and other factors to get through the first few days of life in an almost completely helpless state. While wild dogs do manage to raise puppies, it is alwa

How to Train a Dog to Like Other Dogs

Most dogs aren't naturally aggressive toward their own species, but there are some dogs who just don't like other dogs, whether it's a personal dislike or a trait of the breed. Though you might not be able to train your dog to genuinely like other dogs, you can take steps to reduce any potential ag

Anxious To Get A Puppy? Than This Is For You!

So you've decided to let in another member into your family? A dog is a wonderful addition to any home, but not every home is the right place for every dog. Before bringing any dog to your home, you need to take a look around, and see where and how you and your dog are going to be living togeth

How to Groom a Longhaired Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are the smallest breed of dog in existence and have recently soared in popularity as pets in the United States. The long-haired Chihuahua and the short-haired Chihuahua are the only two recognized varieties of the breed, according to the United Kingdom and American Kennel Clubs. The long-

Puppy Training - Becoming the Alpha Leader

Dogs are pack animals by nature. When adopting a puppy, it is important to keep in mind that dog animals, they are not human. If you want your puppy to become a loved member of the family and not a burden, you must become the leader of the pack. Every new puppy owner must understand the concepts of

Important Elements of Dog Tricks Training

Learning new tricks can be daunting task especially for your pets without the basic training. There are people considering tricks to be impractical and useless.

How to Get Your Puppy to Potty Outside

Potty-training a puppy requires consistency to prevent your puppy from having accidents inside the home. Find a location where you want the puppy to "do its business." Use newspapers on the floor to potty-train your dog inside the home, and slowly move the papers outside.