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How to Identify a Caspian Horse

Identifying horse breeds can be tricky, but very satisfying. There are hundreds of different breeds--and some are very rare. The Caspian horse is one of the rarest breeds in the world, and this article will give you some tips on how to identify one.

Gooseneck Hitch Types

Gooseneck hitches come in various types and are manufactured by numerous companies. Some features, such as the size of the hitch ball, are common on each style. When choosing a gooseneck hitch, it is important to consider how the installation will go. Some versions can be much more...

How to Make a Rope Halter for a Mini Horse

Making a rope halter for a mini horse will be a bit tricky on the first attempt. However, once you get the hang of it you should be able to put together the halter in less than half an hour. Rope halters are inexpensive and durable, according to the Pony Club Victoria. A rope halter cons

Your First Horse Part 3 - Costs

Owning a horse takes on a whole new set of responsibilities that leasing and lessons did not have.I find that this is the most overlooked part of horse ownership, and I see it daily in the horse world. Horses can be expensive, even when they live with you as opposed to being boarded out.

How to Train My Horse That Keeps Running Away

When a horse bolts, or runs away with its rider, it is usually due to lack of communication or trust. First, determine the reason why your horse might be running away. Is it scared, mad or confused? Are you giving the correct cues? Or, is there a physical problem, such as a sore back or mouth? Have

Different Types of Western Horse Bits

Use the right bit for your image by Penny Williams from Fotolia.comNo matter what breed of horse you ride, it is important to have the right equipment. Western riders have a wide array of bits to choose from, each designed for a specific purpose. Before choosing a bit for your...

Endurance and Electrolyte Loss

Horses are fantastic athletes. Their ability to adapt to nearly any task we put to them astounds many of us. Endurance horses are at the furthest end of the spectrum when it comes to athletic effort. Some even racing across 100km distances at canter speed! Equine metabolism plays a major role in pro

Tips on Haltering a Stubborn Yearling Horse for the First Time

Ideally, a foal is haltered shortly after he is born or when he's weaned. If circumstances prevent that, however, a handler's biggest asset is patience. Like everything else humans do with domesticated horses, haltering is antithetical to a horse's natural instincts. A young horse does not resist ha

Gaining the Love and Trust of Your Horse

Once you have found a horse that you are interested in purchasing you must first try to see if the horse likes you as much as you like the horse. The reason for this is that you want to gain the love and the trust of the horse as quickly and easily as possible.

Breaking a Wild Mustang

Wild Mustangs are a legendary part of Historic America. They represent the very essence of freedom and times when life was simpler and less hurried. Despite some myths, they come in all sizes, shapes and colors. They are also one of the most affordable methods for people to own a horse when other op

How to Train Your Horse to Stand Square

Horse events are as numerous and varied as horses themselves. Some events are judged on style, some on precision and others strictly on conformation. Training a horse to stand still and with all four feet squared is essential in many classes and a handy technique for your horse to know in and out of

Horse Health Care - Treating Horse COPD Or Heaves

This article is a case study of how a mare suffering from COPD, or heaves, was restored to health with a nutritional program. While many people feel that heaves is a permanent condition, this case study demonstrates how the symptoms of heaves can be alleviated with nutritional support.

The Basics For Spreading Horse Manure With a Manure Spreader

Most horse owners have been put to the task of mucking out the horse stalls using a manure fork and a wheelbarrow, thenpiling up the manure for disposal later. In a short time, that pile has grown to out of control and the people who were hauling away the manure no longer want it. At this point, man

The Difference in Horseshoe Sizes

Horses come in a wide variety of breed types and sizes, from miniature ponies that stand 18 inches high at the withers to massive Belgian and Shire horses that are almost seven feet tall. It is no surprise that they all have different-sized hooves and need to wear different sized horseshoes. In the

How to Train a Horse Not to Move When You Are Getting on

If you get thrown on a trail ride, your horse's willingness to let you remount could make the difference between life and death. It's tough enough to mount a horse that doesn't stand still when you're uninjured, but if that fall broke a bone, mounting a moving horse can be nearly impossible. Teachin

Instructions to Make a Western Saddle Pad

There are surprisingly few resources for making western saddle pads. These are the pads that sit between the saddle and the horse's back, which add cushioning (for the horse---not the rider). A saddle blanket fills the same purpose. Still, there is nothing terribly complicated about western saddle p

How to Practice Horse Show Etiquette

Horse show etiquette can vary depending on where you live and the type of equestrian sport in which you are engaging. However, it is important to practice common courtesy both in the barn and in the show ring in order to have a good time. The rules of horse show etiquette may be written or unwritten

How to Decorate a Horse's Mane With Beads

Beads may not be an everyday grooming tool for the average horse owner, but they do come in handy for parades, play days and fun shows. Beads add a fun and festive flair to your horse's mane, and won't break the hair like repeated banding or braiding. Decorating with beads takes a creative eye and a