Emery Cat Scratcher: To Trim Or To Scratch? Now You Tell Me

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Cutest Cat Contest Picture Gallery: Luna

Is your cat the cutest cat in the world? About.com is pleased to announce the Cutest Cat Picture Contest. Please read the rules carefully, then submit your Cutest Cat photo by following these Guidelines.

About Insulin Dosing for Feline Diabetes

Any cat can develop diabetes. The most noticeable symptoms are frequent urination, increased water intake and weight loss, but only a veterinarian can properly diagnose diabetes in your cat. The idea of giving daily insulin shots to a cat is often quite scary to people, but really, anyone can do it.

Cats and Their Beds

Some people are happy for their cats to sleep on their beds, sofa's, ironing pile or dirty washing basket and as long you don't mind picking up all the hair there's no problem. Others might be concerned about tick and fleas being transferred to beds or breathing difficulties being mad

How to Build Creative & Unusual Cat Condos

Anyone who has an indoor cat knows the havoc those claws wreak on your furniture. That's why it is so important to provide your cat with furniture of his own that he can scratch up. Cat furniture can be expensive, however, and that can make you rethink your decision. The good news is that you can

Cat-Tastic Fun For Your Kitty

I have three cats, each with very distinct personalities. Sometimes they sleep bunched together, more often than not they play together. I've found that it's best to keep them mentally stimulated and physically challenged for their health, and for the protection of my furniture.

Skookum Cat Information

Skookum cats are an unusual and popular breed. Skookums, dwarf cats, are a crossbreed of the Munchkin cat to the LaPerm cat. Skookum cats are affectionately referred to as the Shirley Temple cat, due to having short and curly hair.

A Backward Glance into the History of Cats

Have you ever wondered where "today's cats" came from?I have and so I began a little research on the history of cats.Apparently no one really knows when or how "the cat" first appeared on our planet.

Understanding Scratching Cat Behavior - How to Tame Those Clawing Paws

Understanding scratching cat behavior will enable you to know how to react the next time your feline friend is turning your sofa into shreds. This is because when you punish or scold your cat when they scratch your furniture that will not result in anything positive other than making them fearful of

How to Save a Dying Kitten

There are few things in life more impossible to resist than a kitten in distress. Seeing these small, furry creatures all alone, scared and possibly dying plucks the strings in anyone’s heart. Say you have rescued this kitten from the streets, the next steps you take are critical to saving th

5 Proven Steps to Stop Cats From Scratching Furniture

Are you losing much sleep trying to find a solution to stop cat scratching furniture? You are not alone! Many cat owners are in the same situation, losing money and facing much embarrassment due to their cats scratching and damaging furniture.

Senior Cats Picture Gallery: Sasha

If we are very lucky, all of our cats who share our homes will become seniors, and they will share long and happy lives with us. Senior cats are very wise and teach us lessons in acceptance as they stoicly accept their frailties, along with the ministrations of those who love them and are loved by t

Exercise Equipment for Cats

Like humans, our feline counterparts need exercise to live a long and healthy life. While it may seem like a challenge to get your furry friend off the couch, adding a few interesting toys to your home will encourage him to play.

How to Keep Cats Out of Sand Boxes

Cats regularly use sandboxes as litter boxes. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children who play in uncovered sandboxes are at an increased risk of contracting toxoplasmosis, a parasite that people can get from contaminated cat feces or stool. Protecting your sandbox from

Mange Dip for Cats

Mange occurs when the cat becomes infected with mites, such as sarcoptic mites. These mites burrow into the skin, causing issues such as redness, scaling and inflammation. At the veterinarian, a skin scraping will be taken and examined beneath a microscope to confirm the presence of mites.

DIY Cat Cages

There are a few ways that you can build cat enclosures or cages to keep your cats safe. Remember that cats aren't usually animals that are kept in kennels or cages for long periods of time. Cats might need to be in cages while they are being boarded, if they are recovering from surgery or illness, o