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Sports Photography

SHOOTING SPORTSEveryone at some point has seen "that shot" that seems to relive the moment, capture a look or tell the story. The fact is, shots like that happen all the time, it's catching them with your camera that is the hard part. The pure sports shooter lives for the rush of watc

Event Photography London

When choosing which event photography London company to use, make a short-list, see who can offer you the very best for your event. They should be able and willing to offer you much more than ...

Find a Successful Portrait Photographer Leeds

Who doesn't want to get married on a sunny day, surrounded by all their relatives and friends, in a fairytale setting? Without any doubt, everyone wants to get married and have children. Being able to ...

HDR Photography

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. Cameras can basically take photos with 5 steps of light, from darker lights of shadows to bright lights from sun. HDR is the process of taking multiple photos at ...

Selling Your Digital Photos Online For a Profit

Photography is a great way to capture those memorable moments or to express your creativity, but there are a lot of people more than willing to pay for your pictures. Digital photography has made transferring pictures from one place to another very quick and very simple. These factors have opened up

How to Sell Photos to Companies

Making money as a freelance photographer has never been easier than it is today. The Internet has opened doors of opportunity for any photographer who has an eye for photo composition and a finger on the pulse of the stock-photography market. There are several stock-photography Web sites that purcha

How to Do Landscape Photography

If you are interested in tall sky scrapers or tall old buildings that still look the same, then landscape photography is just the kind of photography for you to get involved in. Even though most of us know when it comes to the landscape, people always think of natural landscape photography, which of

How to Get the Best Digital SLR For You Money

Buying a SLR digital camera is a real investment. It costs a lot and you need to maintain it regularly if you want to keep it for a long time. Before investing the money in a digital SLR camera, you should talk with other SLR owners for some tips. If you don't know any professional photographer

Which Digital Camera Is Better?

Which digital camera is better for you? Your experience, your subjects and your price range are all things to consider. There are other considerations, too.

Buying A Camera - Choosing Between Manual And Digital Cameras!

When it comes to choosing a camera, there are two types you can choose from. It mainly depends on if you want to practice traditional photography or modern photography. Presently, you can choose between a manual camera and a digital camera.

Four Reasons Why You Need Spin Photography for Your Business Website

A relatively new phenomenon in the field of online business, the combination of 3D spin photography and e-commerce has been creating huge raves in the industry for the effects they create together. For most online shoppers, finding a product as they would appear in real life is a dream come true for

How to Submit a Screenplay

Movie studios are bombarded with hundreds of scripts virtually every day. Script readers spend their entire work day pouring over screenplay after screenplay. One thing you must keep in mind is that there is a standard manner in which you are to submit scripts. If a script reader comes across a scre

PHOTOGRAPHY- The best path to keep memories alive

Photography comes in recent years, and its growth and development is very fast in today's era. Photography is an art which requires high specialization because it is very subjected, no area i

Haze & Light Leaks in Photography

Light leaks and haze appear on photographs where the camera casing has holes that allow light to affect the film. Most photographers try to avoid that situation but a resurgence of toy and plastic cameras, like Lomographic models, has made light leak and haze effects trendy in both the film medium a