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What Are the Differences Between Drawing, Sketching & Photography?

Throughout history, humans have recorded or produced images of the physical world around them and artistic imaginings of a more abstract nature. This was either done to communicate graphically -- for example, to meet the need for maps or to visually communicate new discoveries -- or for sheer pleasu

Photographers - 3 Suggestions For Increasing Revenue During a Recession

During a recession people look for ways to scale back their expenditures. Photography services and products are one ways many people decide to reduce the family budget. In order to survive and thrive during a recession, a photographer needs to implement practices which will expand his revenue.

Digital Photography Composition and Cropping

Composition and cropping are very basic digital photography tools that you can use hand-in-hand to produce stunning results.With practice, you can refine your shots to look as good as you imagined them when you pushed the shutter button.

The Bout Between Compact Cameras and SLR Cameras

Any one who wants to buy a camera one way or another experienced a bout of headache and confusion. There are wide array to choose from considering the specifications and the value of money. The technical side of a camera is quite a need to reconsider yet somehow also gets complicated in finalizing y

The Salary of an Oceanic Photographer

Oceanic photographers, also known as marine science photographers or underwater photographers, utilize specialized cameras and other photographic equipment to capture images of ocean life. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics classifies all photographers in the same occupational category reg

In Praise Of Stock Photo Agency Blend Images

Stock photography can be a isolating career, so it is great to meet face-to-face with my peers, trade shop talk (O.K. little gossip too), strategies and what is going on in our lives. Trust me, this i

Institutes offering Photography Courses in Delhi, NCR

Fond of taking pictures? Like Photography as a hobby? Or, want to pursue the art as a career itself?From what Photography, earlier known as just an additional course listed in the brochures of Media s

Lighting in Portrait Photography

Without a doubt, lighting is one of the key factors to consider in portrait photography, whether it be artificial light or natural light. Both of these kinds of lighting pose pros and cons in various ...

Sell My Photos Online - Where and How to Do It

The webmasters creating these sites need images, logos and graphics and they all have to be available legally to use. You simply cannot copy and paste a picture from another website. So there's a starving market right?

Choosing the Right Photographer

Choosing the right photographer for your event can be a very challenging chore. This article will clarify some key points to consider.

How to Photograph People

They say the most difficult photographic client is the "Mother of the Bride." I have photographed a number of weddings and can completely agree with the adage; however, my experience is that we are all very vain when the camera is pointed at us. Everyone wants to look good, and as photographers

Things to Do With Kids in NYC, Chicago and Seattle

Kids and Fun Go Hand in Hand Children love to visit new places, see new sites and experience new things. Not only does this stimulate their minds, it also stimulates all their senses. Children love ...

Main Types of Business Funding Resources

If you're thinking about opening a small business then you've been investigating where to get funding for your new business. There are many different types of resources that you can use to get funding

How to Become a Freelance Photographer

If you love photography you have probably wondered whether you could actually make a living from it. Learn one way to start making some money from your photographs in your spare time.