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Desperate Housewives

Desperate housewives are on the rise.Their husbands they despise.Their dreams elusive, they seem unable to realize.

"Life is a Balancing Act ... a fun book" author Debbie Lessin: BOOK REVIEW

This is a beautifully illustrated gift book that offers 66 versatile ideas for juggling work and play, friends and family, heart and soul, and mind and body in this balancing act we call life.The ideas are practical and often whimsical.Many of the ideas may sound familiar but may, in fact, have beco

Book Review: The Se'phrim's Lady

The Se'phrim's Lady, by Maeva Sidhe Fitzgerald, is the story of a prince from another planet who finds his life mate in a fiery redhead after his ship crashes in a meteor shower. Prince Oshua Iey'mann is also a biogenetic engineer who conducted experiments on Earth by increasing testo

Internet Marketing Book Review - The Like Economy

Find practical, proven keys to produce big business profits on Facebook. Seek out real-world lessons you can use right away to access wealth using Facebook. Learn from a professional who helped businesses double and triple their revenue online. Identify and use your best Facebook profit opportunitie

Office in the Garden

The reality is: nothing declares straightforward magnificence than having a timber garden office. First of all, when you say timber, the very first thing that is certain to cross you mind would be logs and that would be robust, wooden logs very similar to those used in log cabins.

Critique Of Josh McDowell's Book: "More Than A Carpenter"

The author questions our mental prowess in determining the superior station of either scientific conclusion or legal-historical verification. He defines science as a processes based on repeatable demonstration proving the same conclusion and the less substantive metaphysics be based on legal-histori

A New Hobby of Temporary Women Is to Be Perfect

According to Simone De Beauvoir and her book "The Second Sex", the younger and healthier a female and the more her fresh and faultless body seems to be endued with eternal brightness, the less practical ...

The Blood Sugar Solution - Book Review

In the book "The Blood Sugar Solution: The UltraHealthy Program for Losing Weight, Preventing Disease, and Feeling Great Now!", a groundbreaking work by Dr. Mark Hyman, you are given a way to plan and live your life that should help you stay healthy longer. The only problem is that it take

Mysteries by Elizabeth George

Elizabeth George is simply a brilliant writer. Her mysteries are psychological suspense at its best but what I like is the way her characters grow and evolve.

Travis McGee Versus Doc Ford - Fictional Death Match

Am I the only one to notice that Randy Wayne White's recurring character, Dr. Marion Ford, bears a slight resemblance to the classic Florida boat bum character, Travis McGee, created by John D. MacDonald and played out over the course of 21 novels? Or maybe it's such an obvious observation

A Satirical Skewering of High Society

Humans do the strangest things. It's a good thing that there are supremely talented satirists like Simon Plaster around to skewer society's conventions and foibles. When we are too serious and full of ourselves to see the humorous side of every situation, we have... um... let the terrorist

Successful Beekeeping ABC's by Terry Martyn Jr

The preservation of bees is imperative to our continued ability to grow food to feed the plant. Bees are the major pollinators on the plant. Did you know that raising bees can be a stress reduction strategy and can provide a wealth of education for adults and children alike. Raising bees allows you

Book Lust by Nancy Pearl - Book Review

Nancy Pearl is a long-time librarian and writes book reviews for both local and national publications. Her book expertise and recommendations are gathered in Book Lust, a compilation of books of all genres for every mood, moment, and reason as is her catch-phrase.

Al Williamson's Flash Gordon by Al Williamson

Al Williamson's Flash Gordon by Al Williamson is classic character in a Sunday Magazine in America. He started his fighting crime moves in 1934, and after 75 years, he still continuously reigning in the fantasy mind of the readers. With the intense graphics being drawn by Raymond, the artist of

An Afternoon of Discovery

The streets of Port au Prince shimmered rhythmically in the afternoon sun under a lapis lazuli sky, unmarred by even the faintest wisp of cloud. Haiti was in the grip of an interminable heat wave. Although it was the time of siesta, the city pulsated quietly and persistently, unwilling to be held pr

Review of the Sexually Charged "The Lie" by Chad Kultgen

Okay class, raise your hand if you like to read about sex, drugs, lies, revenge and did I mention sex. Put your hands down because I've got a book for you, The Lie by Chad Kultgen. Written in a style similar to Bret Easton Ellis, minus the graphic violence, The Lie involves three characters mak

Media in the Twenties

I like songs that comment on the conditions of the world around me. Also presented is one of my first poems which I later set to music.

King by Right of Blood and Might

Most stories about knights and castles take place in the distant past. This one is set in the distant future. Humanity is nearly wiped out by a large asteroid that strikes the moon, and breaks it into many pieces, sending the pieces toward Earth. If the initial earthquakes and tidal waves don't