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How to Improve Your Memory

Have you ever known someone with a "photographic memory"? Such people seem to absorb information faster than a paper towel absorbs liquids. But while it's easy to assume that people with super memories are super intelligent, the key to their ability is in the methods that they use to

Why I Turned My Back on Religion

In this article, Pastor Michael addresses some commonly asked questions that he recieves regarding his stance and personal convictions regarding traditional Christianity.

How to Plan Your Day the Right Way

Each day provides a fresh start, a new opportunity to work towards our goals. Let's look at some positive ways to plan and move in the right direction.

How to Herd Cats - How to Lead Groups in Our Personal Lives More Effectively

Leading a group of people can often be a tiresome, thankless job and yet, many find the experience to be completely rewarding.Satisfaction is directly related to how well-functioning the group is.How to get a group of people to work together is both an art and a science.Volumes have been filled on n

Ten Questions to Ask After Setting Your Goals

Here are ten questions to ask yourself that can accelerate your goal achievement whenever you ask them.If you have any goal today -whether new, in progress, or stalled - ask yourself these questions.

Watch Out For Warning Signs That You May Be Stressed

The warning symptoms that stress might be affecting your wellness differ considerably from individual to individual. This could be headaches in one individual, or an outbreak of eczema or diarrhea in someone else. Generally the very first symptoms of tension are modifications in our emotions or beha

Websites do make money this way

Making Money On Your Website You probably started your business website to increase your profits. That is why you added a shopping cart, and information about your company, right? While this is a great way ...

UNCLOS III Process model

The United Nations Conference on Law of the Sea was ground breaking in the way negotiations were conducted.Several strategies were employed that allowed for efficient negotiation and a reasonable outcome as viewed by all participating parties.Procedural agreements allowed for a streamlined approach,

Ideas for Couples Halloween Costumes 2011

Halloween is an opportunity for couples to do something fun together. Read on the below article to find inspiration for your couple Halloween costumes this year.

Some Things To Remember For The Newly Widowed

After a that time you buried your beloved husband, you will be called now as newly widowed. But faith will tell you that you would get through it. And here are the some of the ...

Unconscious Learning - Natural Trance to Achieve Maximum Mental Performance

Learning unconsciously is easy and rewarding. Here I outline how unconscious learning works and how you can benefit from it in your life. Unconscious learning can be utilized in the traditional classroom situation or used in your personal accelerated learning and personal growth. Unconscious learnin

Get Some Reward Via Charity Donation

You can make a change. You can make a difference today. Remember that film “Pay It Forward”? I do think that is possible to repay a good deed by helping others.

Regaining Your Natural Female Power Through Hypnosis

The Female Rights movement has taken us a long way.But what do we do now that it has left us marooned on an island without a map, compass or even a proper hair brush? How can we regain our natural power through the use of hypnosis?

Asthma Attack Liberation by Way of Nlp

Asthma is a serious respiratory condition, which can be really disabling and sometimes even lethal. Drugs can help you with the physical symptoms and might provide quick relief in the case of an attac

Choosing The Most Effective Equipment For Your Health

Probably the most important things that you need to learn is that you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to get healthy. You can certainly integrate good eating and physical exercise habits into ...

What to Do With the Extra Stuff After a Loved One Passes

It is a sad and stressful time when a loved one passes away. You grieve for that person; you have to deal with the technicalities of their passing such as funeral arrangements and memorial services. After this is all said and done, there is that moment when you and the family have to go through your