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Finding Your Purpose - What Do YOU Want To Be When You Grow Up?

After being employed on Wall Street for 25 years, I recently lost my job. While this is something that is happening more and more every day, you never think it will happen to YOU. Now, the question is what is my purpose? More importantly, how can I find it?

Winning Requires Commitment To Win

If we were to ask almost anyone, prior to any type of competition, if they wanted to win, nearly everyone would give an affirmative answer, almost without hesitation. However, winning does not just happen, in any type of meaningful activity, and will rarely occur on any type of consistent basis, wit

Automated home based business Opportunity

Have you ever dreamed about an automated home based business opportunity? Have you ever wished that you could have more free time without neglecting your financial responsibilities? What if you could make money even while ...

Personal Spiritual Growth - Taking Time and Asking Questions (Part Two)

In part two of these brief articles dealing with personal spiritual growth and the advantage of asking good questions, I suggest (once again) that you find a place to relax (if only for a few moments). Do whatever you can do to slow down on the inside. Ask the Lord to speak to you, and reflect on th

FREEDOM - Highly Sought After Yet Highly Misunderstood

The song says: "Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got until it's gone?" That's often how it is with our freedoms. In this article I demonstrate bondages you didn't realize were restricting you so you can discover another way to appreci

How To Find Creative Inspiration Easily And Fast

How to find creative inspiration easily and fast brings you useful tips on how to keep your creativity levels high at all times. Go back in time to get inspired: It's often said that history is the best known tool for inspiring people to greater heights of personal and group success. When you a

Is There Life After Death? Working Through the Pain

There is life after death. Sometimes it can sneak up on us. There are days when we are in despair and stuck in that deep dark hole that is so easy to get into and so hard to get out of. But somedays when we least expect it life shows up. After we lose a child or anyone at all we see the world in a d

How To Predict The Future

Predicting the future is easier than you think. We do it everyday but now you can focus on doing it deliberately and consciously.

Victory Over Emotional PTSD

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can turn your life upside down.Many times even after people have come to grips with whatever tragic event caused the PTSD, they are left with debilitating flashbacks...

Bypassing 'Religion' for the Grace Way

WHEN FACED WITH a choice to go the world's way or God's way, many cannot go 'God's way' of legalism, moralism, and self-righteousness - as humankind within the church has bent it (neglecting Jesus' teaching in the process). There is a third way that is the true 'Go

How to Help a Family Member Cope With Drug Addiction

Drug addiction has become a much venerated topic among families. This heartless enemy does not discriminate. Any family can become a victim of drug addiction at any time. Having discovered that a member of your family has a problem with drug addiction how do you help them cope with it?

Develop Your Productivity Arsenal - 7 Tips to Overcoming Procrastination

The reasons why people procrastinate varies from person to person in form and duration, and can vary from one circumstance to another. One of the ways to overcome procrastination is to have an arsenal of techniques so that you can quickly adapt to varying circumstances by using the method which best

Successful Self Hypnosis - Attitude is the Key

As a hypnotherapist who uses hypnosis, and witnesses its effects daily, I can say with confidence that I see no reason why anyone can't benefit from self hypnosis to some degree. Ultimately it is your attitude which is the key to successful self hypnosis.

Finding Your Gold and Keeping it Shiny This Summer

Find your Gold this summer and let is shine.We all have things that make us feel connected, happy and whole.This summer take time to rediscover your own Gold and shine like the sun.

Stop Giving Your POWER Away!

It is not uncommon for women allow others (society and those around them) to define who they are, how they feel, what they should do..... Why should anyone be allowed to tell us how or if we measure up, what we believe, what to accomplish? It is YOUR choice to give your power to others or not. It is