Symptoms of Low Self Esteem

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Your Brain Will Perform Better With a Calm Mind

With the use of meditation you can calm not only your body but your mind also. This article is for those who are uncertain about meditation as a mind calming technique because of the opinion that medi

My Focus Is On Life

Did you know that your parents, children, your spouse, furnisher, house and car are all things of the world. I am sorry to compare your beloved child and parents with your material possessions but honestly all of these things we found them on this world and we shall leave them when we leave this pla

Be Confident and Present Yourself As Well As You Can

When we take care of ourselves we look better, walk taller and project a better image of ourselves. Confidence comes from feeling better about ourselves and when we make an effort as to how we look we present a better image of the whole person. We treat ourselves better and others treat us better to

Pmp Exam Preparation

Being always prepared makes you ready in every challenges you face in your life. And as for the PMP exam, we better study hard so that we can have confidence that we can pass the test. Also, tips and ideas from other Project Managers will greatly help in improving the way you study and how to apply

Do Nothing (For a Change)

In a stressful situation, especially an interpersonal one, where you and another are stuck in the same old fight, try doing nothing for a change. What I mean by that is to step back and don't react in the usual manner. Continuing to have the same reaction and trying harder to "fix" it

How to Shorten the Distance Between You and God

Do you ever experience times when you wonder if God is really around? I do. On one hand we know that he will never leave us or forsake us, but on the other we don't see much evidence of his presence in our negative circumstances. This article explores God's proximity to us, and vice versa.

Worrying Has Many Exit Doors

Chronic worrying can have a huge negative impact on the life of anyone afflicted by it. Worrying can cause us undue stress, make us sickly, and also reduce our ability to analyze problems and create appropriate solutions. Worrying is also unproductive because when we worry about something, we are no

Obituary Therapy

What will others say about you when you die? What will be their lasting memories of you as a person? Will they say that you were loving and generous or unpleasant and self-absorbed? Will they remember you as being carefree and fun to be around, or a bundle of negativity that soiled the joy of others

Find Relief In Sorrow And Grief

When we suffer sorrow and grief we can find comfort in the twenty third psalm. Our personal relationship with the Shepherd of our soul is what gets us through the valley of shadows to the green pastures.

5 Simple Tips for You for Smart Time Management

If you've ever worked being a school teacher, you most likely understand how valuable time management advices are. No matter where you are right now in your career, time management is always the most the most important element that can drive you to success or failure if you do not know how to c

The Law Of Abundance - What We Think About We Bring About

The Law of Abundance says that what we think about we bring about? How does this law work in everyday life? How can you learn to focus on thoughts that will improve your life and keep you on the road of success?

Goals and Beliefs - Chicken and Egg

Which comes first the setting of the goal or the belief that you can actually achieve the goal? What do you really need to achieve?

Go Beyond Work-Life Boundaries!

Most of us want more balance in our lives. So, typically we want to know how we can have more time at home, work fewer hours, spend less time at the office, etc. The instinct I think most of us share is to carve out more time away from work, as that seems like it would offer more balance.