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Facebook Marketing - Relationship Marketing Do's and Don'ts

If you're in the direct marketing or network marketing industry, you deserve to take advantage of the many connections you can benefit from by using a Facebook Marketing Strategy. Facebook has changed the way we communicate forever. Where there used to be 6 degrees of separation, there is now o

Relationships Matter In Your Business!

I want to get really honest here and give you the biggest nugget that will help you in your business. It has helped me and that's why I'm sharing it. Relationships Matter!

Make Money With an Expert Page - It is New

Give me about 10 minutes of your precious time to reveal how you can make money with an expert page. Or you can call it profile page. Mainly, these kinds of pages are unique with social network sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Tagg. Over the years, people only hang out with friends without kno

What is Twitter and How Do I Use It?

Twitter is one of the best formats online to use if you want to connect to people and stay on top of current events. Read this article for more information and some ideas.

What is Social Media and What Kind of Results Can You Expect From It?

Forget everything you've heard about social media for a minute. Boiled down to its essence, social media is just another means to communicate, a powerful way-because like all real communication- it's a two-way street, an opportunity to engage and build relationships with people. It's

How to Use Facebook Chiropractic Marketing For Your Practice

Facebook is the largest social media site, which has posted phenomenal growth in the last few years. With more than 300 million registered users, Facebook has taken over YouTube and MySpace in traffic and popularity.

How to Capitalize on Web 2.0

There are many different ways that your website and your business can take advantage of web 2.0 technology and social networking. If used correctly, web 2.0 services can provide a tremendous boost to your online presence, traffic, reputation and even your SEO.

How to Get Massive Site Traffic From Facebook

An effective online marketing strategy includes having a huge amount of site traffic as this brings popularity to a website, thus helping it land on dominant spots of top search engines. The site traffic serves as the fuel that runs an online marketing campaign, so business owners are developing dif

Guide to Customize Your Twitter Backgrounds

It is a good idea to customize the twitter backgrounds for various reasons such as you will provide new look and feel to your profile which will make your presence genuine on the website. Also, you will be able to have impressive background for your profile which will have enhancements and modificat

The Importance Of A Re-Tweet

More and more people and businesses are joining the Twitter craze; becoming a member of this increasingly viral social media site is important for customers and businesses to function effectively in the market place. To break it down into simple terms: If you fail to adapt yourself/your business to

Meetup Real World

Social networking is on the hype but the problem that we are all living in a virtual world. However one site seems to have the solution for that. Meetup helps people move from their online life to the real one.

Report: Generation Y Media Consumption Driven by Digital

Media consumption among Generation Y continues to trend toward digital as these consumers rely on the social media, blogs and the broader internet for everything from news to product reviews. A recently published study from L2, a consumer think tank for digital innovation, revealed how rapidly Gener