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Integrated Marketing Services: Innovative Concept for Branding a Business

Integrated Marketing (IM)is the management strategy that utilizes different forms of media, which focuses primarily on the brand and image development of businesses. Integrated Marketing services are broadly divided into two categories - online marketing and offline marketing. With proper coordinati

Web 2.0 Internet Marketing

What is Web 2.0 Internet marketing? This article explains it and shows you how Web 2.0 and social media marketing can greatly impact your business.

Social Media Tips - Locating Podcasts For Playstation - Portable

Are you a user of a Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) device? If so, did you know you can use it to listen to your favorite podcasts? One look around and you will discover a plethora of available podcasts on and for your PSP. Many of those you will find on the device are simply directed at the distrib

Part 2 - New Developments: The New Facebook Groups

Previously we introduced the new Facebook Groups that was introduced in a recent press conference. In this article, we discuss the new developments and features that are present in the new Facebook Groups. This will be of interest to internet marketers particularly those utilising social media inclu

Big List Of Codes, Secrets, Tips & Hints to Pimp Your Profile

Myspace, the worlds largest social network lets you customize your profile in so many ways! As well as being able to embed free games & myspace glitters there are literally hundreds of cool myspace tweaks and tools you can use on the net to easily make an awesome profile!

When Good Social Marketing Gets Wasted (And How Good Copywriting Can Save It)

Social marketing posts and messages feel like informal exchanges between friends. But every time you send a post or message to prospective clients, you're writing promotional copy. And when you link back to your website, your friends and follows will be looking for ways to get to know you even

Online Business Success Through Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is such a powerful tool in Internet marketing. This is a popular method in building a site's ranking in search engine results and also helps in indexing a particular web page quickly.

Earn Profits for Your Business With the Help of Facebook

Facebook has turned out to be the world's popular social networking site with over a million accounts and still increasing from different parts of the world. This growth has provided the opportunity for many people to use this particular platform as the means to make money. Yes, make money usin

Things Social Media Marketing Companies Should Remember

Many things in life are better left simple, and letting others complicate it for effectiveness. A classic example is application of logic to situations such as when a kid cannot reach into a cookie jar on top of a counter, he gets a chair and climbs up, and succeeds in plunging his hands into cookie

A Few Incredible Applications by Facebook Developers for Your Business

Facebook today is a leading social networking site that is increasingly been used by business entrepreneurs to increase exposure of their business on the Internet. To facilitate better utilization of Facebook for business proliferations, developers have created various applications, which not only e

Doing Business Through Twitter

It is very easy for business people to look at Twitter as a way of advertising their businesses by just choosing to follow people. This strategy however, might not really wash because not everyone whom you will end up following would be useful for your business, even though this social networking si

Social Media in Business Internal Communication Strategies - Lets Talk About It!

Internal communication in business is basically the dialogue between employees and employer, and the dialogue between work colleagues.Internal communications are best delivered in a language the receiver can comprehend, in a timely manner and comfortable medium, conveying one business topic, with an

7 Steps to Prepare Yourself to Use Facebook For Professional Networking

A recent study by Comscore, the Internet information provider, indicates that over 20% web users have visited Facebook in December 2008.Comscore has also noted a gradual demographic shift from college students to professionals aged 35 years or older in the number of Facebook users. Majority of these

The Psychology Behind Social Media

Because it is still in its infancy, people don't fully understand social media's capabilities yet. You might ask, from a psychological perspective, what people are looking for in social media.

The New Marketing Research Tool - Twitter

Market research is the backbone of every online business and is essential in selecting a profitable niche market. One particularly effective research tool is Twitter the popular social network site. Read on to see how to utilize the power Twitter's real time search engine when exploring current

Social Media Success Strategies - Are YOU Learning From Experts Or Everyone?

We are living in the information age, the age where ideas are more popular than products, where programs replace product, where teleseminars and webinars trump books. Everyone it seems has hung out a shingle touting their expert status whether it is in how to make money, social media, teleseminar te