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Birthday Ideas in the Quad Cities

The towns of Davenport and Bettendorf in Iowa and Rock Island and East Moline/Moline in Illinois share the banks of the Mississippi River and a population of nearly 400,000 people. The name Quad Cities refers to this cluster of Midwest communities located on the southeast portion of Iowa and the nor

Pumpkin Pie Craft

Fall harvest and holidays bring pumpkin pie to the table to tempt young taste buds. When your kids are too young to help with the actual pie in the kitchen, provide a pumpkin pie craft to make them feel a part of the preparations. Older kids can make miniature edible pumpkin pie treats and make a pu

How to Have a Perfect Christmas

Christmas time is a time for family, for fun and for relaxing. Since it is the only time of year that an entire family is usually together for more than a few minutes, you want to make the most of it an create a Christmas that will last forever in the memory.

Fun Halloween Activities for Children in Rochester, New York

Rochester, New York, is filled with kid-friendly Halloween activities.halloween image by alpha-omega from Fotolia.comHalloween, celebrated yearly on October 31, is filled with fun activities for people of all ages. Parents won't have far to look when searching for kid-friendly Halloween...

Unique Nurse Gifts

Many gifts for nurses can be found boxes, christmas gifts/presents image by L. Shat from Fotolia.comWhen buying a gift for someone who is a nurse, don't buy just any generic item. Think of humorous gifts with inside jokes for the medical profession, sentimental gifts that show...

10 Fun Alternatives to Halloween Candy

In a society where one in three children is considered obese or on the verge of obesity, American consumers spend about $950 million on Halloween candy each year, as of 2008. Conscientious yet spirited consumers might be tempted to distribute responsible alternatives like raisins and granola bars, o

How to Use a Fog Machine Timer

Fog machines can be addition to your haunted house or Halloween parties; creating a haunting fog that hugs the floor creating an eerie atmosphere. Some fog machines are programmed with a timer to determine when and how long the fog machine will exert the vapor. Fog machine timers allow you to adjust

Secret Santa Gifts for Men

During the holidays, many large families and companies choose to participate in Secret Santa as an alternative to buying gifts for each person. Decide the pairings by writing each participant's name on individual pieces of paper and mixing them together in a hat, bowl or bag. One by one, the "Santas

Saloon Girl Costumes: A Neglected Option

Almost no one wears Saloon Girl costumes anymore. Why shouldn't you go as one this year? Whether you're looking for a Gold Rush Madam, or a Can Can Dancer, there are several costumes in this often neglected outfit.

Holiday Stress Management: Four Tips

Decking the halls and spreading good cheer takes a lot of energy. Here are some tips to make sure you enjoy every last fa-la-la.

Decorating Ideas With Spray Snow

Spray snow enhances holiday decorations.Snow image by Peestka from Fotolia.comSpray snow is a product that comes in a standard spray can that you can spray safely on any surface. It creates the look of real snow. Spray snow offers several decorating options to enhance your holiday...

Handmade Christmas Stockings For That Custom Holiday Touch

Handmade Christmas stockings are an excellent way to show someone how much you care. And with the amount of Christmas websites online you should be able to find a great discount on personalized stocking very easily.

How to Do Your Hair for a Middle School Dance

Middle school dances are about lighthearted fun. For the dance, you should be able to have a special and more grown-up style while still looking age-appropriate. Since everyone's hair is different, not every style will work on everyone. Experiment with different styles before the dance to see what

How to Make Mason Bee Tubes

The orchard mason bee is a non-aggressive bee species, unlikely to sting unless handled roughly. It is a valuable pollinator of fruit trees, flowers and vegetables. Unlike honeybees, the orchard mason bee does not live in a hive, but nests in hollow stems, woodpecker holes, or other insect holes. Th

About Country Christmas Decor

Handcrafted Christmas decorations and nostalgic designs can add country charm to any living space over the holidays. These old-fashioned decorations are typically made with natural materials and homespun fabrics to create a warm and cozy home environment.

Elvis Costume Ideas

When a person thinks of Elvis Presley, blue suede shoes, capes, rhinestones and jumpsuits come to mind. Throughout Elvis' career, his style of clothing went from calm to flashy and glitzy. Many people dress up like Elvis for costume parties, special events or Halloween. Creating an Elvis Presley cos

Sweet 16 Elegant Invitation Ideas

Create unique invitations for your child's party.valentine card:2 image by Sergey Tokarev from Fotolia.comTurning 16 is a special milestone in a young person's life. While the party and the gifts are special, it all starts with the invitations. Create elegant invitations that will spark...

Hurricanes, Holidays and Hassles in Evacuations

It appears that the 2006 Atlantic tropical hurricane season will be a big hurricane season indeed.There are things you can do to minimize your risk and exposure, which could cause you and your family severe problems in the event of a large category storm, which enters your area.

How to Make a Korean Birthday Card

If you are looking to surprise a Korean friend on her birthday, make her a Korean birthday card. Use traditional Korean cultural objects to decorate your card and please your friend with your knowledge of Korean culture. Use colored and textured card stock to make the card and either print or draw