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How to Preserve a Dozen Roses

A bouquet of roses, whether used in a wedding or given as a special gift, is a thing to cherish--until, of course, the roses wilt and die. But it's possible to save those pretty blossoms for weeks, months, even years to come. There are many ways to preserve roses, including drying them and brushing

Homemade Gift Ideas for an Anniversary

Giving a handmade gift as an anniversary present is much more personal than a store-bought alternative and will show your loved one you really care. You do not have to be very skilled at crafts or make anything complicated. Creating something personal for your partner will mean your gift is sure to

How to Decorate a House for Halloween on a Budget

If you are like me, you love to spook out your house for Halloween. It's a delight for both you and the trick-or-treaters, but it can also be an expensive adventure. The cost of each little spider web, ghost and just about everything you need to turn your home into a real haunted house can really ad

How to Look for Family Halloween Games for a Church Party

Churches may choose to host Halloween parties for a variety of reasons, whether out of awareness of the holiday's religious significance or simply to give kids a fun activity night in a safe environment. If you are one of those responsible for planning a church Halloween night, you've probably give

Mother's Day Gift Basket Ideas for Mom with a Hobby

Mother's Day is around the corner, what are you going to get the special mom in your life this year? One great way to find a gift is to focus on her hobbies. Here are three popular hobbies an

DIY Computer Controlled Christmas Lights

Computer-controlled Christmas light shows have become a popular way of promoting and sharing Christmas cheer. These shows often are elaborate, with many different strands of lights, ornaments and decorations moving or flickering in various patterns. Creating your own computer-controlled Christmas li

Card Holder Packaging Ideas

Gift cards make wonderful gifts because they allow the recipient to choose his own gift. Whether you choose a gift card to a restaurant or some other vendor, the person who receives it will appreciate the thought you put into selecting a gift that was tailored to their personal taste or...

Cheap Handmade Gifts

Handmade gifts are a heartfelt way to express friendship and love. They can also cut down on costs. Making gifts for loved ones can be as easy as purchasing paper, yarn and a few other supplies. Plan well in advance before the gift date, since projects might take a little longer than expected, espec

What to Do for a 50-Year-Old Woman's Birthday

Reaching the 50th birthday is a milestone any woman can find worth celebrating. Make this birthday special for her by planning a celebration and including plenty of fun activities and good friends. Consider over-the-top ideas that make this birthday special and memorable. Don’t tell her she is

How to Plan Your Own 50Th Birthday Celebration

If you want to toast the mid-century mark in your life with an unforgettable party, why not plan it yourself? While a bit unorthodox, planning your own 50th birthday celebration will take the burden off of friends and family and ensure that your special day will have all of the things you enjoy, inc

Texas Handmade Gifts for Babies

Red, white and blue are the colors found on the Lone Star State's flag.texas proud image by buckwheat from Fotolia.comWhen giving a Texas mother-to-be a baby gift, be creative and make a homemade gift from the heart. Handmade gifts are one-of-a-kind keepsakes the new family will treasure...

What Sukkot is All About

Sukkot, Hebrew for huts or booths, is a holiday that celebrates the harvest of summer's crops. Harvest holidays are common to nearly all cultures, ancient and modern, religious and secular, with the purpose of looking back on the season's hard work with pride and celebrating the results in

DIY Felt Napkin Ring

Napkin rings originally were not used for elegant dining. Cloth napkins were not laundered between meals and were put in rings so the same person got the same napkin every time. Today, napkin rings set a theme for a table. The proper way of situating them is to place the napkin in the ring with the

How to Create Spooky Halloween Votives

When decorating for a Halloween party, there is nothing more fascinating to the guests than to have candles illuminating creepy shapes and shadows onto the walls and tables. This article highlights an easy and fun craft that will complement a spooky night of celebration.

How to Make a Muslin Snowman Decoration

A muslin snowman decoration is simple to craft. Create it as a club project for a fundraiser and sell it for Christmas. If the steps are completed in an assembly line fashion, with many hands helping, several muslin snowman decorations can be made in a very short time.

How to Make a Bumblebee Costume

Bumblebee is not only a fun word to say but it makes for a great costume. Being a bumblebee makes you immediately recognizable and gives you leeway to walk around making an annoying buzzing sound. You can also get a lot of mileage out of a bumblebee costume, wearing it on Halloween and on Earth Day

Ideas for Cowboy Gift Basket Containers

Finding the perfect gift for some people is hard. Handmade gift baskets filled with items specially selected create a gift that shows thoughtfulness and love. If the person receiving the gift basket loves cowboy- or Western-themed items, make a cowboy gift basket. Fill the basket full of items relat

Great Gifts for Someone Turning 30

For many, a 30th birthday is a big deal.birthday tag image by Renata Osinska from Fotolia.comTurning 30 is a huge milestone and a birthday that can cause a little bit of stress. It is a time when a lot of people start to look at their lives, what they've accomplished and really buckle...

Imagine, A Healthy Halloween

Halloween can be a parent's worst nightmare. Just picture those sugar-infused little bodies that ultimately crash at the end of a late night in the form of one doozy of a tantrum. Now that's a scary Halloween.

St. Patrick's Day Quotations

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with the top 25 quotations about the Irish, Ireland and this festive holiday...