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Massive Satellite Data Flow Coming In On Rain Forests - Now It's Time to Act

Well, it seems whatever sort of advanced technology that humans come up with, entrepreneurs will always find endless applications to apply it. Let me give you a case study here, because there was something recently in his scientific research news which can help environmental scientists stop the degr

The New Trend Called Body Piercing

Getting your nipples or genital pierced has become very popular among both men and women, while the other types of piercing like tongue, nose and eye brow or naval are still gender specific. Back thousands of years ago Body piercing jewelry was popular among tribes as a sign of wealth and prosperity

Tropical Hurricane Wilma

The National Weather Storm Center will be tracking Hurricane Wilma on their weather tropical storm tracker with satellite photos and full motion video. They will be using new tracking software and super computer weather monitoring systems looking for surface water temps.

Nigerian Minister denies running for Presidency

The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) of Nigeria, Senator Muhammad Adamu Aliero who was previously nominated by some influential elite in the Presidency to become the next President or V

Most Unsafe City in America to Live or Work

When asked the question what is the most unsafe city in the United States many might say; Boston, New Orleans, NYC or Washington D.C. due to Horrific Hurricanes and Potential International Terrorism target.

The Decline of the Red Light District

As a tour guide in Amsterdam tourists ask me this very often. The plans to 'close down' the Red Light District have reached even the remotest of regions and everyone asks me to explain this peculiar plan. I can tell you this, no, the Red Light District is not going to be closed down comple


Volcanic ash cloud restrictions 'embarrassing', say airlines

The Amero a New North American Currency - Will it Happen?

Have you heard of the Amero? This is a hypothesized future currency that would merge the US Dollar, Canadian Dollar and the an equal Mexican equivalent that is not currently in existence. The concept of merging currencies to compete with the EU and Euro is a dream of many in North America.

World News

At a time when the world is changing rapidly, there is a dire need of a news resource, which can provide world news with objectivity and fairness.

How To Make Your School Fundraiser Pay Off

School fundraiser events are held in most schools and high schools to raise and collect funds for the various extra curricular activities that are organized. School is a place where to be is fun for children and cherished memories for those who have left.

Self Defense Definition

As a former national martial arts champion I am frequently asked the question, what is the self defense definition? People often confuse the definition of self defense as ones ability to beat up an attacker. This, my friends, is simply not the case.

The Young vs The Young at Heart

Have you ever felt "youth is actually wasted on the young?" Although I'm not sure who said it, I am inclined to agree. Read on to learn just how young you may be even if you're over 70!

What About Advertising Ethics in Political Campaigns?

Corporations and Companies know that if they use false and misleading advertising they will find consumer groups putting them on the bad list. Customers will go online and slam the company using viral marketing techniques destroying the brand. If the company goes over the invisible threshold and eno

Food insecurity and 'Twin track strategy'

A household is said to be food insecure when the people in it live in fear of hunger and starvation. Food insecurity affects millions around the world and children, the most vulnerable members of soci