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DIY Solar Panels = Free Electricity

It is very possible to provide free electricity to your house with DIY Solar Panels and wind turbines. The secret to actually making this a feasible plan is to look into 'complete' DIY solar panels. B

Government Shutdown Scare Tactics: Both Parties Culpable

Government shutdown is more than just a scare tactic! In a time when jobs are scarce, wage deflation is rampant, democrats (in the majority) have neglected to send a budget for approval to the president. Instead they chose to ignore and cast blame on Republicans.

Politics vs Religion

We bristle at utilizing the words 'politics' and 'religion' in the very same sentence. Everyone's all tied up about becoming politically correct or winning votes, or defending their beliefs.

Qualities of a Good Teacher

An American definition of 'Teaching' envisages that' Teaching is the consistent and effective transfer of appropriate behaviors which lead to the achievement of predetermined and specified results'. Hence in order to substantiate the purpose of teaching that is the transfer of kn

Sarah Palin Is Right

Sarah Palin is in a position where no matter what she says or does, she is going to be in someone's cross hairs. The media and the left will find some little phrase to blow out of proportion and criticize her regardless of the topic.

Royal Mail: The End of Daily Deliveries?

Royal Mail has warned that its six days a week deliveries are potentially at risk due to intense competition from across the industry, from the likes of Amazon, which now delivers its own parcels, as well as smaller companies. The Royal Mail, which can trace its roots back almost 500 years to 1516 a

Review Of Expensive Engagement Rings

Perhaps if one could not afford a $30,000.00 or $40,000.00 engagement ring it wouldn't matter, but when one can it makes a big impact.

Losing your Virginity - a Girl's Guide to the First Time

If you are reading this, and fit the situation, then the subject is already a consideration on your mind.You may have read something on the subject, spoken to a girlfriend who has passed through the e

Campaign Finance Reform... Or Revolution?

This article addresses the withering state of Trust between the people of our Country and the Government. It provides some opinions and history of corruption leading to a dysfunctional Congress and th

The Inherent Danger in Self-Control

I have recently been reading a book called We. It was written in the 1920's by a Russian author who warned of a future society where all spontaneity and freedom are lost to rationality, efficiency, and control. All disaster is avoided, but at the same time all creativity and joy are muted as we

Alan Greenspan is Right about the Republicans

Alan Greenspan criticized Republicans for their bad economic policies.He was right.At least tax and spend is mathematically coherent (albeit bad for society).Tax cut and spend is far worse.

Religion: Why Are People Attracted To Religion?

There are numerous religions in the world today; some of these have been around for thousands of years and some could be described as new in comparison. And as well as the religions that are clearly definable as religions, there are also figures and establishments that are serving a very similar pur

Cultural Immersion and Mainstream Culture

Being able to discuss national politics, cook regional delicacies or talk about local blockbusters may not necessarily lead to more success when you plan to engage people of other cultural backgrounds. But they are great starting points to nurture more meaningful relations. They also show your commi