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Dr. Manmohan Singh

As in cases of other leaders one cannot be sure of the time and so while analyzing such horoscopes, I adopt the Bhrigu Technique where Ascendant which is primarily dependency on accurate time is not n

Black Journalist Associations

Even as black people began to hold mainstream jobs, it was still common place for professional organizations to prohibit their presence. In an effort to find a place where black journalists could be welcomed, black journalist associations began to rise in a number of places. The purpose...

On Apology, by Aaron Lazare

Apologies are not easy. The words may be relatively simply to say, but a genuine apology is based upon a genuine willingness to sacrifice in order to make things right. In order to apologize a person may have to give up something material in order to make reparations of some sort, but they definitel

How to Read the Bible in Hebrew

Reading the Bible in Hebrew can be a deeply meaningful and rewarding experience. The Hebrew language is poetic and fluid, and translations can capture only one meaning out of several possible renderings of a given verse. Although mastery of the language can take years, a rudimentary knowledge of the

Free Tarot Card Reading UK

Leading psychic expert tells you all about the best in having a free tarot card reading and psychic services

Our Lady of Pontmain - Part I

Jesus loves His Mother so much. She, on the other hand, loves us so much; she always comes to us, to help us, to guide us, to plead with us, to plead for us.

Time and Psalm 90

Consider this. God is not limited by time or space, yet he tells us in His word that there is "A time and a purpose for everything under heaven" (Eccl Chapter 3). Man's time on ...

America Can Be Saved

Yes, America Can Be Saved! This book shows us how to Save America. The first problem that must be addressed is to Fix the church. Then, the church will Address the problems in society. Then, society w

Are You Currently Attracted To Abusers?

Love should not hurt. Are you selecting mean-spirited mates? Is your love life not even close to loving? Becoming in an abusive romantic relationship may happen to anybody from any kind of position or phase ...

The Jade Plant and Braided Pachira Money Trees

Money trees are what we call particular trees that are well looked after and placed ideally, that encourage prosperity and wealth luck. In feng shui there are trees in particular that are more auspici

Rainiest City in the United States

Ketchikan is situated in a rain forest and known as the rainiest city in the United States, averaging about 160 inches a year.


First of all you must be aware of Indian Spells and if you know Hindi, that is very good but if you don't have knowledge of Hindi language, do not worry. We have other options ...

Earth Symbol

The symbol for Earth, in astrology and alchemy.

How to Reset a Gravestone

Gravestones can tilt or sink over time when not set properly. In other cases, tilting and sinking may occur due to severe weather and aging. Resetting a gravestone can be done by first removing the stone and modifying the hole in which it sits. Cemeteries usually handle setting, removing and resetti

Conquer the Enemy Within - For Ultimate Freedom

How are we different from animals? Are we better than animals or worse than them? let's take a look. Animals wake up in the morning earlier than us, while we wake up grumbling by solid ...

When Is Ordinary Time?

Learn about Ordinary Time, one of the most confusing seasons in the Catholic Church's liturgical year. Includes an explanation and FAQs

Secular Humanism: Not Just for Atheists

Admittedly, it's a rather odd philosophical niche to occupy: a secular humanist theist. Some might argue that it's impossible to be both theistic and a secular humanist - I must be some sort of religious humanist instead. Yet one may legitimately ask whether the "secular" applies