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God' s Mercy And Devotional Power

SYNOPSIS: By pursuing the devotional path, we can earn so much devotional power that it ties the ALMIGHTY with the love and affection cord of the devotee. Real fortune, real asset and real splendor is only in devotion towards GOD.

The Way Hinduism Originated And Lessons Of Hinduism

Many research reports have been written to understand the beginning of Hinduism. The followers of Hindu religion consider Hinduism to be eternal without any starting or ending. Still, the scholars in history are of the ...

A Journey Into The World of Astrology

I was a skeptic when I was first introduced to astrology. The position of the bodies in the sky certainly made sense from an astronomy point of view, but deriving characteristics and predictions out of ...

Online Bible School Degrees

bible image by Horticulture from Fotolia.comThe Christian tradition holds that God is to be found in all times and in all places. These days that includes cyberspace as well. For prospective ministers, an online Bible college may be the right choice to get the education and training you...

Faith Divides Then Defines Your Life

What makes Christianity different? In this Article a look at the differences between Christianity and any religion divides and then defines your faith.

Earth: God's Unique Habitat for Humanity, Part 1

Astronomers and physicists are virtually unanimous that the universe had a beginning, just like the Bible states. There was a time that it had been settled science that the universe was eternal and infinite. But Einstein, Hubble, and a host of others not only postulated but empirically verified that

Feng Shui Relationship Secrets

Feng shui relationship secrets and advice can help you create and maintain a solid relationship. Everyone wants to find their soul mate and keep them. Those who have a partner in life may want to make

The River of Time

River of Time is a free verse composition that describes life on earth as it relates to the creatures in a fast moving river. All of life is tenuous and all of life is destined for death at one point, it is what we choose to do with our life in this River of Time that counts.

Your lucky Colour and Number

Leading expert tells you your lucky colour and number so that you can use it to help you at work and at home

Virgin Mary's Secret of La Salette Revealed

In April, 2002, Marian expert Fr. Rene Laurentin published the secrets of La Salette in a book titled Discovery of the Secrets of La Salette. Prior to that time, the secrets, which warned of the abolishment of civil and ecclesiastical rights and a church- government apostasy, had only been published

What Is Papal Authority?

According to a study published by the Vatican in February 2010, more than 17 percent of the world's population is Catholic. That means that more than 1 billion people around the world are governed by the Pope, who has ultimate power in the Catholic Church through Papal Authority.

Seven Steps to Getting Your Prayers Answered

I believe that the power of prayer in a church begins with the individual who, being in agony over someone or even something, prays the more earnestly. How then, you might be wondering, can I pray more earnestly?

Why Prayer?

Because prayer is power and one of the amazing and believable ways to speak with God is through prayer. Prayer is an ultimate solution to our needs, dreams as well as to our problems.

Pinnacle Grill

For an additional $20 per person, passengers can reserve a private table in the Pinnacle Grill for a more elegant dining experience.

What Occurs on Ascension Day in Christianity?

Many Christian denominations organize their church calendar according to the liturgical year. This year is based on the events of the life of Christ. The Nativity and the Resurrection are the highest points of the church year. Ascension Day, which is the 40th day after Easter, is a another importan

Nathan Didn't Die

Should false prophets be taken out and hung or stoned? Should they be given a break if they miss it? Has God changed His mind about prophecy?