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Examples of Deism

Deists believe in the existence of God through nature.Nature image by Ashish Shukla from Fotolia.comDeists believe in God. They just don't believe in God way that "revealed" religions do. Deists consider revealed religions to be Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Deism rejects the idea...

LDS Seminary Songs: Old Testament

Memorize the Old Testament Scripture Mastery Scriptures with these free downloadable songs for LDS Seminary!

Do Muslim Matrimonial Sites Really Work?

Muslim matrimonial sites are nothing new to Muslims. These matrimonial sites have been circulating for years and have a small but rapidly growing following in the Muslim community. The way they operat

Cosmological Argument for the Existence of God

The Cosmological Argument covers a lot of ground and takes a number of different forms. The most common deal with two ideas: that the existence of the universe requires a god as an explanation (First Cause - this form is also called the Etiological Argument) or that order in the universe requires a

Blind Followers Of Islam

The preservation of self is a powerful force in man; in fact a constant fear of defeat for him, even existing this on an intellectual level. In an attempt to avoid intellectual defeat, proof and evide


The world will remain 70%+ unreached with the gospel as long as Christian believers feel that missions and evangelism is the calling of a select special few within the church. As Christians we cannot

It Just Isn't Fair, that I'm Sick Part 3 & 4

It Just Isn't Fair, that I'm Sick By Linda Dipman I repent Part Three Her friends were astonished at the severity of her disease. In the past they had gone on outings of shopping trips ...

Third and Fourth Generation

Evidence shows that the children of Holocaust survivors, referred to as the “Second Generation”, can be deeply affected – both negatively and positively -- by the horrific events their parents experienced. The intergenerational transmission of trauma is so strong that Holocaust-relate

Should You Take an Online Witchcraft Class?

Readers want to know if online witchcraft classes are legitimate. That all depends on what you're really getting from the class, and how it's going to benefit you.

6 Important Keys To Surviving The End Times

Regardless of your faith, the thought of a coming Armageddon or Apocalypse could very well frighten you. You might be asking yourself,'What can I do to protect me and my family?' or 'How do I handle t

How to Make a Church Seal

A church is a business with a religious mission. If the church chooses to incorporate, which most do in order to receive tax exemptions and other state and federal recognitions, then the corporate entity that the church has become must follow the policies associated with corporate status. In some st

How Atheists, Agnostics, and Skeptics Find Joy in a Godless World

Personally, I consider the pleasures of atheism to be far more effective as teaching tools than the 'seven deadly sins' associated with conservative and fundamentalist religions. The words kindness, knowledge, happiness, choice, power, health and tolerance reflect a far more positive outlo

Protecting Our Children From Sexual Predators

Are we feeding our lambs to the wolves? Do you ever stop to think about how secured is the children's ministry in your church?If you had something to do that would only take an hour, would you leave your child with a convicted child molester to look after him or her while you run your errand? A


What does it mean? Some tips on making sense of astrological interpretations.

How Did the Colony of Georgia End?

Founding of GeorgiaAn English prison reformer, James Edward Oglethrope, sought to establish a place in the New World (North America) to allow debtors released from prison a means to begin a new life. His dream to create a new colony between the Savannah and Altamaha rivers south of the...

Summer Fun Days in Preschool Sunday School

Celebrate summer with these fun preschool Sunday school ideas. Give your class lots to look forward to and take advantage of the great summer weather at the same time.

The Third Sunday of Easter

The celebration of Christ's resurrection from the dead at Easter continues as we journey toward Pentecost on March 23rd on this Third Sunday of Easter. Many children, young people and adults have been baptized as new believers and confirmed as members in Christ's church during these past t