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Bike Rack - Your Bike's Best Friend

For avid users of bikes who want to take good care of it whether inside, outside their homes or even during travels, bike racks are one of the most important accessories. Knowing how to properly take good care of your bike is a necessity for all bikers.

Battlefield 5: Operation Viper - Win a Free Airsoft AEG

Have you checked out the Battlefield 5: Operation Viper video yet? The AMS team recently launched this mini fan film after 3 (awesome) weeks of filming, editing and €" to be totally honest €" having ...

Origin of Golf

Golf is a very old game, we all know this, but what isn't well known is what country invented golf? During research we discovered that nearly every country has a claim to Golf's origins. Some say it originated from bored shepherds knocking around stones with their crooks.

The Sport of Bocce Grabs National Spotlight

The sport of bocce recently grabbed the national spotlight via a popular commercial from one of the nation's top retailers. The commercial itself is for a jean line they carry, but the buzz generated by the commercial is all about bocce.

Road Cycling and Punctures

Puncture Prevention and repair. Road cycling's biggest turn-off is getting a puncture while out on a group ride. Tires come in many brands and varieties from light weight race tires to heavy commuting tires, and what tires you run will depend on what sort of riding you are doing.

Rock Climbing Gear - Little Pieces of Safety

Rock climbing is an interesting pastime in that a hundred years ago, no one would ever have dreamed of doing it for fun. Historically, the feat of scaling a crag or mountain has only been accomplished in conjunction with exploration. Oh, perhaps a few mountain climbers decided to scale a few mountai

Varieties of bocce ball games

There are two primary types of Bocce Ball. Volo and Raffa. Let's have a look at each type.Volo would be the slightly older and more traditional kind of bocce. There is presently a Volo international ...

How to Get Into Shape For Rugby

The game of Rugby is very demanding and you must train with a variety of techniques. There will times when you find yourself just running a slow jog to catch up with teammates, and there will be a time when you have the ball in possession and you need to sprint at maximum effort. You will also need

Materials Needed For The Water Tube Slide

A custom made water tube slide can bring you more benefits than you can realize. For one thing, creating your own slide can help you save a lot of money. This is because you have ...

Colorado Rockies All-Time Lineup

A look at the all-time starting lineup for the Colorado Rockies in the team's history. It's not a career record - it's taken from the best season any player had at that position.

Altimeter Wrist watch Suunto Vector Review

The Suunto Vector altimeter watch is quite possibly the best-in-class in this market. This manufacturer has spent considerable effort positioning itself as the high-end leader. Two other products which are done extremely well in the ...

Football Training for Kids

Foot ball is a team game and loved by all, kids, youth and old. Come FIFA world cup season or the League cup season, every child in every country is playing football in the local ground, or at least loving to kick the ball. The football game players are icons and heroes, and every child has a favori


The Definition of the Part of a Boat Known as the Stern. The word stern refers to the rear or back of a canoe, kayak, or any boat.

2010/2011 Premiership Rugby Final - Leicester Tigers Vs Saracens

The Leicester tigers going into this match had back to back titles, and the incredible fact that this was their seventh straight final appearance, but the Tigers simply didn't have an answer to the more disciplined, more resolute even more dogged performance Saracens produced. At the end the ai

Evander Holyfield

Fight-by-fight career record for Evander Holyfield.

Soccer Drills For Kids That Combine Fun With Learning

Soccer drills for kids teach players everything from the basics of ball control and the game to learning more advanced skills. Consider these drills that require each player to have a ball. By having a ...

Lower Your Handicap With These Chipping and Pitching Golf Tips

If you are struggling with your golf short game, I'm going to give you four simple golf tips to improve your chipping and pitching. Regardless of your playing ability you'll be able to instantly shave strokes off your golf score. Practice my tips on the range and you'll surprise your