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Humble Free Throw - Why So Misunderstood and Mis-Performed?

Mediocre performance from the Free Throw line is occurring at all levels of the game -- college and NBA-WNBA games and down to the lower levels.Nightly we see high-paid NBA players who often can't make more than 50-60 percent of their "free" shots.Teams sometimes shoot only 50 percent

Texas Hold’Em: Betting With a Purpose

Everything has a purpose in the game of Texas Hold'em poker; on the other hand, every move needs to have a reason as well. Betting is one of many poker players' biggest challenges. It is ...

How to Go About Improving Your Golf Swing

Even pro golfers can learn a thing or two, and if you are someone who has golfed for years or is just beginning in this sport, there are some things you'll want to be aware ...

Snooker Cue Tips Improvement

In the game called snooker, you have to ensure that you have the best tools that you can use. Always remember that the tips will help you do it right. So you need to remember them for you to be guided on the best thing that you can do.

The Top 3 Fighters to Emulate in MMA and Why

There are many fighters in MMA that you should want to be like for many different reasons. We're going to talk about being a powerful and respectable fighter. Here is why you should model these fighters.

carbon blade

Description of what a carbon blade is in table tennis.

Choosing The Right Pool Table For You

Choosing the best pool table for you can be a very big decision. There are many things to take into consideration before choosing the best pool table for your home, office, or space. First, you will want to decide where you will place the pool table and make sure you have adequate room.

Country Clubs and Private Golf Courses

A country club golf course will normally have about half or two thirds of the traffic a public golf course will have. If you play your golf during the week, it's not uncommon to buzz around the course in less than four hours and have no problem walking right on to the first tee. On the weekends

Best of the Bests

Two of Ontario's big Thoroughbred breeding farms had an open house in January. Check out photos of the stallions at Gardiner Farm, including Breeders' Cup Classic winner Alphabet Soup (right), and Norse Ridge Farm, including the recently retired stakes winner Rebellion.

Types of Ballet Slippers

Learn about the different types of ballet slippers. Which ones are right for you?

2012 Prince of Wales Stakes Entries

The second leg of the Canadian Triple Crown, the Prince of Wales Stakes, will be run on Sunday July 15, 2012, at Fort Erie Racetrack.Queen's Plate runner-up and filly Irish Misson is the favorite in a field of 9. Get the entries, odds, post positions, and free past performance here.

1988 All-Star Sunday - A Game For the Ages

I realized this may have been the game that encompassed everything the 1980's were. As the decade was winding down and the NBA greats of that era were moving passed their prime, this exhibition was extremely hard fought with a blend of fundamentals and gritty determination - qualities that are

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - 4 Ways to Know If This Is the Martial Art for You

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an incredible martial art that can lead a practitioner to greater patience, self control and increase physical fortitude. There are however many different types of martial arts to choose from all with their own particular benefits and draw backs.

Crappie Fishing Techniques - Best Places to Look For Crappie

There are many crappie fishing techniques that you should learn but knowing where to look for the best fishing spot is important. Even those who have been fishing for a very long time aren't always right with their judgement. But there are some general points to follow when searching for good c