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What Are Low Blows?

Technically speaking, a low blow refers to a physical attack by an individual against the crotch region of another, with the aim of injuring or hampering the victim. Since a low blow, as a fighting move, is seen as playing dirty and unfair, the term has moved beyond its original application, and now

Volleyball League Rules

Playing volleyball in a league is a fun and athletic activity.volleyball girl image by alice rawson from Fotolia.comVolleyball leagues are spread out all over the United States and have a set number of rules which apply to most of them, depending on what type of volleyball they are...

Family Fitness - Include the Kids!

No matter how old your kids are, it can be a challenge to spend time with them. When they're young they go to bed early and when they're in the tween and teen stage, they are on the go with sports, being with their friends, and working.

About the Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pittsburgh Pirates are a Major League Baseball team that operates out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The team has been a member of the National League since 1887, when it joined the league after playing in the American Association as the Pittsburgh Alleghenys starting in 1882. After becoming the P

How to Make Your Own Soccer Jersey for Facebook

During the FIFA World Cup or your high school soccer season, you may want to show support for your team. One way to do this is by creating a personalized picture of a jersey with your last name or nickname and favorite number on the jersey. You can create a jersey with the online program "Image Chef

Revitalizing College Sports Offensive

Conditioning in football is meant to help you react quickly on the field moving in a variety of directions.Start out by placing the player on any crossing lined area on the field, anything like a small for square area.

Paragliding Is Truly A Unique Experience

When you think about paragliding, the image of the bluest skies and the greenest earth comes to mind, with you somewhere in between, not knowing what to look at first. Paragliding is man’s greatest dream made true: that of being able to fly outside a machinery (like for example a helicopter, a

How to Compare Full Face SCUBA Masks

Recreational scuba diving enthusiasts have plenty to choose from when selecting new pieces of gear. When it comes to masks, divers have no shortage of options, one of which is the choice of using a full face mask vs. the more common half-mask style. Full face masks (FFMs) allow the second stage regu

Developing Middle SchoolSports Players Suggestions

Find a soft spot and push hard, that is what line strategies are all about.Use the proven technique of double teaming to get great results on the fieldIt is basically putting two linemen on one.

Exercise to Grow Taller - Here's How

For anyone who wants to grow taller, no matter what age, a diet rich in proteins and calcium as well as minerals and vitamins in general is an important factor.Getting lots of sleep helps too.The third but certainly not the least of these height-increase habits is exercise.In this article, we will g

Ab Exercises - Killer Tips to Fend Off Myths If You Are Salivating at Sexy Abs

The key to success with abdominal workouts lies in the knowledge of what exercises to start off with and when to jack up the intensity to what level. Ab exercises are really a nice way to start out but cease be helpful further if you don't increase your intensity gradually till you get your des

Mega Fitness With Kettlebells!

If you are looking to achieve a mega level of fitness then you have got to incorporate the 2 following kettlebell drills into your personal program! Permit yourself a minute to read and apply the following 2 drills to get on the fast track to getting results!

Select The Pair With Great Care

The game of golf can be played well with the availability of the right kind of golf equipment including the golf club. It does not matter what you consider and how you select the golf club, but you must not take this process lightly. A good set of golf clubs is sure to cost you a lot of money and so

How to Shoot in "NBA 2K10"

Making a successful shot in "NBA 2K10" takes timing and practice. Each shooter uses different shooting styles which can make even basic shots frustrating. With the addition of more complex moves such as the fade-away jump shot and the pump fake, a player may feel overwhelmed by the controls. However

How to Stay Committed to Exercise

Learn how to motivate yourself to stay committed to exercise for weight loss and health from your About Exercise Guide

Fun Soccer Gear

There are numerous online sites catering to lovers of the so-called "beautiful game," so surprise the soccer lover in your life with some of these sure-to-please items.

Revitalizing Elementary Football Routines

In order to execute the drill you will need a place with five dots, either marked on the grass or on a mat, forming an x shape much like the dots for the number five side of dice..