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Tuna Fishing Laws

There are stiff penalties for breaking laws regarding tuna fishing.stuffed fish image by Aaron Kohr from Fotolia.comSome species of tuna can grow to 1,000 pounds or more. Anglers share stories about broken rods, being thrown into the ocean during a tuna run, and landing some the biggest...

Other Natural Baits for Fishing

Other natural fishing baits include minnows, crayfish, helgramites, grasshoppers, and crickets. An angler toting a minnow pail is a common sight on opening day of the fishing season. When properly fished, minnows are an excellent ...

How to Use a Gut Hook

A gut hook comes on a wide variety of hunting knives and refers to the sharp, curved extension on the top of the blade. The purpose of the hook is to enable the hunter to slit open the skin over the game animal's intestines without puncturing the paunch. This enables the hunter to make a clean job o

Getting a Fishing Rod in "Pokemon Emerald"

There are a total of three fishing rods you can collect in "Pokemon Emerald" for the Gameboy Advance. Each rod is better than the previous rod, and will allow you to catch better Pokemon in the fishing spots. The three types of rods are "Old Rod," "Good Rod" and "S

How to Make Driftwood Seashells

The weathered, smoothed appearance of driftwood is quite distinctive, and finds regular use in ocean- or aquatic-themed craft projects. Though driftwood can often be used without alteration for larger projects, you can also carve and work it into smaller shapes while still retaining some of the ess

How to Tie Ice Fishing Lures on Your Line

Among ice-fishing skills, knot tying is considered by many ice-fishermen to be the most important. With the wrong knot, the line can slip or tangle itself. The most basic knot to tie on a monofilament line is called the improved clinch, which is a traditional fishermen's knot. The line should be tie

How to Keep a Chicken Liver on the Hook

Chicken livers are an excellent bait to use, especially if you are fishing for catfish. The strong smell and the shape of chicken livers draw fish to them easily, but keeping a chicken liver on the hook is a little tricky. Chicken livers are soft and slippery and even if you lodge the hook very firm

How to Attach Spinning Lures

Spinning lures, also known as spinner baits or in-line spinners, are effective for catching a wide variety of fish species. The two main types of spinners are spinner baits, which have a safety-pin shape, and in-line spinners, which have a hook and spinner attached to a straight wire. Bass anglers,

How to Select Carp Fishing Tackle For Carp Fishing

Carp fishing is one of the most exciting freshwater fishing sports. Carp fishing is fun and even challenging, due to the amazing strength of a carp after it has been hooked. Even though carp are sometimes hated for their destructive nature in lakes, they're still targeted by many fishermen. Carp fis

Human Effects on Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are affected by human activity in a number of ways.coral reef image by Christian Schoettler from Fotolia.comCoral reefs are among the most diverse and ecologically rich ecosystems on Earth. Made from calcium carbonate secreted by coral polyps, these reefs are living organisms...

How to Cut Smelt for Brown Trout

Smelt, also known as rainbow smelt, are small silver fish. They first appeared in Lake Superior in the 1940s and quickly became an important food source for trout and salmon in the great lakes. Fresh caught smelt can be used as bait fish for brown trout. They spawn in the spring along the shoreline,

How to Wager on the Twin-Trifecta at Dog Tracks

A Twin-Trifecta wager is an exotic bet offered at almost every greyhound track that is designed to build up a large pool of money to entice prospective bettors. It is what the name implies, a pair of trifectas or triples, in separate races, coupled together in one wager. Twin-Trifecta pools have got

How to Cast With a Mooching Reel

Mooching is a method of fishing used by anglers to attract and catch salmon. Mooching is a West Coast term that is essentially the same as trolling on the East Coast. Designed to catch fish in depths of up to and over 100 feet deep, mooching uses heavy fishing rods and reels to handle the weight and

Cod Fishing Tips Miami

cod are found under rocks, reefs, wrecks, shallow coastal and harbor walls. Fished for several decades and is a staple of fish meal. Cod can be recognized immediately because the beard protruding from the fish's ...

How to Make Sauger Jigs

Sauger are related to the walleye and similar in appearance. The sauger's diet consists mainly of small fish, which makes feathered jigs a good choice for catching them. Jigs are made to imitate a small fish, and fished in a manner that makes it appear crippled. Hooks with molded-lead jig heads can

Pennsylvania Fishing & Boating

Millions enjoy outdoor life each year on Pennsylvania's 85,000 miles of rivers and creeks, more than 4,000 lakes and ponds that cover more than 160,000 acres, not including the 470,000-acre Lake Erie. Pennsylvania's Fish and Boat Commission overseas all the fishing and boating in the state's waterwa

Muskie Lures

Lures for muskie fishing fall into 3 standard kinds: Crank Baits, Spinner Baits and Jerk Baits. There are various distinct models and colors offered in most tackle shops. Crank Baits Classic Crank Baits float around ...

Bass Tips With Live Bait

Worms are a great live bait to use.worm image by Ksenija Djurica from Fotolia.comLargemouth and smallmouth bass can be found in lakes, rivers and streams across North America. Smallmouth bass are native to central North America and largemouth bass are native to central and the...

How to Print Gold Seal Certificates

The main function of a seal is to authenticate a document. A gold seal is widely recognized as a sign that the document is official. Sometimes these certificates are printed, while other times they come as a gold blank that is then embossed with an official seal. Printing gold seal certificates is a