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Living Will FAQs - Should I Hire a Lawyer to Write My Living Will?

Frequently asked questions about hiring a lawyer and what your options are should you decide to create a will on your own. Thoughtful tips that will help you make an informed decision based on your particular situation. Getting a will created by an attorney is best in some cases, other times it is n

How to Change or Update Your Will

Despite its purpose, a will is a living document, meaning it should be updated or changed as situations warrant and life changes occur. We discuss how wills are updated or changed.

How to Create 3D Cufflinks

Holographic 3-D cufflinks demonstrate that you are a man of discerning sartorial tastes. Whether to add a little panache to a tuxedo for a wedding or just for looking sharp at a business meeting, adding a third dimension to cufflinks will definitely get you noticed.

Family Trusts - Why You Should Have One

A family trust is the relationship in which trustees are obligated to be responsible for a property for someone elses benefit (beneficiaries). The beneficiaries do not receive a fixed amount from the trusts, instead it is in the trustees discretion and judgment which beneficiary shall receive what a

How to Locate a Lost Will When Someone Dies

When a person dies, he might leave a last will and testament. If the will is lost before the decedent's estate is probated, it can be found in a few ways. If the will can't be recovered, the estate is considered "intestate" and the court probates the estate. Laws vary by state, but in general the pr

How to Create a Legal Will Online

Being young, we had never thought about writing wills, but as we so painfully learned, being young is no guarantee that something tragic won't happen, and no excuse not to have your affairs in order.With the availability of websites that allow you create a legal will online, no excuse is good e

How to Receive Cash from the Lawn Mower Class Action Settlement

A class action settlement was recently reached between a group of small engine and lawn mower manufacturers and the class representatives. In the settlement, each member of the class is entitled to $35. You are a member of the class if you purchased a lawn mower of 30 horsepower or less between Jan.

California Safe Deposit Box Laws on Death

A survivor who has a key to a decedent's safe deposit box is allowed to inventory it.dice box image by MLProject from Fotolia.comUnder California law, when a person dies and has a safe deposit box at a financial institution, a survivor with a key to the box can be given access to it for...

What Are The Grounds For Contesting a Will?

Whenever someone dies and leaves a will, there is always the chance that certain people aren't going to be happy with the contents of the it.This can lead people to believe that they have grounds for contesting the will.The truth is that it is very difficult to contest a will without meeting a

Does the Beneficiary of a Living Trust Need to Know That the Trust Exists?

A trust is a common estate plan that offers certain advantages, such as probate avoidance and privacy. The beneficiaries benefit from the terms of the trust; they are entitled to the equitable interests in the trust. While the grantor (the trust creator) is still living, beneficiaries do not need to

How to be HIPAA Compliant

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), outlines protection guidelines for the electronic storage and transfer of individuals' confidential health records. Doctors' offices, hospitals, insurance companies and any other entities that deal directly with a person's medical reco

How to Find Out If There Is a Restraining Order Out on Me?

If you faced conflicts with another person, particularly a significant other, you may wonder whether a restraining order is in force against you. There are two primary resources through which you can determine whether there is an outstanding restraining order naming you as the respondent. In the end

How to Create an SDO ID

Super Dancer Online, or SDO, is an online dancing pad game that uses a virtual character specific to the user. The character changes size based on the amount of exercise the player does daily. The game has become popular for its incorporation of fitness and weight loss into an enjoyable activity. Th

How to Find a Deed of Trust

A deed of trust serves the function of mortgage by making a borrower's land collateral for a loan; however, unlike a mortgage, a deed of trust employs a third party, a trustee, either an attorney or some other company. The neutral trustee holds the title temporarily until the loan is repaid. Deeds o

Illinois School Student Records Act

The Illinois School Student Records Act protects the rights of students and parents to obtain school records, correct inaccurate records and prevent disclosure of records to nonconsenting individuals. In Illinois, all public schools and school districts, including preschools, elementary, secondary a

Phonetic Writing

Any writing that employs an alphabet is phonetic writing. In the 15th Century, King Sejong of Korea commissioned the development of an alphabet for Koreans because traditional Chinese character-writing was too difficult for common people. This phonetic alphabet led to a far higher degree of literacy

Basics of Irrevocable Power of Attorney

Many businesses make use of the irrevocable power of attorney in their daily business dealings. You should also know what exactly the durable POA is, as you will have to make use of both these forms.

How to Restore an Active Desktop.HTT File

Active Desktop is a Microsoft addition to its operating system that stores personal settings for a user's desktop in HTML format. The technology was included in Windows 98 operating systems until Vista, when it was discontinued. Active Desktop occasionally crashes and a new file needs to be restored

The Basics Of California Probate - Explained

Depending on the size of the decedent’s assets there can be different probate options which might be available after death to clear title to assets.A knowledgeable and experienced California Probate Attorney will explore each of these options with you before filing with the Court.

How to Avoid Probate and Attorney Fees by Not Writing a Last Will and Testament

Probate is the set of laws a court uses to interpret wills. So to avoid probate, you must simply not create a will. In absence of a will, intestacy laws apply. Intestacy establishes how a decedent's property is distributed. Distributions of property are based on who you are related to, such as your