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Practice and All Is Coming

Ashtanga guru Pattabhi Jois famously said, "practice and all is coming." What does did he mean?

A Guide to Opening Up Your Mind Through Meditation

While this is a practice that has enjoyed a revival of sorts within the past few years, many people still have some misperceptions of what is involved in the practice. Some people feel that is for religious devotees, and others just have no idea where to start.

Best Yoga Poses For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is characterized with mood swings, sickness, and fatigue. At this time, you need exercises that will help you ease these conditions. One of the best exercises that you can engage in is yoga. Although, yoga is such an integral exercise, not all yoga poses are ideal during this time. Here ar

Timely Meditation CD Tips

Have you ever thought of the possibility of controlling your mind through mere beats and sounds? That is the magic of physics, and there are many meditation CDs available in the market today to help with this. And most of them are soothing to the ear and calming to the soul.

How to Create a Space For Inner Sanctuary

Your inner sanctuary works with your life, not in direct competition with your life. You know you have the perfect inner sanctuary when it fits comfortably with your life like an old pair of shoes you've always loved.

Secrets of Stretching

Anyone who has ever tried hatha yoga, the millenia-old series of stretching postures, doesn't need research to convince them that stretching has many benefits - relaxation, stress relief, and greater range of motion to name just a few. What many consider the bible of yoga, B.K.S. Iyengar's

Simple Relaxation Techniques to Free the Mind and Body

This is a quick meditation exercise that becomes habit forming.If practiced regularly you will be able to reach a point where you can call upon this technique and your body will relax very quickly.

The Power of Yoga for Cancer Recovery: Find Your Inner Yogi!

What we all have to learn from the personality & demeanour of a true yogi. I must admit I do not claim to be a yogi - yoga for me personally is either a few moves after a great workout, relaxation with clients, or a wind down get off the day's insanity before I go to sleep. However, I do have Y

Bikram Yoga Postures - 26 Yoga Poses You Need to Learn

Bikram instructor should always guide students learning the Bikram yoga postures because they are the certified and licensed people to teach you. In every class, every individual should bring their own mat that can be suitable for yoga as well as their own towel.

The Purpose of Yoga- Cultivating the Seeds of Success

All forms of Yoga deliver tranquility to us, but what if life is not happy right now?How can the average person learn to change his or her attitude by practicing Yoga?What is the Yogic method for dealing with failure and keeping your spirits up?Lets look at some Yogic methods to change our lives for

Walking For Better Yoga

Yoga is needed to improve the body. Walking is one of the easiest yoga exercise aerobics that can be done. Not only does it not cost you anything, but to get up and move, any person can do it. Regardless of whether the rate is slow or fast, walking is good for everybody.

Stretching With Meditation - The New Way Of Relieving Tension And Stress

Stress and a fast paced living see many of us having to find alternative ways of escape. Many people go to gyms to relieve stress in a healthy manner. Yet, few people consider going against the flow: to slow down and attempt meditation as an alternative for stress reduction. It is certainly an easy

Detoxify Your Body Using These Three Yoga Poses

According to scientific studies, your body is packed with toxins that greatly affect your health. The toxins also play a vital role in increasing your weight thus you become overweight. The good side is that you can easily get rid of these harmful toxins. One of the tested and proven ways of getting

How to Improve Overall Health Through Meditation

Meditation is generally considered to be a medium to relax one's mind. But, have you ever thought of the huge health benefits of meditation? Truly, meditation is not only a medium of relaxing your mind, but also holds an immense healing power which no well-informed person can afford to ignore.

Walk in Your Garden - Find Your Peace

Walking in the garden sounds like something meant only for those who happen to raise vegetables for a living! Not so, a walk through any garden that is organized, filled with fragrances that permeate our being will calm the ravaged soul. When God made the original garden, He put a plan into action t