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Yoga at Home Can Relieve the Pressure

If you are interested in participating in yoga, but are turned off by the thought of a traditional class, then yoga at home may be the answer you have been looking for. There are many class settings that will offer yoga resources, but what you may not know is that you may have many more resources at

Branding Mindfulness - Losing the Labels

Can't find the right brand of mindfulness?Looking for the best label of compassion?Here's a cheer for going generic and developing your own favorite kind of human goodness.

How Power Yoga Benefits You

Doing power yoga after you wake up in the morning, gives you energy for the whole day. If you pair it up with short, nightly routines, it would be relaxing for you. A few asana can help you to sleep and also, make you feel energized in the mornings. Because yoga starts with breathing, it helps you t

Practice Guide For Pregnant Yoga Students

Pregnant yoga students will find routines really beneficial, but they need to be careful about the way in which they perform the exercises. The first weeks of pregnancy are not the best time to get into yoga asanas. If presently going through the 8 to13 week of your pregnancy, it is better to avoid

What is a Body Meditation?

A body meditation is the kind of meditation that allows you to focus on your body while being in a comfortable position.Just like any other forms of meditation, there is no right or wrong method in performing it.

What is Meditation? The Answer is in the Question

Meditation is an ancient practice designed to free your mind from the enslavement of your ego. By ego I mean in the way that you identify with your sense of self.In the ordinary world view our sense of self is defined by our ego which feels, acts, has a physical body, a personality and is a separate

Yoga Not For You? Think Again

For beginners, doing yoga may seem an impossible task. It might seem scary for people who have not tried doing this exercise. Yoga is among the oldest practice for self-development. Its approach is gentle, helping even the stiffest bodies to yield and become flexible in a gentle way. The key to yoga

Meditation is Good For You

As a person who has tried a few different meditation practices I do have an opinion about meditation. There are even scientific studies that show the benefits of meditation such as stress reduction.

The Dangers of Bad Yoga

Any experienced yoga teachers will tell you that yoga asanas, or poses, are but a small component of what yoga is about. There are so many subtle, yet crucial practices that we tend to overlook, such as yamas and niyamas (ethical living guidelines), mantras (chats and uplifting sounds) and pranayama

Yoga Retreats - How to Choose the Right One

Do you want to retreat into yourself or have a social outdoor adventure? Some centers have several groups intermingling at meals, at the pool, dance parties, or are centrally located in a town with street noise, music, etc.

Becoming A Professional Kundalini Yoga Instructor

In the year 1969, Master Yogi Brahan brought Kundalini Yoga to the west and since then it has gained immense popularity in all parts of the world. Kundalini is usually associated with a special coiled snake. Kundalini teaching is basically based on the energy reservoir which is located at the base o

Aromatherapy and Meditation - Pranic or Rainbow Light Breathing

Learning to use your breath to cleanse your energy system is the initial first step to take for Clearing, Balancing and Charging all of your 7 Major Energy Centers, or Chakras. Your daily thoughts of judgment and emotional reactions to life situations, as well as environmental toxins create a build

Stretches That Help Relieve Back Pain

Exercises are essential for proper body health. That is why they are emphasized for all school going kids and people of all ages. Not only do they help you keep fit, they also improve the way your body responds to certain situations such as attack by diseases. They make your body strong and increase

Attain a Higher Level of Consciousness

Mindfulness meditation is becoming more and more popular because of the many benefits it provides meditators. Mindfulness meditation enables meditators to achieve a higher form of consciousness that allows them to become a happier, relaxed, and stress-free person.

Does Meditation Really Work?

What happens when society is introduced to something new? It's a fad, new religion, for baby boomers it was 'far out man'.

Extend Your Life With Exercise

Exercise happens with any activity that you participate in. It doesn't have to be regimented and you don't have to go to the gym. It can be something that you truly enjoy doing.

Gain Calm, Sleep Better With Yoga - Hot Yoga

For centuries those who enjoyed the physical and mental benefits of yoga and hot yoga lived mostly in Asia. Over the past 175 years, however, these disciplines have spread their marvelous gifts completely around the globe.

Losing Weight Through Yoga

Yoga can be about more than just achieving better spiritual health and having a healthier glow.You can use yoga to help you lose weight.Of course, you probably already have noticed that yoga can help a person to achieve a tone and lean body.But it can also be of great help when you are trying to get