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Leadership Development and Succession

Normally, I refrain from commenting on specific organizations, particularly when they are clients, and I'm going to be critical. But I have to applaud Jack Welch's comments at the World Business Forum on the way HP's Board has handled (or not handled) leadership development and succes

Ruby on Rails Proves It Deserves the Hype

The Ruby programming language and Rails framework have both been around for a few years, but the two technologies have recently been combined to create a new development environment. This new environment, dubbed Ruby on Rails, has simplified web application development. Learn how it can improve prog

Conquer Your Fear Of Public Speaking

We all know that being in the public eye is not only a huge part of running a business but also a key aspect to being taken seriously as a professional in Network Marketing, Sales, Corporate Relations, etc. Unfortunately, the fear of public speaking can make or break our success in life.Conquering t

China Plastic Market Analysis

Dalian Plastics Futures on the 24th on the strong side shocks, the main 1305 contract closed at 10,555 RMB / ton, up 10 RMB. Basically plastic downstream enterprise overall demand insipid, but a slight boost parts, order gradually increase the price of the raw material, agricultural film high consol

So What Is This Thing We Call SEO?

What is this thing called SEO? Well the answer may sound fancy, but if you wish to get to high placements in your search engine then SEO (search engine optimization) will get you there. This SEO is the bottom line for you as you go about looking to get a high placement in the search engines using a

How You Can Get Paid For Surveys in 5 Quick Ways

You have been enthused by those unsolicited e-mails to consider some ways to get paid for surveys to complement your 9 to 5 income or even as a full time occupation. Unfortunately, the scam sites in the segment outnumber the genuine ones and many people give up in frustration even before they can st

Sylvie Fortin

Once a single mom of three on welfare, Sylvie Fortin mastered the art of selling on the internet and turned her life around. She is now the president of several successful web ventures and is ...

5 Ways to Educate Your Prospects for More Sales

Its impossible to sell a product or service without demand no matter how low the price or how big the discount. Education-Based Marketing creates demand by showing the prospects why they need your products and services, how to make intelligent buying decisions, and how to best use it after they buy