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Top 10 Myths About Planning a Destination Wedding in Italy

While there are challenges when planning a destination wedding in Italy, most are very manageable and well worth the effort. Below are ten of the most common concerns of brides and grooms and the reasons why you should not let these myths stop you from planning your dream wedding in Italy.

An Elegant Traditional French Wedding

The history of French weddings is fascinating. A few of the traditions have carried over to today's society but many have been discarded. Due to the complexity of French wedding traditions, this article has been broken into three parts. We begin with the engagement. It's important to keep

What A Trooper You Are

Another whole year without a boyfriend, many near misses yet again, but once more you end the year searching for someone to kiss at midnight. It can be a struggle the single life, but at ...

DIY Baby Shower Candy Bar Favors

A baby shower tradition is to provide your guests with party favors as a way to say “thank you” for not only the gifts, but the emotional support as well. Show gratitude by offering your guests a handmade candy bar party favor. Save yourself some work and use premade candy bars, but wrap

Shower Party Decoration Ideas

Decorations set the mood for showers.two straw image by ennavanduinen from <a href=''></a>Throwing a bridal shower or baby shower is one way to express happiness and excitement for a bride or mother-to-be. The perfect shower takes planning,...

How to Fold a Baby Blanket Flower

Fold a baby blanket into a flower and tuck several smaller gifts into the petals for an adorable baby shower presentation. The flower fits nicely into a square hatbox. Wrap the box and lid separately or simply decorate a plain box with baby stickers. This fold is an easy way to add a handmade touch

The Three Pitfalls of a Relationship

No matter the length of time or love that you put into a relationship there will always be bumps in the road. There are many other things that are needed to have a long lasting relationship. This article will give you tips on how keep your happy relationship a good one by avoiding major pitfalls.

The First Steps To Dating Online

For many newcomers taking the first step into online dating may be daunting. With all the online dating services that are available now, how do you choose which is best for you? How do you get started? What's the best approach for messaging? What do you put in a profile?

New York Wedding Music and Entertainment

When you are planning your wedding, of course you are going to want to include some type of music and entertainment in the event to make the event that much more memorable. However; if you have watched any of the small claim court TV programs then you may have seen that many of the disputes that ari

How to Stop Being Jealous & Insecure

Jealousy and insecurity often go hand in hand. Jealousy often stems from insecurity. It all boils down to insecurities you have about yourself. While it is normal to feel a little bit jealous from time to time, being overly jealous is a recipe for disaster -- especially if you attempt to dominate th

Celebrity Roasts & Fundraising Tips

A "celebrity roast" refers a gathering of people who come together to celebrate and lampoon a guest of honor. First popularized in the 1940s by the New York Friars Club as private events for club members, roasts now appear on cable television stations, such as Comedy Central. If you're planning a ch

Gifts for Childcare Providers

Looking for some great gift ideas for your regular childcare provider? Parents might want to give a present to their nanny, babysitter or day care teacher with whom they are pleased to show their appreciation for all that these special caregivers do while they are away from home. Childcare provider

Do it Yourself Wedding Favors and Edible Wedding Favor Ideas

Instead of spending a bundle on party favors for each of your wedding guests, put your creativity to work and make your own functional or Edible Wedding Favors. Homemade, or do-it-yourself, favors are great because you have the freedom to create a personalized keepsake for your guests that they are

How the Male Mind Works - What Would Make a Man Want You?

What would make a man want you? Do you ever wish you knew how the male mind works, so that you could answer that question? There must have been several instances in your life where you thought you had men figured out, just to realize later on that they are still nothing but a big mystery to you. Wel

10 Tricks to Give a Wedding Toast

A wedding speech, generally 'assigned' to the groom's right hand man, family member, or close friend of the bride and groom, is one of the more important parts of a reception. It is a time ...