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Vintage Shabby Chic Rooms

Shabby chic rooms are known for their vintage and comfortable look.By choosing your furnishings with your style in mind, you can create a room that is inviting and welcoming to you, your family, and your friends.

How to Decorate a Kitchen Tuscany Style

Decorating a kitchen Tuscany-style is a popular trend, as the Italian region is legendary for its traditional recipes and small vineyards. A Tuscan kitchen is more than a place for storing pots and pans: It is a place for receiving neighbors, family and friends and for sharing food, coffee, wine and

How to Make a Twin Sized Dog Bed With Storage

A quality dog bed provides comfort and also a vital sense of security for any household canine. A twin storage dog bed offers not only these essential qualities, but also contains a storage unit below the bed to stow away toys, blankets or even treats. Ideal for a larger dog or two medium-size dogs,

How to Unlock a Manual Typewriter

Manual typewriters are no longer widely in use and many models are actually collector's items. If you are, however, an owner and user of the traditional machine, you may encounter problems with it from time to time. One common problem occurs when the typewriter locks because the key type bars -- the

How to Build a Chair from a Skateboard

Skateboards are an instantly recognizable part of our pop culture. Using old boards to decorate livens up a room without costing a fortune. Building a simple plank chair using skateboards and a couple pieces of wood is a quick and easy project that will give a cool vibe to any room. Skateboard chair

Ideas to Improve and Enliven Your Interior Design

The old saying is "Your home is your castle."It is where you come home from work and relax.It is where you live out the majority of your life.Obviously, it's a very important place, and for it to be as relaxing and as comforting as it should be, the interior design ofyour home needs t

How to Decorate a Living Room With a Modern Brown Sofa

Decorate your living room in a modern style to complement your modern brown sofa. Modern decor typically encompasses smooth, clean lines, interesting textures and neutral colors with a bold accent color. Using mostly neutral colors will allow you to change your accent color every season or when you

Interior Design Ideas for a Great Room

A great room is a term used for a family room and kitchen combination. It is an open floor plan where the family room is directly adjacent to the kitchen without any separation or wall between them. Design a great room to ensure that the family room blends well with the kitchen area.

Choosing Mantel Clocks

For those who want to maintain classic elegance in their homes, mantel clocks, are an excellent item to place on top of the desk, table or bar. With the advent of technology, it seems that ...

How to Paint Shades

Revive an old canvas Roman shade in an hour or two to finish off a newly painted room. Use wall paint, fabric paint and a homemade stamp to create a distinctive custom window treatment from material consigned to storage or the recycle bin. A Roman shade is a perfect candidate for painting. Unfinishe

Memory Foam Pillows

What is memory foam? It is visco-elastic polyurethane foam that is resilient. It's so soft and light, but it can be firm under your head and extremely durable. It is dense, yet yielding. And it feels so right when it's under your head as a pillow. From being created for use in outer space

How to Decorate Long Hallways

When left undecorated, long hallways can seem boring and uninspiring. Worse, using the wrong colors can make the hall seem narrower and longer than it actually is. It's difficult to know where to position photos and art, because arranging them in a row looks monotonous. Long hallways can be dark if

Plexiglass Ideas

Plexiglass is a clear acrylic plastic, known for its strength and durability. You can buy Plexiglass in panels of almost any dimension or thickness and use it for constructing a variety of projects around your home. Working with Plexiglass requires a few special tools, but these can be found through