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Information on Full Coverage Motorcycle Insurance

Just like car insurance, motorcycle insurance is mandated at the state level and offers plenty of coverage options, such as liability, comprehensive and collision. With the exceptions of Florida, Montana and the state of Washington, all states require motorcycle owners to at least purchase a minimum

Iowa Car Insurance Laws

Iowa drivers are required to carry auto insurance.yellow car, a honda japanese sport car model image by alma_sacra from Fotolia.comIf you own a car or drive regularly, then chances are you have auto insurance. In Iowa, as in most states, auto insurance is a mandatory requirement for...

Daily Car Hire Insurance

There are times, of course, when you need to hire a car by the day - perhaps it that is as long as you might need it, or maybe your plans are sufficiently flexible that your not yet sure just how long you will be needing the vehicle. To accompany such an arrangement, the rental company will offer th

Auto Liability Insurance Laws

Auto liability insurance may apply in the event of a fatal crash image by dawn from Fotolia.comBuying auto insurance is a necessary part of owning and operating a car. Auto insurance, which is available from most major insurance companies as well as many smaller local...

Lower Car Insurance Rates for Students

Usually, the best way to get lower rates for a student is to add their name to an existing car insurance policy. If they own the car themselves or are obviously the primary driver simply adding their name isnt possible. There are, however some more tips specific to students for lowering car insuranc

The Importance Of Car Hire Excess Insurance

When you hire a car, do you ever fully read the documents that come with it? It is sometimes tempting to nod while the hire company representative thrusts a clipboard and a pen under your nose, ignore the small print, sign up and put your hand out to receive the keys. If you have ever done this, you

Reducing Motor Trade Insurance Costs

The motor trade has gone through some pretty turbulent times in the past few years due to the worldwide economic recession, but now there are signs that it is starting to regroup as the huge amount of surplus cars that was available has now been considerably lowered. However there are still worrying

Insurance Questions and Answers

Perhaps you are seeking general information about different types of insurance, including health insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, etc. There are many insurance companies that provide different types of insurance, and there are other insurance companies that specialize in providing only one