Hair Loss Due to Allergy to Vetsulin

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How to Train My Mastiff

Training your mastiff, just like training any other dog, will take patience, time and determination. Training a dog does not happen overnight, and you must be calm with him or he will just get frightened and not learn a thing. Dogs want to learn, but they speak a different language than humans do, s

Why Does My Dog Get Sores After a Bath?

Your dog is part of your family and will often live in your home. It is understandable that when he gets smelly or dirty you will feel the need to throw him in the tub and lather him up. If you've started to notice sores on your pet after bathing there could be a number of causes. Remember that alth

When Is My Dog Too Old For That Haircut?

There comes a time in all dogs lives when they are just too old for a fancy haircut. By explaining the differences in haircuts the owner may be able to make a more educated decision.

7 Reasons Your Pet Needs Fruits and Vegetables

It is natural for them. They eat fruits and vegetables in the wild. They get them from the contents of the stomach when eating prey and they also forage on what falls from trees. You can add them to your pet's dry food. If they won't eat them try cooking them in chicken or beef stock. Drie

Behaviorism of Dogs

All dogs are different and display their own unique characteristics, but there are some common behavior traits that most dogs may display. The behavior of the dog could be hereditary, or due to generations of its breed being bred to perform a certain task. Dogs' behavior can also be caused by their

Teaching Your Dog to Come When Called Each and Every Time!

Teaching your dog to come when called is also probably the most difficult lesson-for you, not your dog. You'll need to control your typical human tendencies and be aware of the body language. What you will find yourself understanding how to do is counter-intuitive to human beings, yet extremely

How to Make a Homemade Dog Water Feeder

Dogs need water available at all times. Just putting a large bowl out can lead to the dog playing in the water and isn't safe for small animals or children. Use an auto-waterer to deliver fresh water. Auto-waterers work by forming a vacuum. As water pours into the tray, air enters the bucket allowin

Toy Dog Breeds Advantages and Papillons

Breeds of toy dogs that tend to get along well with older children that are less likely to make loud noises, suddenly run or jump around or do something completely unexpected are more numerous. These dogs typically respond well to children, especially if they have been raised in a household with cal

Have Fun Raising Your Beagle Pup

Your beagle pup looks to you to learn the correct behavior so make sure you do your research and train your dog at the correct pace. Housebreaking your beagle pup can be a challenge but never resort to anger or violence to get your point across. If you don't spend time with behavioral issues wh

How to Sharpen Dog Blades

Dog clippers are vibrating or rotating clipper blades used with specific attachments to groom a dog's coat. Similar to human clippers, dog clipper blades are preferred to scissors or a razor because they will not knick or cut the dog's skin when a close shave is required. To keep the blades working

Why Does My Dog Chew Everything?

Why does your dog chew everything? There isn't a single answer to that question. Dogs chew for a variety of reasons. Some just seem have an an inborn need to chew. They find it pleasurable.

What to Feed a Dog to Prevent Cataracts or Slow Growth?

Vitamin C and E have been linked to slowing cataracts in image by Andrew Oleinik from Fotolia.comAging ProcessWhen a dog's lenses clouds as it grows older, it's developing cataracts. This doesn't mean anything serious, other than the dog is growing older. Cataracts are a natural...

The Best Methods of Bark Control

While some dog breeds are prone to barking due to a protective instinct, other dogs develop a barking habit from lack of attention or poor training. Using a strategy that fixes both the root cause of attention-seeking behaviors and the barking habit are the best methods to quiet your dog's barking.

A 10 Step Beginner's Guide on How to Read a Dog Food Label

Choosing high quality dog food is vital in ensuring the health and well being of our pets. However, reading the labels in small print can prove to be a challenge. Here, you will find steps on what you should look out for when choosing dog food.

Fun Games to Play With Dogs Indoors

Whether it is snowing or sunshine your dog needs entertainment on a daily basis. You should take the time to give your dog enough exercise and mental stimulation to keep him occupied all day. By including some fun activities, it is possible to keep your dog in good shape both physically and mentally

Post-Halloween Safety

The days right after Halloween and homes are filled with candy. If your kids are like we were, they're spreading their candy out and taking inventory. Most dogs consider anything on the floor as fair game. Keep those chocolates and other sweets out of Rover's reach.