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How to Import an Outlook Calendar Into Lightning

Lightning is a Mozilla Thunderbird add-on that integrates the Sunbird calendar application into the Thunderbird email client. The extension is designed to work in concert with the email functionality of Thunderbird, enabling users to schedule meetings, assign tasks and appointments and convert email

How to Contact the Developers of "StarCraft II"

"Starcraft II" is a fast-paced, real-time strategy game developed by Blizzard Entertainment and released on July 27, 2010 for the Mac and Windows operating systems. You can contact the company directly via its email submission form. Whether it's a question about the game, technical issue or general

How to Make Stencil in Photoshop

Painters and decorators regularly use stencils to help them with their work. It helps them control where they place their paint, and allows them to create special edge effects. If you want to have the equivalent of a stencil in Photoshop, there is a straightforward way to do it.

How to Use a USB Microphone for Karaoke

When singing karaoke, you typically want to use sort of microphone. A microphone will not only allow your voice to carry farther but you and your friends also can hear what you are saying over the music. If you do not have an audio system hooked up with an amp and a microphone, you can use a microph

How to Install Maps in "Garry's Mod"

"Garry's Mod" is a sandbox game with no predefined goals running off the "Source Engine." The game gives you tools to create anything you want in the game similar to LEGO blocks in the sense that you can building anything you want inside the game. To buy and use Garry's Mod you need to own a "Source

How to Copy a WMV File to a DVD Via Media Player

Windows Media Video (WMV) files can be organized and played inside the Windows Media Player program. Sharing them with another user on a different computer can be tricky, as WMV files are large in size, negating email as a sharing option. Windows Media Player has a native "burn" function that can bu

How to Find Top Songs by Genre on iTunes

The iTunes Store provides so many music choices, it's sometimes difficult to know where to start. Choosing a genre and exploring the available artists within it can help you narrow your search to a type of music that you know you like. The iTunes Store lets you browse the most popular songs by genre

How to Install Word Processing on My Computer

There are numerous different word processor application offerings available to a new computer user. The most prolific is Microsoft Word, part of the Microsoft Office suite. The hardest part about installing a word processor is deciding on which application to use. If you need it for business purpose

How to Print One Blank Template Check From Your Computer

You can use blank check templates to create your own checks and quickly print them out. You may find this option more convenient and cost efficient than ordering custom checks from a third party. When you create a check template or open one that has been created in a different program, you will have

How to Transfer WPS to DOC

Developed by Microsoft, Works is an entry-level suite of productivity software. It offers word processing, spreadsheet and database tools, but these programs provide more basic functionality than similar programs included in Microsoft's more popular Office suite. By default, Works' word processor sa