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How to Password Protect an Outlook Profile With Multiple Users

Sharing a computer with family or colleagues poses a risk to your privacy. If other computer users have Outlook, you can protect your Outlook profile from being public. Outlook gives profiles a file extension (.pst) that can be password protected. This way your mail folders are protected against wan

Javascript Menu Tutorial

Dynamic HTML, or DHTML, is the technique of combining JavaScript actions, HTML formatting and CSS style to add interactivity to a web page. One of the most popular applications of DHTML is to create drop-down site navigation menus. Drop-down menus allow you to give your visitors a way to navigate yo

How to Install the Grey Screen in OS X (10.6.3)

The gray screen on your Mac OS X computer occurs at startup when you try to boot the system. If you have the gray screen on startup, you might have peripherals installed on your computer that are not compatible with the system. Other issues include problems with the nonvolatile random access memory

How to Emote in Vbulletin

vBulletin is one of the most widely used forum content management systems on the Internet. It gives webmasters and members an easy platform on which to share their opinions and discuss topics of mutual interest. Emoting in the form of various smiley faces is a big part of online culture. Even though

How to Open .DWG Files in Adobe Illustrator 10

DWG files are graphical design files that were created using one of AutoDesk's many software titles, such as AutoCAD. You can open a DWG file in Adobe Illustrator 10. Once opened, you can view the file and make changes. However, you won't be able to edit the file with the same specificity if you wer

How to Sync an iPhone With Vista Professional

Syncing your iPhone allows you to create a backup for your pictures, contacts and calendar. To sync to iPhone, you must download and install iTunes, which is the software designed by Apple to sync the iPhone. In addition to saving your files, you can also add pictures, music and videos from your c

How to Repair a WMV File

WMV is an acronym for Windows Media Video, a compressed file that is played on Windows Media Player. WMV files encounter problems during downloading or uploading, causing various types of file corruption. It is simple to repair most common WMV corruption errors with a downloaded repair program. File

Refilling Toner and Cartridges

Toner and cartridges are used for laser printers and photocopiers. Compared to inkjet printers that use wet or liquid ink, toners and cartridges are in dry powder form. As a result, toners and cartridges are better suited for business and professional purposes because of better print quality and hig

How to Increase the Upload Speed in Windows XP

Internet connection speed is of paramount importance and eking out every last ounce of bandwidth can help you to have a more enjoyable computing experience. Increasing the upload speed of your Windows XP computer can be done by tweaking the computer's registry to prevent the operating system from re

Things to know about good web designing

Good web designing is very much important in order to get good traffic for your website. Also considering the viewers taste is necessary because that will speak about your website attractiveness.

How to Copy Audio Tapes to CDs

Audio tapes become brittle and lose sound quality over time, especially if subjected to temperature fluctuations, such as leaving cassettes in a car. Before old tapes can deteriorate, it might be a good idea to copy them onto long-lasting CDs using a computer with recording software and a CD burner.