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The Blackberry Bold 9780 - An Overview Of It's Key Features

The Blackberry Bold range has proven to be very popular, with the styling and features becoming something of an icon. One of the more popular handsets in the range has been the Blackberry Bold 9780. In this article I will look at some of its key features, and see if these explain the handset's

Snagit 7.2.5 System Requirements

Many companies offer useful computer software for capturing screen shots to make a photograph of whatever is on your computer screen. Many businesses find this useful for creating tutorials or using as a backup receipt for online purchases. Snagit is one of the best-known screen capture...

How to Install a RAM Upgrade in a Dell Dimension Computer

The memory in your Dell Dimension computer is a long, green module that fits in a compartment on the inside of your computer tower. It used to be that replacing parts like this on a computer required the help of a service technician, but modern desktop computers are designed so you can replace or up

How to Gain Access to Your Facebook Account

A Facebook account gives you access to literally millions of contacts with whom you can share photos, exchange messages and keep in touch. If you've registered for a Facebook account and have forgotten your password you'll need to gain access using the forgotten password tool. This causes a new pass

How to Remove Columns From an Excel Spreadsheet

If you put in some extra hours working on a spreadsheet, you may be rewarded with the results you want but you might also end up with a few extra columns in your Microsoft Excel worksheet. You can write formulas to perform calculations for accounting, budgeting and data manipulation but unnecessary

Why Seek A Web Design Company

Since the e-trends being popular these days, having a web presence is mandatory for better online commerce. Although, introduced a decade ago, e-commerce is on the high today throughout Australia. To

How do I Use the Blackberry Unlock Keyboard Icon?

The BlackBerry lock and unlock icon in the application menu is used to lock your keyboard. When you lock your keyboard, you prevent accidental dialing or messaging of people and it also prevents anyone from accessing your phone if it gets stolen or lost. You also have the option to set a password fo


Define nss_ldap - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at

Losing Weight Doesn't Have To Be A Battle

Are yu tired of being overweight? Being oµerweight can eally bring you don. We have put together some •uper helful tips to help you lose weiht and keep it off. If you follow our we-ght ...

How Can The Membership Script Assist?

How will you evaluate the performance of your membership website correct now? Have you not faced issues such as prospects or members complaining about unattended inquiries and undelivered subscriptions? If you do face such, then far better alter your membership script proper then!

How to Make a USB to a Serial Cable

Before USB ports were popularized on computers, most devices connected to a computer via a serial port. The serial port is a series of pins (on the male end) that fits into a cable specially designed for use with the serial port. There are different sizes of serial ports, with smaller serial ports u

How To Choose The Right Theme For Your Mobile

Themes and ringtones are a great way to personalize your cell phone. There are several themes available today and one can pick and choose amongst themes that are related to movies, celebrities, religions, brands, festivals and occasions, etc. Though there are several themes in each category, only th

How to Use Outlook on Multiple Computers

Having Outlook configured on multiple computers to check your email from the office and home seems like the ideal situation. However, you'll soon realize its drawbacks when your Outlook information is scattered among different machines. When using default settings for your POP3 email account, downlo

Best Ringtones for Apple iPhone

Music sounds are one of the most thriving options in the world of ringtones. They include endless choices of brilliant sounds. You can find popular songs, themes of latest movies as well as sound tracks of your favorite artists in these tones.