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Rag & Bone Spring 2011

Although seasonal trends are seen throughout various collections, each designer has a unique take on these trends. Trenches, satin finishes, grey hues, scoop neck tees among other things are features in spring 2011 menswear. Mik Cire, Buckler, Rag & Bone, Robert Geller and Y-3 all incorporate these

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How to Figure Auto Coverage Recommendations

It's easy to find cheap auto coverage but it's also important to be covered appropriately and you'll need to figure what type of auto coverage recommendations are right for your situation. First of all, you need to satisfy the requirements of your auto loan insurance. This may mean th

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How to Make Animation in a SketchUp

Create an animation in the free 3-D program Google SketchUp by using the navigation tools, and those from the "Scenes" window, to create scenes from different viewpoints. You can use the "Scenes" window to name and write descriptions of each scene to select and manage the viewpoi

Snooker Cue Tips Improvement

In the game called snooker, you have to ensure that you have the best tools that you can use. Always remember that the tips will help you do it right. So you need to remember them for you to be guided on the best thing that you can do.

Eastern Moa Facts

This New Zealand moa had comically oversized feet.

Story Problem Math Games

Using stories is essential for teaching math to children. Stories help children visualize and integrate the mathematics being learned into their own lives and experiences. By further making mathematics both a story and a game, teachers help students feel that mathematics can be an interesting and fu

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Making a Successful Claim

Were you recently involved in an automobile accident? Although there are many negative aspects to an automobile accident, one positive factor is the compensation you can receive because of the situation.

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The London Eye

This spectacularly streamlined riverside wheel stands an impressive 135 meters tall and allows inhabitants of its sleek, modern, totally see-through glass-pods an unrivaled 360 degree view of London and beyond. The Houses of Parliament, Canary Wharf, Big Ben, the glorious old winding Father Father a

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How Do I Choose a Propeller for an Engine & Boat Combination?

Choosing the correct boat and propeller combination is vital. Improper size and fit of a propeller can result in bumpy rides, loss of power and damage to the motor. Properly fitted, the propeller will provide you with ample power and a smooth ride. Prior to making your choice, it is important to d

How to Repair an Air Ratchet

Pneumatically-powered air ratchets are used across many kinds of repairs and mechanical repair jobs. Air ratcheting tools can break down over time and require some light repair. There are a couple of basic components that you can check and easily adjust to repair your air ratchet if you are encounte

Chevy 409 Specs

Part of Chevrolet"s W-series engine family and made famous by The Beach Boys, the Chevy 409 exuded the essence of American muscle, boasting large displacement, rev range and, most of all, power output. Features that made this engine special included combustion chambers inside the block...

Replacing the Thermostat in an Audi

The thermostat in your Audi regulates water flow to the engine and controls the heater. The thermostat is basically the same in all vehicles, as it controls the temperature and is designed to release the water flow when it reaches a certain temperature. This article discusses how to troubleshoot and

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Decorating and Furnishing a Home Cinema Room

If you have done the hard bit of constructing a home cinema room in your home now is the time to decorate! This article contains a few guidelines on things which will increase your enjoyment of the room.

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